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FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast explores horror--in real life AND in the movies--from an LGBT perspective. Join co-hosts Andrew and Matty for a fun ride through it all!  Part of the DREAD Podcast Network

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EPISODE THREE: The Austin, TX, Bomber, Gay Canadian Serial Killers, The Strangers, and DEMON HOUSE!

HORROR IN REAL LIFE This month, we’re chatting about the mail bomber in Austin, Texas, and the strange case of the gay Canadian serial killer... yikes! HORROR IN MEDIA We discuss THE STRANGERS (both parts!) and Zak Bagans' new DEMON HOUSE documentary! WHATCHU WATCHIN', BITCH? Tune in to learn more! NEW SEGMENT: SLICE LEFT/SLICE RIGHT ...listen and find out! #GetSlayed #DemonHouse #AustinBomber #TheStrangers #DemonHouse

2hr 6mins

25 Mar 2018

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EPISODE FOUR: Betsy DeVos, Pet Sematary, and A Quiet Place!

HORROR IN REAL LIFE This month, we’re talking the most hated American on the President's cabinet-- the one and only Betsy DeVos! What she and her family have done for education in America isn't great-- it's downright terrifying. HORROR IN MEDIA  We discuss Stephen King's classic PET SEMATARY and A QUIET PLACE, the new feature directed by John Krazinsky, and starring Emily Blount! QUEERSTIONS & ANSWERS We answer YOUR questions submitted on Facebook! SLICE LEFT/SLICE RIGHT ...listen and find out! #GetSlayed

1hr 58mins

24 Apr 2018

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EPISODE 11: SOMETHING WITCHY THIS WAY COMES! #HORRORINREALLIFE: Matty and Andrew dish on the struggle for transgender equality! We're joined by Noah Logan of FAUX FRIGHT podcast! #HORRORINMEDIA: The BOYZ dish on three grrrrrrreat films that are all vvvvvv witchy: The Covenant, The Craft, and Luca Guadagnino's brilliant reimagining of SUSPIRIA! I BIND YOU NANCY. GET. ON. THIS. EPISODE. NOW! xoxo-- Matty and Andrew

1hr 52mins

16 Nov 2018

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's our annual Halloween episode, and it's our FAVORITE time of the year-- SPOOKY SEASON! HORROR IN REAL LIFE Andrew and Matty bring some spooky ass stories to y'all, with tales of real-life horror from beyond the grave... HORROR IN MEDIA Our Halloween episodes feature a knock-down, drag-out fight between two films, and this year it's THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT vs HELL HOUSE LLC! Which one will win? Which film will be sacrificed to the Dark Lord? LISTEN IN AND FIND OUT! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH? Oh, LOTS! This edition includes two films from our newest patrons on Patreon, IN THE TALL GRASS (from David) and VICTIM (fromSimon)! HOTTIE OF THE EPISODE Who will they choose? LISTEN IN! Have a FABULOUS Halloween! xoxo Andrew and Matty

1hr 38mins

21 Oct 2019

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Episode 14: HAPPY VALENTINE's GAY: LOVE, BREAKUPS, and EX's It's February, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner... so a lot of folks are thinking about their WORST and CRAZIEST ex's. And we're here to help you do that, too! #HorrorInRealLife: LOVE, BREAKUPS, and EX's Matty and Andrew talk about love, and all the ways it tends to go wrong for us. From our own crazy ex's, to the times we maybe weren't the greatest ex's, it's all here for you! ((BONUS SPECIAL)) THE EX-FILES: A Radio Play from FRIGAY THE 13th Our dear friend Jessica Jane Childs Conway and our producer Michael Henry join the show as actors in this short radio play made entirely from your breakup messages! Yessir, these lines all came from REAL texts, notes, emails, Facebook messages, and GChats... and we've made a little show that might help you get through Valentine's Day a little easier. Whatcha Been Watchin', Bitch? Andrew's been watching: He's Out There, You, and Velvet Buzzsaw Matty's been watching: True Detective, Black Earth Rising, and Horror Noire #HorrorInMedia Two picks that are perfect for Valentine's Day: 2001's VALENTINE and 2002's SWIMFAN! Hottie of the Episode ...listen in to find out!

