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This is a podcast dedicated to the classic British comedy, Dad's Army. James, Oliver and other members of the podcast team air their views about the characters, episodes and current Dad's Army news. Please get in touch with them at james@dadsarmypodcast.com.You can follow James on twitter @iJamesRox and Oliver @olivercrocker.

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Episode 15

James and Tony bring you Episode 15 of the Dad’s Army podcast. This fortnight we interview Ralph Montagu who oversaw many elements of the BBC Dads Army DVD range released over the last few years. He was also responsible for the compiling the additional features on the Christmas Specials DVD released in late 2007 and it’s this specific release that we spend most of the interview discussing. We also have the first of a two part feature where Tony and I take an in-depth look at the special features included on this DVD. Part two will be on podcast 16. Please feel free to send in your comments about this disc and we’ll read them out during the show.Don’t forget to vote for your favourite episode and be in with a chance to win the bumper-prize draw by e-mailing us at walmingtononsea333@yahoo.co.uk – or from now onwards, at james@dadsarmypodcast.com. From today onwards, you can also get to our webpage by logging onto www.dadsarmypodcast.com. More on that in podcast 16.Enjoy the show!


8 Feb 2008

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Episode 3

James and Tony discuss the lastest Dad's Army news, and annouce that there will be a special podcast later this week featuring an interview with Ed O'Driscoll, the producer of the forthcoming Dad's Army stage play.The featured episode this week is The Man and the Hour, the very first Dad's Army episode.Please check out Calibre Production website for the latest info on the Dad's Army stage play - http://www.calibreproductions.co.uk/The link to the news item James and Tony discuss is http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2007250376,00.html - you may need to cut and paste this link, rather than just clicking on it for it to work.Please e-mail us your feedback - walmingtononsea333@yahoo.co.uk or permissiontowrite@yahoo.co.uk


16 Jun 2007

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Stage Show special

A special edition of the Dad's Army podcast, featuring an interview with Ed O'Driscoll, the Producer of the forthcoming stage play. We discuss how the play came about, how involved Jimmy Perry and David Croft are in the project and exclusive casting annoucements!Find out the latest news concerning the stage play from the Production company's website: http://www.calibreproductions.co.uk/ As always, please let us have your feedback - email your comments to walmingtononsea333@yahoo.co.uk


23 Jun 2007

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Episode 40

Welcome to Episode 40 of the Dad’s Army podcast.This time around we interview Nicolas Ridley, Arnold’s son and discuss many aspects of Arnold’s life and career. Of course Nicolas is able to provide a unique insight into the life of his father and talks about Arnold’s involvement in both world wars, his outlook on life and his attitude towards fame. Nicolas has recently written a book about his father called Godfrey’s Ghost: From Father to Son. I really enjoyed the book – for me, it stands out from the other books you may have read about the stars from Dad’s Army, partly because of the way it is told and partly as you know the facts that are given in the texts are indisputable. You can win a signed copy of the book by answering the question Nicolas asks at the end of the interview – email your entries to james@dadsarmypodcast.com and include the words ‘Godfrey’s Ghost’ in the subject line.Alternatively, you can buy Nicolas’ book from Amazon or other on-line retailers, or find out more about it from Mogzilla Life’s webpage http://www.mogzilla.co.uk/godfreysghost.We’ll be back in December for coverage of the Vicar and Chips event with Frank Williams being held on the 21st November 2009 – for more details visit the podcast’s blog – www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.comIn the meantime, enjoy the show and send your feedback to me at james@dadsarmypodcast.com


16 Nov 2009

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Episode 20 - Bressingham 2008 Preview Special

This week we bring you a special podcast and take a sneak preview of Croft and Perry Day 2008 taking place on Sunday 11th May. Tony Pritchard of the Dad's Army Appreciation Society takes a well earned break from the making the final preparations to join us and talks about what attendees can expect.Don't forget that we will be at the event for the whole day, so if you see us around the DAAS tent, or out and about recording interviews with fans then please come up and say hello.Hope you enjoy the preview and look forward to seeing you at the event!


