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A metaphysical conversation about the learning and application of REAL magic in real time to design a life we deeply love!

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The 6 Steps to Manifestation

Manifestation is the name of the GAME.  But did you know that you're doing it all the time whether you are conscious of it or not? Well, yes you are.  In this episode I'm breaking down exactly how it is we manifest in hopes that you  - dear listener - will take these steps and start using them CONSCIOUSLY for the things you do desire. For deeper study of this concept feel free to visit The Alignment University  -  A Metaphysical Group Coaching Experience.

28 Jan 2019

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Anxiety & Depression Are Secondary Emotions and It's Important That You Know That

Anxiety and Depression are so common as a diagnosis these days that they've become a condition in and of themselves. For a long time they've been considered as a primary experience. I'm here to really challenge that notion and I hope you'll hear this out and really DIG into this belief yourself. Anxiety and Depression are NOT primary emotions.  They are secondary emotion and they help us LIVE. They are not the problem - they are masking the problem. In this episode I divine into this understanding and offer you tools for addressing these conditions at the root. To learn more: www.shaktirios.com/coaching


3 Sep 2019

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Soul Purpose

The conversation about Soul Purpose can get confusing and fast. Ironically, it's pretty far from what I think most people imagine it to be. It has very little to do with what practical thing any person ends up doing in their life for work and far more to do with the QUALITY of their life that they wish to amplify. It's a sacred experience of expression that is unique to each individual and leads to DEEP soul satisfaction. Tune into to learn about this concept perhaps from a brand new perspective. Join us in TAU www.shaktirios.com/TAU

11 Jun 2019

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Self Image is KEY To Alignment

Many students come to me frustrated with their understanding of LOA. Many have been practicing refining their understanding for YEARS and have yet to see the full effect of that work. They know that it could be so precise and powerful but there is something "missing". My belief is that Self Image is the missing link. How we see ourselves is directly related to whether or not we will experience the reality we wish to create. Join me as unpack this. To join our upcoming nutrition/fitness group you can enroll at www.shaktirios.com/healthsupport

28 May 2019

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Why The Manifestation Hasn't Happened Yet

One of my students very sincerely asked me why it was that she had to go through a whole process of healing with her spiritual trauma, instead of just being able to drop it and be healed. This single question stirred up so much for me. The answer to this question is actually the answer to why for all of us "IT" hasn't happened yet. If you'd like to learn more about The Alignment U visit >> www.shaktirios.com/alignment-university.

19 Feb 2019

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The No-Effort Alignment Hack: Reset yourself in 20 minutes or less!

This week's episode is an alignment hack tip! Meditation is the ultimate alignment hack - but sometimes the resistance to meditation is high, let's just be honest. We KNOW it's good for us, but we resist it especially when its NEW. So here is a quick and effective ASF technique to help you achieve a similar re-alignment all while using something you are already VERY familiar with!


8 Oct 2019

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Letting go of GOOD for GREAT

The brain is VERY wired for survival. That primitive part of your brain that is CRAZY strong will forever push you in the direction of what it considers to be "safe", even when that safe choice is literally destroying you. This WILL prevent us from losing weight, having healthy relationships, quitting jobs we no longer align with, moving, starting that business etc. In this episode I tell you WHY the fear of letting go is so real and how you can combat it.  To join us: www.shaktirios.com/TAU

7 May 2019

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Inside TAU: Interview with Melanie Greenlee-Peter

This VERY special episode is my first EVER interview with one of my oldest friends and students of TAU Alignment Mastery Program. Melanie's story is particularly moving to me because she came into this program with a history of religious wounding and deeply in need of guidance and support that was non dogmatic. In this episode she openly shares her journey, what brought her to TAU, and how her whole life has changed in the 6 months she's been in the program. To join TAU www.shaktirios.com/TAU


6 Aug 2019

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Alignment & Money: The Greatest Block You Never Knew You Had

With the exception of a rare few cases, most everyone jumps at the idea of having more money. But within the spiritual community particularly the shame around promoting services/products and selling has become so THICK many of us are drowning in our lack mentality/realities. In this episode, I unpack this. To join the university visit - The Alignment University.

