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Podcast Episode 5: A Conversation with Rachael Peters

A Conversation with Rachael Peters A Conscious Collaboration Podcast In this episode, Yael had the opportunity to speak with Rachael Peters, the New York City Executive Director for Peer Health Exchange. Peer Health Exchange is a national non-profit where college students teach health education to students in public schools. The health education includes mental health, sexual health, substance abuse, along with the benefits of safe and inclusive spaces. Rachael is a member of the New York City Department of Education District Wellness Advisory Council and serves on the board of directors of Sadie Nash Leadership Project. Rachael brings to her work a deep commitment to social justice and health equity. She and Yael discuss how her background and values influence her leadership and her views on creating a safe and healthy places within the workplace. Highlights from this episode Conscious collaboration Rachael’s thoughts on how conscious collaboration connects with her and staff What does it mean to bring your whole self to work? How national events could alter how one brings their whole self to work How one’s identity integrates into the idea of bringing their whole self to work Creating conditions to allow one to bring their whole self to work How Peer Exchange’s work plays into their work practices Positives of integrating practices of sharing “roses and thorns” in a group setting Loving Accountability in a work place Expectations and Accountability Positivity of having clear goals with support Rachael’s growth since she has had the opportunity to work with this organization Clear boundaries assisted with growth How influences from work helped at home and vice versa Benefits of Interacting at work on different levels Being transparent / vulnerable helps to engage others Respect and love from allowing others to “see” me at work Offering opportunities for others to share can help them learn that they can bring their whole self to work Leaning on others to help find resolutions when needed Enjoy listening and stay tuned for our next episode. The post Podcast Episode 5: A Conversation with Rachael Peters appeared first on Collaborative Coaching.


12 Dec 2018

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