3 May 2008

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Episode 16

Welcome to Podcast number 16. This fortnight, James and Tony update you on all the goings-on in the world of Dad’s Army – along with discussing the new Dad’s Army Blog – don’t forget to take a look at www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.comWe also sift through the mailbag as we’ve received tonnes of feedback this year that we haven’t been able to share with you yet.Don’t forget to nominate you favourite episode of Dad’s Army and be in with a chance of winning Dads Army DVDs, cast autobiographies and a stage play programme – send us an e-mail telling us what your favourite episode is and just one or two lines of explanation.We’ll be back in three weeks time with podcast 17 with the much-overdue discussion of Branded – please keep your comments coming in – our email address is james@dadsarmypodcast.com or you can use the general address – walmingtononsea333@yahoo.co.ukThe link to the London Lite’s review of the opening night at Hackney we mention during the podcast is unfortunately now off line. Hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to hearing from you!


8 Mar 2008

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Episode 44

Hello and welcome to Episode 44 of the Dad’s Army podcast. This month Oliver and I discuss the recent Dad’s Army board game/e-bay story, read a review from one of our listeners on Nicolas Ridley’s new book about his father - Godfey’s Ghost, and to a triumphant fanfare, announce the winner of the signed copy of that very book. All that, and a commentary on the superb series six episode, The Honourable Man. What more could you possibly ask for?!In March’s podcast, we’ll be reviewing the very first episode of Dad’s Army, The Man and the Hour, so please send in your thoughts and comments to me at james@dadsarmypodcast.com and we’ll read them out and discuss them during our review.As usual, you can follow the podcast on twitter – www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast and keep an eye on the blog – yes, despite me neglecting it far too much! That’s over at www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.com.Enjoy the show.


10 Feb 2010

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Episode 43

Happy New Year everyone! And welcome to the first Dad's Army podcast of 2010. This month Oliver and I catch up on the Dad’s Army news and spend pretty much the remainder of the podcast going through the loads of fantastic feedback we’ve received. You really have been very busy sending in your views and its humbling when I consider the amount of time and effort you have all put into airing your opinions via the podcast. I am also pleased to include a superb piece recorded especially for the podcast by Dave Homewood. Dave introduces himself during this episode and has a rich history in Dad’s Army fandom. His website is http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/ and follow the Dad’s Army link.Next month will be a commentary podcast on The Honourable Man – feel free to send in your thoughts about this episode.Please keep your views coming in – james@dadsarmypodcast.com is the email address to get in touch. Our twitter page is www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast. Hope you enjoy the show.


13 Jan 2010

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Episode 37

Hello and welcome to Episode 37 of the Dad’s Army podcast.Lots of really interesting news this month – we announce the first event that the Dad’s Army podcast has had a hand in organising (along with the Appreciation Society) and that’s a ‘Vicar and Chips’ evening being held in November 2009 with none other than Frank Williams. Tune in to find out more! We also cover the imminent publication of Nicolas Ridley’s book about his father (Arnold Ridley, Pte Godfrey) and review Ian Lavender’s recent interview on LBC Radio.All that, and loads of feedback! We finally go through the podcast’s mailbag and read the vast swathes of e-mails listeners have sent in. Along with a short review of The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones, what more could you possibly want?!Oh, I made a rather big error when discussing Everybody’s Trucking – I mistook it for Number Engaged! Apologies, and I will address on the September podcast.The urls mentioned in the promos that feature in this episode are:The Box Room: http://theboxroom.mevio.com/Waffle On podcast: http://waffleon.podbean.com/The Flashing Blade podcast: http://www.flashingblade.org.uk/Enjoy the show.