10 Feb 2019

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Embodying Alignment

Embodying alignment  - bringing the feeling of alignment into the body - is one of the most powerful practices I've ever used to help me lean into my desires and bring them into demonstration. In this episode I share how I personally have used this concept of embodying my desires to help me gauge how close I am to matching my frequency and to help me demonstrate. TAU is also now open all month long! ((whoop whoop)) Enroll anytime www.shaktirios.com/TAU


25 Jun 2019

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The Rage Monster - When Anxiety Has Had Enough

The Rage Monster is a very real character in most people's lives. It's that character that emerges that moment when your kid does that ONE thing and you just lose- your- mind. You go way over the top with the yelling, or punishing, and you KNOW it was too much. And then the guilt comes over you and you weep because you feel like the CRAPPIEST person in the world for how you behaved. It's more common than you think and no it's not that you're a bad person. This is your anxiety and it's had enough.


10 Sep 2019

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Non-Resistance - What My Miscarriage Taught Me

Life is an endless cycle of circumstances. No one is prepared for everything that will arrive at their doorstep. January we experienced a miscarriage. We were so excited about a second pregnancy and then it abruptly ended. During this time I received such a VALUABLE reminder - resistance = suffering. Non resistance brings peace. Join me in today's episode to hear about this in my own experience and how to apply it any of yours. Also, this will be the topic of our MARCH Alignment University session. Enroll now to join us for then.

5 Feb 2019

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The Universal Easter Egg Hunt

As we pass Easter weekend where the primary game for children becomes "find the hidden eggs and receive the prize inside" it's not lost on me how similar this is to how the Universe directs our moves when we are wanting to bring a new reality in our lives. In this episode I talk about two specific incidences where this worked like so for me and how you can prevent yourself from missing the "hints" Visit www.shaktirios.com/TAU to join a deeper conversation.

23 Apr 2019

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EFT & Manifestation: How Tapping Facilitates Law of Attraction

This is an incredibly important episode. VERY important if you've been attempting LOA for a long while with little to no results. In this episode I bridge how this VERY simple tapping practice can actually pave the way for powerful creative efforts. Tired of being STUCK? You will NOT want to miss this episode. To learn more about EFT Coaching www.shaktirios.com/coaching


27 Aug 2019

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Worth The Effort: The Significance of Seeing Your Self Do Hard Things

In this episode I share an experience I had on social media with a post I read which put fitness in the same category as rapid weight loss gimmicks like diet pills, wraps, etc. Needless to say the burn was real. Days later I realize exactly WHY that post totally missed the point of fitness and how this serves as an EXCELLENT example of what happens when we see ourselves do difficult things we never imagine we could. It's not just about fitness - it translates INSTANTLY into your life. 


30 Jul 2019

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Holding Opposing Realities Simultaneously:

There is a supremely important skillset required in order to bring in new experiences into our current reality: we must be able to be in our world and NOT of it - sound familiar? Jesus said this, exactly. In order for new realities to be given a chance at life, it is important that we can nurture them and help them flourish WITHIN our current reality. This proves exceedingly difficult when those two realities are quite different and seem to contradict each other. In this episode I help you understand HOW to do this and also why it's SUCH an important component of manifesting desires. To learn more www.shaktirios.com/TAU


2 Jul 2019

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Myth Busting: "I'm being realistic!"

One of the lines that stumps me the MOST when someone is defending their perspective is, "I'm not pessimistic, I'm being realistic." It truly elicits a mesh of laughter and complete confusion as they explain a reality as if it's super objective and everyone sees it the same way. Join me in this episode as I explain how that's not actually possible knowing what we know about human experience. Join us in TAU for a deeper dive: www.shaktirios.com/TAU


18 Jun 2019

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The Universal Law of VOID

Most of us DREAM of having more, doing more, and being more but FEW of us dare to deliberately create the space in our lives for this experience. We don't realize that the Universe cannot fill a void that does not exist. When we deliberately create SPACE for the new, we allow ourselves to receive from the Universe. In this episode I discuss exactly how we are doing this in EVERY are of our life.  https://shaktirios.com/?p=2077

9 Apr 2019

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Creating An Aligned Experience of Body & Healing Food Issues

In my work as a fitness and nutrition coach, I have the honor of working with a very specific population of women that deeply want to heal their relationship to body and food. In this episode I share with you ONE component of healing this that has radically moved my progress forward and that I believe is important in creating long lasting results. To join us for our nutrition focus group email Shakti@Shakitrios.com

30 Apr 2019

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Introducing The Four Core: Organizing Material Reality For Maximum Growth

In this episode I just touch upon the concept of Four Core as I will be teaching on inside of TAU as well as in private sessions. Four Core was a download I received from my guidance about the most useful way to organize our human experiences as we are trying to navigate personal evolution. This "experience chart" gives us a new language to view our time here and to assess our current time in each. For a deeper practice of Four Core join Tau for August www.shaktirios.com/TAU


23 Jul 2019

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