1hr 26mins

11 Feb 2019

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Listen, we LOVE animals. Not just pets-- ANIMALS. And it really pisses us off when humans are absolute fools with them. We don't like it, and you shouldn't either! So join us in our 25th (!!!!) episode as we chat all about it! HORROR IN MEDIA The very, very, very ODD film MAN'S BEST FRIEND is on our menu, as well as the cinematic classic GREMLINS! QUEERSTIONS We answer YOUR questions! Listen in! QUEER EYE FOR THE HORROR GUY We take MAN'S BEST FRIEND and GREMLINS and make them... gay. LISTEN IN KIDS! xoxo, Andrew and Matty

1hr 45mins

6 Dec 2019

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EPISODE 19: WHITE NATIONALISTS ARE TERRIFYING! Man, Nazis really suck! HORROR IN REAL LIFE: The boys sit down for a cozy little chat about... nazis. Fuck, these people suck! But alas, they are very, very real in America, and they are very, very terrifying. HORROR IN THE MOVIES: Nothing fits the theme quite as well as GREEN ROOM and RED STATE! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN' BITCH?! ...listen in for hot (spoiler-free) takes on MIDSOMMAR! HACK UP//SHACK UP//HOOK UP In our own twisted version Marry/Fuck/Kill, discover which characters from the films Andrew and Matty wanna play with!

1hr 34mins

13 Jul 2019

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WHEEE EPISODE SEVEN! Episode Seven (!!) is finally here, and boy oh boy are we excited to talk about the HORRORS of America today in our episode focused on all things America! Patriotism! July 4th! Murder! WHEEE! HORROR IN REAL LIFE Just when you thought Donald Trump's presidency couldn't get any more horrifying, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy goes and retires... fuck! We're chatting this up, as well as Drumpf's recent disaster in Helsinki with Stalin... oops, we mean Putin. WHATCHU WATCHIN'? The FriGay Boys dish out the TV and movies that have been on their lists! HORROR IN MEDIA We're chatting up three films that all come at America in some pretty different ways: UNCLE SAM, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, and THE FIRST PURGE! SLICE LEFT/SLICE RIGHT In Frigay's very own version of Tinder, we're slicing left on the people we can't stand (ahem, Anthony Kennedy) and right on some of the hotties we love! SOOOOOOO Listen in! We just happen to be the perfect companion for your commute home on this lovely little Monday... xoxo, Matty and Andrew!

2hr 35mins

23 Jul 2018

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IMPOSTERS ARE TERRIFYING! Ever get that lurking suspicion that someone just isn't who they claim to be? From ex's to fake children, from fake heiresses to the everyday imposter-ing we all sometimes do, we take a deep dive into this fascinating topic! HORROR IN MEDIA Imposters are ALL OVER THE PLACE in 1993's BODY SNATCHERS and 2014's THE GUEST! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH? The boys rattle off their recent watches, along with our selection from our Patreon patrons Drunk Dish Podcast and Parker Wesley! SLICE RIGHT, SLICE LEFT In this devious game of Tinder-ish choices, who will the boys pick out of these hotties? Listen in to find out!

1hr 36mins

18 Nov 2019

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The FriGays are BACK... TO SCHOOL! It's September 2018, and folks return to college and their kids go back to schools for smaller and younger people, we thought we'd dive into some intersting and related topics. HORROR IN REAL LIFE The boyz are talking about something they wish they didn't have to: sexual assault on college campuses. It is AWFUL. HORROR IN MEDIA Two really great flicks that both take place at school: CRY WOLF and SORORITY ROW! So pack your bookbag, make sure you're registered for classes, and get ready to get slayed in another episode!