22 Aug 2009

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Episode 21

Welcome to a special edition of the Dad’s Army podcast. This fortnight we make the biggest departure yet from our regular format. Join us as we tour around the locations used in the series in and around Thetford. We were lucky enough to be accompanied by Frank Williams and Harold Snoad who share many of their memories filming in this beautiful part of the country. This week’s cover-art is of Frank looking at the green used for the pageant in Knights of Madness.The tour was organised by the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society who kindly invited us at the podcast to come along. Check out their webpage at www.dadsarmy.co.ukEnjoy the show and please let us know what you think – our e-mail address is james@dadsarmypodcast.com


18 May 2008

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A tribute to David Croft

As most of you will know by now, David Croft, co-writer, co-creator and producer of Dad's Army, has died at the age of 89. He died at his holiday home in Portugal on the 27th September. His family called him a "truly great man" in a statement.A statement on Croft's website read: 'The family of comedy legend David Croft OBE are sad to report that David died peacefully in his sleep at his house in Portugal earlier today. He was a truly great man, who will be missed by all who had the great fortune of knowing and loving him'.This is our brief tribute to David.You can get in touch with us at james@dadsarmypodcast.com or oliver@dadsarmypodcast.com.


11 Oct 2011

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Episode 64

Welcome to another episode of the Dad’s Army podcast. This time out, we take a look at A Man of Action, an episode broadcast in late 1974. With Mainwaring imposing martial law on Walmington after a bomb severs vital communications, the residents pull together and respond by acquiescing to a string of measures put in place to keep the community going. Looters are threatened with being shot! Join James and Oliver as they look at this episode in the light of the unrest seen across the UK a few weeks ago and compare how communities separated by fifty years respond differently to hardship. And how precisely did Pike get his head out of the park gate?! These, and other burning issue are discussed in this month’s episode!Send your feedback to james@dadsarmypodcast.com or oliver@dadsarmypodcast.com – follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast or www.twitter.com/olivercrockerEnjoy the show.


7 Sep 2011

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Episode 4

James and Tony discuss what's new in the world of Dad's Army and discuss The Battle for Godfrey's Cottage, a former 'lost' episode from Series 2. We also discuss our first piece of feedback!The link to the news item we discuss about Bill Pertwee's MBE is http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/surrey/6757731.stmPlease get in contact with us at walmingtononsea333@yahoo.co.uk - comments are always welcome.Enjoy!


7 Jul 2007

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Episode 5

James and Tony bring you the latest in Dad's Army news, discuss some feedback we've received from listeners, and interview Paul Carpenter of the Dad's Army Appreciation Society. The Dads Army Appreciation Society website is www.dadsarmy.co.uk/frontpage.html The link to the additional news item we include toward the end of the podcast is http://www.bbfc.co.uk/website/Classified.nsf/0/245A91F0E361773B802573130035066BAs always, your feedback is very welcome, please e-mail your comments to walmingtononsea333@yahoo.co.uk - especially questions that you would like to put to Ed O'Driscoll - the producer of the forthcoming stage play - who is coming back on the show soon. Enjoy!


21 Jul 2007

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Episode 39

Hello and welcome to podcast number 39. This is an additional episode to normal schedule, and features a commentary on series nine’s Number Engaged. The idea is that you watch the episode with the sound down and subtitles on at the same time you listen to this podcast. As this has been the first commentary for some time, I have recorded a brief intro too which should help you sync the episode on your DVD/Computer with the commentary.Oliver Crocker joins me for this podcast, and I have to say that his knowledge and ability recall facts about Dad’s Army facts is far superior to my own! Ah well, he’s younger than me!Please send your feedback to james@dadsarmypodcast.com – pretty much all feedback is read out on a future show.Enjoy the podcast.


17 Oct 2009

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Episode 41 - Vicar 'n' Chips special!

