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Johnny “The Gentile” Profita opines on politics, current events, and libertarian            philosophy. He is a lying politician’s worst nightmare, a Rothbardian radical, the destroyer of Keynesian economic fallacies,  the inoculator of propaganda, and breaker of ideological chains. Free your mind from State control. True liberty is just one click away.

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I'm not sure who was more disappointed in the anti-climactic guns rights protest in Virginia; those advocating for gun control or those that talk of the infamous Boogaloo. But here are my thoughts on the whole situation. 


22 Jan 2020

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Super Tuesday and the Failure of Socialism

The DNC's diabolical plan to prop up Sleepy Joe Biden worked like a charm. So it looks like I was wrong about him having no chance. What i'm not wrong about, is that regardless of this election, socialism will always fail on its own. Here's why. 


5 Mar 2020

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Loose Ends

Depending on your point of view, Trump, the Clintons, and/or some Bilderberg type organization tied up some loose ends this past weekend with regard to Jeffrey Epstein. I explore all the conspiracy theories I can think of and grapple with some of the news coverage by some of our favorite mainstream outlets. 


13 Aug 2019

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The Illusion of Choice

The only thing more obvious than the DNC attempting to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders should be the fact that we don't really get to choose who our presidential candidates will be. 


3 Mar 2020

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J&G - Debate Recap Part II

The Jew and the Gentile discuss the democratic candidates in the wake of their last debate performance and the overall political landscape as a whole.  


6 Aug 2019

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Why Taxation is Theft

Despite any notion to the contrary, taxation, is in fact, theft. Plain and simple...and I prove it here.


12 Jun 2019

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Think of the Kurds!

The Trump Derangement Syndrome has bled over into foreign policy and our strategy in Syria. The once anti-war left are now beating the war drums along side the Neocons. In today's episode I address all the insanity of our foreign policy and how once again, Trump has gotten The State to reveal themselves.  


11 Oct 2019

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Popular Delusion

A recap of the first part of the second round of democratic debates with a focus on the lies we all are telling ourselves to deny reality, advance a political agenda, and live a life of delusion. 

1hr 1min

3 Aug 2019

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Official impeachment proceedings are underway. Just when you thought the insanity had peaked...we're apparently just getting started. 


1 Oct 2019

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The Social Contract

You've either heard it before or said it yourself. Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society, right? Wrong...and about that Social Contract I never signed...


12 Jun 2019

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Pocahontas & Medicare For All

Beto bites the dust and Elizabeth Warren unveils her biggest, most disastrous plan yet.

1hr 9mins

6 Nov 2019

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J&G - Brexit

The Jew and The Gentile give their takes on the whole Brexit situation before updating our listeners on the democratic primary race and breaking down the perverse relationship between the government and the farming industry. 

1hr 1min

29 Aug 2019

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J&G - Privatization Will Save The Rainforest

The Jew and The Gentile are back breaking down the issues between the US and Israel and coming up with a way to save the Amazon Rainforest from burning. Hint: Privatize it! 

1hr 2mins

25 Aug 2019

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Teachers' Strike

The longest teachers strike in Chicago in decades finally comes to an end. It may be good for teachers, but it's a disaster for the rest of us and a harbinger of what's to come for the rest of the country. 

1hr 9mins

2 Nov 2019

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Enemy of the People

The first ever Peddling Fiction podcast from south of the border. I give my thoughts on Veteran's Day, impeachment proceedings, and the Project Veritas exposé. The Corporate Press is the enemy of the people!


13 Nov 2019

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Antitrust is a Bust

There's a lot of talk going around about breaking up big tech firms because they are currently enjoying a monopoly. We take a quick gallop through history to dispel the propaganda of the Robber Barons that brought about today's antitrust laws and smash any notion that these laws are helpful to everyday people. A few historical examples coupled with current issues, proves yet again that the gov't is not the answer to your problems. 

1hr 4mins

22 Jun 2019

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Social Security is a Racist, Sexist, Ageist Ponzi Scheme

What starts with some follow-up thoughts on Iran and an update on that whole situation quickly devolves into how bad social security is and how every nation is doomed by these 'entitlement' programs. 


13 Jan 2020

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QE or Not QE

That is actually not the question. In fact, it's a distinction without a difference. In today's episode, i break down the problems with the Trump tax cuts 2.0 and give explain not only the problems that exist with today's economy, but how we got to this point. This, is a must listen.

1hr 10mins

19 Jan 2020

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Debating a Broken System

I break down the problems with elections, the electorate, and the pointlessness of these debates in the midst of my 3rd and unfortunately not final Democrat Debate Recap. I finish with some choice words for the stunning and brave Robert Francis O'Rourke.  Molon Labe! 


18 Sep 2019

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The Squad

Donald Trump, the ultimate troll, takes on The Squad. Needless to say, there is a lot more to this than simply, "he's a racist."


20 Jul 2019

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