1hr 50mins

17 Sep 2018

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EPISODE 18: GAY IN THE USA! It's FriGay's Second Annual Pride Episode, and this year we're bringing you something special: real stories from other LGBT podcasters about their lives in America. Some of them you already know, and others you'll meet for the first time-- but all of them will leave you inspired! HORROR IN MOVIES We're taking a look at two v queer films: THE GAY BED AND BREAKFAST OF TERROR and WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE. They couldn't be *more* different, but we hope you have as much fun as we did! ...and we have some fun with WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH? and HOTTIE OF THE EPISODE! Join your favorite LGBT hosts as they celebrate #PrideMonth with you! (Music by Peyruis: https://soundcloud.com/peyruis)

1hr 39mins

12 Jun 2019

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EPISODE THIRTEEN: CLIMATE CHANGE IS TERRIFYING! Brrrr... right as a snowstorm hit Chicago, Matty and Andrew took to the mics to record the latest full-length episode from FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast. And the timing couldn't be better... or scarier! #HorrorInRealLife: CLIMATE CHANGE Matty and Andrew dish out some statistics on climate change, and how humans are the cause. What can be done? How can we fix this? Listen in to learn more-- and take action! QUEERSTIONS! A whole bunch of amazing fans submitted questions to us-- from our favorite horror films to how we met to who we would fuck/marry/kill! Listen in to hear the boyz answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION submitted! #HorrorInMedia: 2007's 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and 2010's FROZEN The weather couldn't be more perfect for these two films, where winter itself is a character! SLICE LEFT/SLICE RIGHT Which characters in these films tickled Matty and Andrew's fancies? Listen in to find out!

1hr 51mins

20 Jan 2019

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FriGay's Favorite Movies! MOONSTRUCK!

In this episode of FriGay's Favorite Movies, we delve into co-host Matty's FAVORITE film of all time-- MOONSTRUCK!Listen in to learn a little more about one of your favorite podcast hosts!


10 Aug 2018

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EPISODE SIX: LGBT Pride Month, Hellbent, Stranger by the Lake, and HEREDITARY!

HORROR IN REAL LIFE It's June 2018-- and that means it's Pride Month! We're snacking on LGBT history and talking about where we're headed as a community. HORROR IN MEDIA Two VERY GAY movies are in the queue this episode: STRANGER BY THE LAKE (L'INCONNU DU LAC), a French film about a sexy, steamy murderous cad, and HELLBENT, the 2004 flick about four gay friends in West Hollywood who run into a murderer bent on killing gay dudes. It's HOT and it's HILARIOUS. QUEERSTIONS & ANSWERS We answer YOUR questions submitted on Facebook! BONUS: HEREDITARY We chat up the newest offering from A24, HEREDITARY! SHACK UP, HACK UP, HOOK UP In our own little twisted version of FUCK, MARRY, KILL, we make some V important decisions on characters from these films! #GetSlayed

2hr 33mins

17 Jun 2018

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FriGay's Favorite Movies! - FRIDAY THE 13th

FRIGAY's FAVORITE MOVIES! The FriGay Boys are BACK with a new little sidecast, where we chat up some of our favorite movies-- and not all of them are horror flicks! Listen in to our first installment where we discuss (gasp!) FRIDAY THE 13th, the ORIGINAL, from 1980! #Horror #HorrorFilms #LGBT #FridayThe13th #GetSlayed #Podcast #HorrorPodcast #PodernFamily


