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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Monica Swanson, author of the Boy Mom book, and blogger at monicaswanson.com, shares encouragement and inspiration for raising boys in today's world. Monica shares practical advice and biblical wisdom through honest conversations, interviews with other boy moms, and light-hearted humor.

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027: The Why, What, and How of Praying for Boys (with Brooke McGlothlin)

In today's episode Brooke McGlothlin joins me to talk about the importance of praying for our sons.  Brooke shares the story of how she began to pray for her ("250% boy"-) boys and how it changed her parenting. Moms are busy and time is short, but with a little intention, we can add some life-changing, power-packed prayers to our days.  It is so worth it!  Hope you are encouraged by our conversation! Please spread the word, leave a rating and review, and find show notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-27 ALL Podcast notes are at:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast


14 Oct 2019

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Ep. 31: Practicing Presence over the Holidays (and everyday!) with Kate Merrick

Kate Merrick joins me for today's episode and she has a story and message you don't want to miss!  Kate learned to be present while fighting for her daughter's life in a battle with cancer.  Kate made some radical decisions in order to be more present then, and she's never regretted it. Now, Kate inspires the rest of us in this no-nonsense (hilarious) conversation about living with intention, getting over the FOMO and embracing gratitude.  Kate also shares some wisdom for both moms of young kids and mom's of teenagers.  You don't want to miss this episode!   Find Podcast Notes always at:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast Today's show notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-31


18 Nov 2019

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029: Let's Talk about Moms and Sugar, with Wendy Speake

Wendy Speake, author of the 40-Day Sugar Fast joins us for this conversation about moms and sugar.  Wendy has been leading tens of thousands of women through an annual online sugar fast, and now she has put the best of her daily devotions and inspiration into a book.  Wendy tells the story of how all of this came to be as well as testimonies from those of who have taken a break from sugar to lean into God.  We all run to something!  Whether you have a tendency to run to sugar, or Netflix, wine, or Facebook, this episode will speak to your heart! Find show notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-29 ALL show notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast


4 Nov 2019

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Raising (Emotionally) Healthy Boys, With Christie Thomas

Christie Thomas joins me for today's episode as we talk about raising emotionally healthy sons.  Christie is the mom to three boys and she has a background in children's ministry.  She faced some personal trauma years ago that has given her a deeper understanding of anxiety, and she has helped her sons through childhood anxiety as well.  Christie has written two beautiful children's books to help kids cope with topics like fear, loss, and anxiety; she approaches these topics with a balanced combination of Biblical principles and solid scientific research.  In today's episode, Christie shares three steps to helping our kids deal with anxious feelings. (I think these are great for anyone dealign with anxiety at any age!)  Be sure to check the show notes for 2 free downloads from Christie as well as her books, and links to all of the places you can find and follow her! Show notes:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast More on raising emotionally healthy sons: www.monicaswanson.com/boymombook.


20 Aug 2019

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Ep 42. How to Fight for (not against) Your Son, With Brooke McGlothlin

If you have what Brooke McGlothlin refers to as a "hard to handle" son, this episode is for you!  Brooke shares her story of feeling like she was always fighting against her 2 sons, when God laid it on her heart to learn to fight FOR them instead.  Brooke and I go over a list of ways we can fight for our sons, and Brooke offers a free download with 10 ways to fight for your hard-to-handle son in show notes.   Find show notes for today's episode at:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-42.   Find all podcast show notes:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast.


18 Feb 2020

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024: Practical Parenting Q & A with Wendy Speake (part I)

My friend, Wendy Speake, is back with me (she was my first guest in episodes #3 and #4) as we respond to questions sent in by listeners.  This is part one of a two-part Q & A, and today Wendy and I answer questions related to:  14 year-old disobedience... 6 year olds with BIG FEELINGS, bedtime issues, argumentative kids, and all kinds of topics that springboard off of these!  I think you'll find this episode super practical and encouraging and I hope you hop over to the show notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-24  All Podcast show notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast. Thank you for leaving ratings and reviews wherever you listen!!  Aloha! ) 


1 Oct 2019

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Ep. 41. Diets, Freedom, and Becoming a Naturally Skinny Mom.

Today's episode is an extension from my blog series:  "What Moms Need Most" and this week's post:  "Moms Need to Feel Good in their Skin."  My friend, personal trainer, Cassie Phillips joins me as we each share our journey to freedom from diets and obsessing over food, exercise, and our bodies.  We also invite everyone to join us for a (Free!) online group beginning on Feb. 17th called the "3-Week Jumpstart to the Naturally Skinny YOU."  Get link to the group and show notes at: www.monicaswanson.com/podcast Today's episode: www.monicaswanson.com/episode-41 The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends on Amazon:  Jumpstart group:  www.monicaswanson.com/jumpstart


11 Feb 2020

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Ep. 40: Nurturing Self Control in Boys. With Drew Dyck