And welcome to a very special episode of the Dad’s Army podcast. This episode of the show features coverage of the ‘Vicar n Chips’ event held in London on 21 November this year. We bring you Frank’s interview in its entirety – that’s over an hour Frank spent talking to Tony and I, along with brief interviews with the producer and director Frank has been working with recently. We also feature a snippet of Frank’s interview with Radio London and some clips of Frank’s more recent acting work.You can see Frank on his very own YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/frankwilliamstv The event and this podcast is the culmination of an incredible amount of work put into organising the event, and my thanks go to Oliver Crocker and Paul Carpenter for their invaluable help in putting the evening together.Don’t forget to check out a review of the evening over on the podcast’s blog www.dadsarmypodcast.blogspot.com and please send you feedback to us at james@dadsarmypodcast.comEnjoy the show!

1hr 21mins

1 Dec 2009

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Episode 45

Hello and welcome to podcast 45! Firstly, the podcast is a little later than usual this month so apologies for that – but hopefully the content makes up for it! This month Oliver and I go through the latest Dad’s Army news, and once again empty the bulging podcast mailbag. Thanks once again to everyone who has sent in feedback – you’ve raised some great points and we thoroughly enjoyed sitting back, eating a toasted cheese supper and sipping some rather fine black-market port whilst reading your emails! We also welcome Tony Gallichan to the show who joins me to discuss the very first episode of Dad’s Army, The Man and the Hour. You can hear Tony over at the Flashing Blade podcast talk about all things Doctor Who at www.flashingblade.org.uk Next month we have a rather special episode for you. Keep your eyes peeled for a commentary episode with a member of the cast in mid-April!Thanks again for listening and please keep your feedback coming in – james@dadsarmypodcast.com. You can follow James on Twitter at www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast and Oliver at www.twitter.com/olivercrocker. Check out David Croft's webpage at http://www.davidcroft.co.uk/ and information about the Heritage Foundation and its events can be found over at http://www.theheritagefoundation.info/Enjoy the show.

1hr 23mins

23 Mar 2010

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Episode 42

Merry Christmas everyone!Pull up a chair, make a toasted cheese supper and see if Walker has a spare bottle of whiskey handy – this is our 2009 Christmas special! Oliver joins me once again and together we commentate on Turkey Dinner – the unofficial festive edition of Dad’s Army. Why Turkey Dinner gets shown as Christmas is anybody’s guess as it has nothing to do with Christmas and certainly does not appear to be set in winter! If you have any ideas then send them in to me at james@dadsarmypodcast.com! In the meantime, have a great Christmas and we’ll be back with a regular episode in late January. Oh, and keep an ear out for a special Christmas message from a mystery man of the cloth!Enjoy the show.


17 Dec 2009

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Episode 63

Join James and Oliver and they take a nostalgic look back at one of the most highly regarded episodes of Dad’s Army - the season 4 epic, Mum's Army. Was Mrs Grey a warm, kind hearted lady who fell in love with our beloved Captain, or a manipulative harlot who acted in a way responsible for Mainwaring taking his eye off the ball?! Join us as we find out!We also read through a couple of messages you kind listeners have sent us, and review some suggestions made as to what Oliver should entitle his new documentary about our favourite Vicar, Mr Frank Williams. You’ll be surprised by some of the titles pitched to us.....As alsways, enjoy the show and send your feedback to us at james@dadsarmypodcast.com or oliver@dadsarmypodcast.com. Follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast or www.twitter.com/olivercrocker.


28 Jul 2011

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Episode 62

Welcome to Episode 62 of the Dad’s Army podcast. Join Oliver, James and....Tony as he makes his long-awaited return to the show! Oliver goes through the news and some fantastic emails that we’ve received before handing over to James and Tony for a commentary on the series 3 episode, Menace from the Deep. As always, send your feedback to us at james@dadsarmypodcast.com or oliver@dadsarmypodcast.com, follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast or www.twitter.com/olivercrocker.Enjoy the show.


30 Jun 2011

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