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Exploring signs of God’s kingdom revealed through the arts.With each episode I'll be interviewing speakers, poets, songwriters, artists, entrepreneurs and friends I've made through the years as a worship leader; hearing their stories and how they communicate in their various spheres of influence.These are conversations to inspire us to think more deeply and more imaginatively about how we use our own gifting to make known facets of the hidden kingdom to the modern world.

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Celebrating simplicity, the land and new genres: In Conversation with David Garratt

"I think God chose us because we had no ability but we had faith to just be able to take a step and do something.."  Though over 12000 miles apart when we spoke via Zoom this conversation with David Garratt proved to be an honest yet inspiring time. Together we discussed the early beginnings of “Scripture in Song”, the significance of sustainable relationships, indigenous and new expressions of worship and the value of listening.


31 Jan 2021

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Calling and vocation-in conversation with Garth Hewitt

'Being committed to justice and peace making is all part of this journey' says Garth Hewitt who has has been combining his passion for social justice along with his music consistently down the years. With a wealth of experience and wisdom to draw from he shares in this episode how his sense of vocation has emerged over time and in so doing encourages us to look again the important role of protest in song.


28 Nov 2020

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Connecting, Developing, Releasing: In conversation with Les Moir

“A good worship song should help change the atmosphere in the room” A & R Manager, Record Producer, author and accomplished musician Les Moir has spent his life working with writers and church communities, helping shape must of the landscape of the contemporary worship movement in the UK. What follows in this podcast is a fascinating behind the scenes look at capturing and releasing creative songs and music to the wider body of Christ.


31 Oct 2020

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Broadening the Worship Spectrum - In conversation with Sue Rinaldi

'If you can put craft and authenticity together it has the potential of becoming an amazing musical cocktail' says Sue Rinaldi.  As a concert artist, worship coordinator, speaker and creative consultant, Sue has a wide pool of experience to draw from in the creative field.  On this podcast she offers valuable insights in a conversation which embraced such areas as the importance of seeing more women in music ministry, identity and the developing role of technology in corporate worship. To listen to Sue Rinaldi's song "Beloved" click here


3 Oct 2020

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The Voice of the Prophet & the Heart of a Pastor: In Conversation with Wayne Drain

'God not only wants to speak to us to speak through us'. As a seasoned prophet/pastor Wayne offers encouragement for us to begin to step out and share impressions and words for others with a humble but faith fuelled attitude. This combined with insights into his musical journey as a songwriter make for an inspiring conversation. To listen to Wayne’s song referenced in this podcast, search  “While you were Sleeping” on your favourite streaming app.


30 Aug 2020

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Reclaiming the voice of the Nations - In conversation with Martin Neil

'It's not just the sound but the story behind the sound that has impacted me' says Martin Neil. With a wealth of experience of playing and working with musicians from around the globe Martin shares stories of how the music of indigenous people groups has affected him personally and inspired him to explore further what it means to release authentic musical expressions in worship and community.


1 Aug 2020

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The Lyric, the Story and the Song: In conversation with Graham Kendrick

As a songwriter Graham Kendrick says: 'To get one gem in a lyric that sparkles in the middle of a song you need to shift a lot of rock along the way’ In this podcast, recorded just before lockdown, songwriting, the value of using descriptive language, synergy between preachers and worship leaders and writing for the community that we are a part of are just a few of the topics we discuss in conversation with this celebrated songsmith.


2 Jul 2020

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The Power of Words- In conversation with Malcolm Guite

'I always think if you totally know exactly what it's all about before you start a poem it's not a poem it's a memo to self' says Malcolm Guite.  Our conversation produced a fascinating insight into the heart and mind of this internationally recognised poet.  Areas covered include: responding to, poetry with one’s imagination, how writing in a concise form intensifies impact and clarity.  the advantages and challenges of collaborating with other disciplines, plus celebrating the rhythms of the seasons.


1 Jun 2020

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New Sounds and Ancient Truths - In conversation with Ray Hughes

'I was raised in a storytelling culture,' says Ray Hughes. Dave finds out about Ray's cultural roots and how they have shaped and influenced his approach to creativity.  This leads to discussions on Gods gift of music and its potential to restore, renew and release destiny, the emergence of new songs and sounds in past spiritual awakenings and reflections on the worship life of King David. Please note: This was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, hence the reference to the conference!


14 May 2020

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