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Legends of the Craft explores Science, Religion and Philosoohy in search of the hidden wisdom of Nature. From historical tales of heroism and courage to great works of literature, no legend will go unexamined by Brothers Matias Cumsille and Aksel Suvari in their quest for Masonic inspiration. For too long the philosophy of the Craft has grown stagnant and stale. By resurrecting the ancient legends of our past and studying the masterpieces of the modern age we can determine the future course of Masonry as it endeavors to accomplish the Great Work!

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Episode 14: Freemasonry and the Legacy of Slavery

On this episode we are joined by Bro. Robert Haynes to discuss the legacy of slavery both in North America and throughout history, the Masonic hypocrisy towards the institution of slavery and the future of Freemasonry's fight against all forms of human slavery.

10 Oct 2018

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