In today's episode we get to hear from Drew Dyck, author of "Your Future Self Will Thank you: Secrets to Self Control from the Bible and Brain Science".  When I read this book I immediately knew it would be an excellent resource for parents!  I'm so happy Drew could join me to talk about the importance of self control in our sons.  He shares the connection between our kids' level of self control and how that correlates to future success in life, (gulp!) as well as some interesting research on the topic.  Fortunately, Drew offers the good news that self control can be nurtured...that we as parents can play a role in helping our kids develop self control!  (phew!)  I think you will enjoy this episode! SHOW NOTES:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast Today's episode:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-40


3 Feb 2020

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Ep 44. Protecting Young Minds, Online. With Kristen Jenson

If you only listen to one episode of the Boy Mom Podcast, I hope it is this one!  Kristen Jenson, author of the best-selling book, Good Pictures Bad Pictures, is with me to talk about the importance of teaching our kids about pornography, BEFORE they stumble upon it.  We live in a world where our kids WILL eventually see "bad pictures" and it is up to us to equip them with the tools to respond well when they do.  Kristen shares the three things we must teach kids before they ever get on the internet (at any age!) as well as the "Can-Do" plan (the steps to take when they see something they know they shouldn't.)  We learn how Good Pictures Bad Pictures came to be, some of the science behind pornography addiction, and much more.  This is a packed episode and there is a big giveaway at the end!  Hope you enjoy.  **Also find lots of helpful links, statistics and more in show notes: SHOW NOTES:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast This episode:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-44


3 Mar 2020

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Ep 45. Moms Need to Find what Fuels their Souls. With Stefanie Gass

In this episode we are talking about finding that thing...or those things, that "fuel our souls"...The hobbies, passions, work or play that light us up and keep us going when the days are long.  During the busy season of motherhood it is easy to neglect the things that used to make us come to life, and today's guest, Stefanie Gass, is here to inspire us all to return to those things -- or find something new to fuel our souls.  Stefanie is a podcaster, business coach, and "Mompreneur" who inspires moms to find their passions and look for ways to turn their passions into profit.  I love this conversation so much, I found myself sharing parts of my own story that I have never talked about publicly!  I hope this episode inspires you.  Definitely check the show notes for free stuff and links to all the places you can find Stefanie at: www.monicaswanson.com/podcast Today's episode www.monicaswanson.com/episode-45


10 Mar 2020

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030: Are you the Right Mom for the Job? With Becky Keife

Becky Keife, author of the new book, No Better Mom for the Job, joins us for today's conversation.  Becky, who was raised mostly by her mom and alongside sisters, once wrestled with feeling inadequate as a mom to her three, "spirited" boys. God used her experiences to stretch and grow her, and now she encourages moms all over the world!  In today's interview she shares from her experience embracing her boy-mom role, finding her "mom-strengths" and working within her sons' and her natural wiring.  I love how honest and transparent Becky is, and I think you'll find a lot of practical nuggets in this interview! Find show notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-30 And all podcasts and notes at:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast


12 Nov 2019

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020: Raising Boys who will be Ready to Launch, with my Husband, Dave.

This is a special episode because we are covering the final chapter from my book, Boy Mom.  My husband Dave joins me for this conversation, as we go over the "7 Things parents can do now, so they are ready to launch their kids later."  This is really the heart of this Podcast and my Boy Mom book!  This episode is applicable to daughters as well, and I hope some of the men out there will listen as I think Dave has a lot of wisdom to share.  Dave is a family-practiced-trained physician, (who works in a hospital) and he is an amazing father to our boys.  I hope you enjoy, and thank you for leaving ratings and reviews wherever you listen! FIND SHOW NOTES AND LINKS:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast


16 Sep 2019

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Ep. 018: Boys: Relationships, Dating, and Beyond

Rhonda Stoppe is joining me in today's packed episode where we talk about helping our sons navigate relationships, dating, sex, and marriage.  Rhonda has four grown children and a TON of wisdom and experience to share.  She has written books on topics related to romance and marriage, as well as one just for moms raising sons. This episode is a bit longer than the others but I hope you can listen to the end because Rhonda's encouragement and wisdom go all the way to the end. :)   Find show notes and links to everywhere you can find Rhonda at: www.monicaswanson.com/podcast

1hr 14mins

9 Sep 2019

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Raising Boys Who Value Work and Money Management

Today's interview is packed with practical ideas from my friend and guest, Kristi Clover.  Kristi is so much fun to talk to -- and she is a master at organization for families.  You'll love her advice on how to "set kids up for success" in their chores, and her family's approach to earning and stewarding money.  Kristi shares principles that every family can put into practice and I think you'll enjoy this conversation! Kristi's new book, M.O.M. (Master Organizer of Mayhem) releases early in September!  As always, you'll find much more on the topic of Boys, Work, and Money Management in Chapter 13 of my book, Boy Mom.  Show notes and links:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast


27 Aug 2019

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026: Practical Parenting Q & A with Wendy Speake (part II)

In today's episode Wendy Speake is back on with me as we tackle a few more important (and challenging) questions about raising boys.  We talk about siblings who do NOT get along, and offer some suggestions for handling that.  We also talk about how we can help our boys make better health choices.  And we dive into some practical thoughts on boys and technology.  This episode is packed and I hope you enjoy! FIND SHOW NOTES:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-26 and all podcast show notes:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast


8 Oct 2019

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