14 Jul 2018

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RELIGION AND VIOLENCE: GOD MADE ME DO IT! Today's world has plenty of real-life terror when it comes to people using religion as a scapegoat for violence. From terrorism to anti-abortion activists, the boys are chatting it up! HORROR IN REAL LIFE Listen to the real-life stories of "The Rev." Michael Bray, a scumbag who bombed multiple abortion clinics in the 80s-- and is still alive and working today! We also chat about Isaiah Kalebu, a real jerk that invaded the home of a lesbian couple in Seattle... and the results were tragic and terrifying, and all because "God told" him to do it. Then, the boys just generally go OFF honey on shitty people that use religion for the wrong reasons! WHATCHA BEEN WATCHIN', BITCH? The boys talk ALL about what they've ben watching lately... and then BONUS! they chart about Jordon Peele's newest creation: US! HORROR IN THE MOVIES Pull up a chair SWEETIE and get ready to hear about 1977's insane semi-giallo film THE SENTINEL! Girl, there is a YOUNG AS FUCK Jeff Goldblum in this, and Chris Sarrandon is looking FINE baby. Then, we move on to PEAK HOTNESS for Matthew McConaughey in 2002's FRAILTY. Two film that both take a peek at how religious beliefs can be a god damn TERROR. HOTTIE OF THE EPISODE ... and THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS Who's the hottest? Who's the NAUGHTIEST?! Listen in... and find out!

1hr 27mins

7 Apr 2019

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EPISODE 20: HOLLYWOOD HORROR! Lights! Camera! ACTION! The boys traipse over to Tinsel Town to chat all about Hollywood Horror! Learn about EDDIE MANNIX, the fixer that did nefarious deeds all over Hollywood, and about sleazeball Bryan Singer... the boys DO NOT hold back on this! Next, listen in as they chat up two Hollywood-centric films: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? and STARRY EYES! AND! There's a new segment at the end... but you gotta listen in to learn more! LISTEN NOW!

1hr 28mins

4 Aug 2019

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FriGay's Favorite Movies: CLUE!

In this episode of FriGay's Favorite Movies, we delve into one of co-host Andrew's FAVORITE films of all time-- CLUE!Listen in to learn a little more about one of your favorite podcast hosts!


6 Sep 2018

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Episode 15: TRAVEL IS TERRIFYING (WHEN YOU'RE LGBT!)! SPRING BRRRRREEEEAAAAAKKKK! The weather in Chicago had us itching to get hell outta dodge, so we decided to explore travel and all the scaries that can come with it when you're LGBT. #HorrorInRealLife: TRAVELING WHILE LGBT Matty and Andrew talk about the travel scaries when you're LGBT. Whatcha Been Watchin', Bitch? Andrew's been watching: Happy Death Day 2 U, Greta, and Slender Man Matty's been watching: LEAVING NEVERLAND, Game of Thrones trailer, and Joni at 75! #HorrorInMedia Two picks that are perfect for talking about travel: THE RUINS (2008) and TURISTAS (2006). Slice Left, Slice Right The boys are playing Tinder-- horror style. Who's gonna match with whom? Listen in to find out!

1hr 41mins

11 Mar 2019

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EPISODE 12: HO HO HO - CONSUMERISM IS TERRIFYING! Happy Holidays, dear listeners! HORROR IN REAL LIFE Deals, deals, deals... but at what human cost? Andrew and Matty chat about consumerism, and the madness of capitalism that has engulfed us in America. The FriGays are talking a bit about Black Friday and its origins, true stories of Amazon.com warehouse workers, and materialism at its worst. JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPING! WHATCHU BEEN WATCHIN' BITCH? What have these fools been watching lately? Tune in to find out! HORROR IN MEDIA A perfect follow up to our Horror In Real Life segment is the 1993 adaptation of Stephen King's novel NEEDFUL THINGS. With Max von Sydow and Ed Harris, this film waffles a whole lot... but it doesn't give our hosts the sort of delicious waffle they'd like. 2015's KRAMPUS, with Adam Scott and Toni Collette, is the perfect alternative Christmas film YOU should watch with YOUR family this year. And damn... wouldn't it be great if Krampus REALLY came to America to punish some bad adults we all know? HOTTIES OF THE EPISODE Who do Andrew and Matty fancy the most of all the peeps they talk about? You'll find out when you listen! The FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast team wishes you and yours a lovely and happy holiday season! Drink all the drinks, eat all the foods, but most importantly... listen to all the episodes. xoxo-- The FriGays

1hr 35mins

11 Dec 2018

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