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Annnnnd, we're back!They stopped writing and started talking! The editors and publishers of SHECKYmagazine.com now stand astride a podcast devoted to standup comedy! USA Today called them "Charming, sincere and helpful!" For fifteen years, they were the force behind the WWW's most beloved magazine about standup, now they're casting the pod!

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Ten Year Challenge

Only three people made it on both the 2019 and the 2009 Forbes World's Highest-Paid Comedians List! And TWO of them have PUPPETS! Who won the '09 Grammy for Best Comedy Album? Who might win it in 2020? We pillaged the SHECKYmag Archives to bring you a 2009 Comedy Time Capsule! Listen in as we spill the answer to those burning questions... and much, much MORE!

1hr 4mins

2 Dec 2019

Rank #1

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Notebooks and Friendships

The Editors of the WWW's most beloved magazine about standup return to PODland with an hour of zany chatting about Comedy Notebooks, the joke-writing process and exactly what is a friend and how can a comic get one? Eavesdrop on this convo between  SHECKYmagazine's Brian McKim & Traci Skene!

1hr 1min

18 Feb 2020

Rank #2

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The Vinyl Word

For Episode 12, we dropped the needle on some mid-century comedy albums! We invite you to listen along with us as we analyze the phenomenon of the comedy album! Before the internet, people listened to spinning discs of vinyl to hear the best and funniest comedians! They spread the "open-minded, rough humor of the people!"

1hr 5mins

14 Dec 2019

Rank #3

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Is Comedy Inherently Masculine?

Kathy Griffin can't get any work! Harvey Weinstein showed up to a showcase club in New York! A bunch of cigar-smoking Chads, proclaim that "comedy is inherently masculine" and an outrage microburst ripples throughout SocialMedia! The Comedy Twittersphere lost its collective mind again! 

1hr 3mins

4 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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Did Ricky Gervais Cheapen The Golden Globes?

Ricky Gervais told some jokes about some self-important people in Hollywood and the world lost its mind! Episode 13 of the SHECKYmagazine PODCAST dives into the controversial Golden Globes broadcast fallout and also continues to sound the alarm about "anti-freelancer" legislation-- coming to a state near YOU!

1hr 3mins

18 Jan 2020

Rank #5

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This Week In Cancel Culture

It's tough to keep track of all the madness! Comedians are cheering on a Swedish teenager whose policies would be the end of standup! A theater goes mental on a comedian for a tweet they didn't like! A journo temporarily snatches a million bucks from kids riddled with cancer! This is DOUBLE-STUFFed edition of the SHECKYmagazine Podcast! Unscrew it and enjoy!


7 Oct 2019

Rank #6

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Twitter vs. Shane Gillis

Social media was ablaze with hate for Shane Gillis when NBC announced he'd be among the venerable late-night sketch show's new cast members. Old video "surfaced" and he got fired from the show. Will the incident have any effect on comedy? (Hint: How could it not?) Listen in on "Twitter vs. Shane Gillis," the fifth SHECKYmagazine Podcast!


19 Sep 2019

Rank #7

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Fact-Checking Satire

In Episode 4 of the SHECKYmagazine Podcast, veteran comics and writers Brian McKim & Traci Skene ponder the madness that is the fact-checking of satire. They also toss out a peanut allergy analogy, they flirt with "truthiness" and "disinformation," and they just might urge all satirists to move to Singapore! All this in the space of 34:02!


13 Sep 2019

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CoronaVirus Vodka and Fear

Our home for the past nine years, Las Vegas, NV, has been pretty much shut down. Podcasting from our walk-in closet, we share our frustration, knock back some booze and wonder if Sin City will survive the 2020 Pandemic.


20 Mar 2020

Rank #9

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SHECKYmagazine Podcast "Dave Chappelle Sticks & Stones Part 1"

In this episode of the SHECKYmagazine Podcast, Brian McKim and Traci Skene debate, in their typically "incendiary" fashion, some of the criticism of Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special "Sticks & Stones." The editors and publishers of SHECKYmagazine.com are just gettin' warmed up in "Dave Chappelle Sticks & Stones Part 1"! Find out if they ever express "meaningful empathy!" Coming soon: Episode 3, "Dave Chappelle Sticks & Stones Part 2," in which Brian and Traci answer the question, "Where's the harm?!"


4 Sep 2019

Rank #10