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What’s truly possible? It depends what choices you make and the path you choose to pursue. Join Luke Iorio, President of iPEC, as he explores topics of meaning, fulfillment, and happiness, and how these translate into impact, contribution, and achievement. Luke dives into these rich areas with experts and life adventurers who have found and took the road less traveled, and everyday people doing extraordinary things. Tune in as we seek to serve you in uncovering your Meaningful Way.

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MM027 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: If I Wait

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I’ll be happy when…”? We could fill in the blanks with a variety of thoughts, such as:  “I’ll be happy when…I find that perfect relationship.” “I’ll be happy when…I get that promotion.” “I’ll be happy when…my book is written.” It's a common experience to get caught up in these types of thoughts and feel the patterns of waiting for something in order to feel the way we desire to feel.  This type of “when” syndrome, however, can lead to regret, pain and so much delay or action not taken that the "thing" may not even happen. How do we work to adjust our awareness and embrace the feelings we desire NOW, rather than waiting for "when"? Listen in on this week's Meaningful Moment for Luke's story, and the question he asks himself and his clients to help push past waiting and re-connect to what really matters in your life.


31 Aug 2017

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MW050 — Author and Director of Landscape Services at University of Mississippi, Jeff McManus: Growing Leaders

Think about who you are right now both professionally and personally. Who do you influence? How important are the roles that you play? Jeff McManus, director of landscape services at the University of Mississippi, problem solver, and author of Growing Weeders into Leaders, is on a mission to not only grow plants, but people. After coming to the university in 2000, Jeff took on the challenge of managing a multimillion-dollar landscaping beautification implementation project. He was faced with the demand for excellence and high productivity at a stagnant budget. Jeff knew that influencing his team was going to be critical in growing the landscape and it was through that experience that he developed his growth theory. His theory’s a management and professional development approach based on the belief that all humans either strive for or have within them the elements of greatness, resilience, opportunity, and wisdom. All they need is a fertile environment to grow. Listen in and learn how to create experiences that foster connections, make real impact, and lead greatness in yourself as well as others. Key Takeaways: Growing your community. Did you ever have a goal, whether it’s as simple as losing five-pounds or as complex as writing your first book, that you never quite got to achieve? Self-motivation’s just the first step; you need THIS to get to the finish line…[06:01]. Nurturing your inner leader. In each and every one of us is this ability to lead, to empower, and to influence those around us, but not many of us believe we can. How do you embrace this role when your current position or title doesn’t reflect it? It’s a two-step process; start here…[16:04]. Harvesting your meaningfulness. There’s a shift you can consciously make from living a mundane, menial life, to one that’s rich of purpose and lights you up. And it makes no difference if you’re a tough, blue collar, frontline employee – you CAN bring meaning into your position. THIS is how you make your mark… [21:16]. Seeding your self-growth. At this point you’ve learned how to become a leader beyond any doubts or titles AND you’ve brought meaning to your life. Great! But how can you continue to develop and grow the way that you do? Simple, try THESE practices to keep you motivated...[28:29]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! To learn more about Jeff McManus, visit jeffmcmanusspeaking.com. 


5 Sep 2017

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MW049 — Speaker and Social Change Activist, Colin Beaven: Making an Impact by Finding Who You Are

Are you living your hero’s journey that’s driven by purpose and direction? So many of us aren’t and we’re completely misguided by our hidden intentions — but not all hope’s lost! Colin Beavan, coach, writer, consultant, dharma teacher and social change activist, challenges you to take the deepest, darkest journey of your life – finding who you are. Colin’s most recently the author of How To Be Alive: A Guide To The Kind Of Happiness That Helps The World. He first attracted international attention for his yearlong lifestyle redesign project and the worldly popular book No Impact Man that ultimately inspired a Sundance-selected documentary film. Colin has appeared on Nightline, Good Morning America, The Montell Williams Show and NPR to share his story. He’s been featured in news outlets from Time Magazine to the New York Times. Colin’s a renowned speaker and consults with individuals and organizations on living and operating in ways that marry prosperity with the promotion of peace, happiness, justice, right action and goodwill. Making the biggest impact on the world and discovering your hero’s journey starts with the greatest resource: you. Get ready to venture into the unknown! Key Takeaways: The dark world. Right from the start, Colin shares details of his No Impact Man project where he challenged himself and his family on a 12-month journey to better themselves and the world. It begins with NO television (the horror!) and ends with eliminating revelations. The REAL lesson learned…[7:42]. The hard-wired need. All too often we get wrapped up in the media, the latest email, social media posts, climbing the corporate ladder, and so on. But not one of those things fulfills our psychological need to becoming who we are. The scientific data doesn’t lie-- THIS is why you need to find your true self…[14:51]. The life journey. A Life Quester is someone who seeks a life that’s both good for themselves and for their community. Much like a hero’s journey, they venture into the unknown by trusting and being guided by their intuition. Ready to begin YOUR quest? Start here…[28:33]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play!


29 Aug 2017

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MW048 — Psychiatrist and Child Advocate, Mark Banschick: The Intelligent Divorce

The alarm’s been rung and the games of “he said, she said,” begin… divorce. For those with families, the actions of parents going through divorce can create a long-lasting ripple effect in their children. How they act and what they say means more now than ever. Good news! Mark Banschick, psychiatrist, child advocate, and retired expert witness in custody disputes is here to share his advice on surviving any future life transition that lies ahead. Mark runs the Intelligent Divorce Project which includes The Intelligent Divorce book series, the course, and is geared to taking care of the needs of children and parents during the divorce process. His work has been featured in New York Times, Huffington Post, CNN.com, Politico as well as the CBS Early Show. The Intelligent Divorce Course is a scientifically-based, self-paced online program to give parents expert advice without a visit to the office. Mark’s saved thousands of children from needless conflict and today he cuts through the essence of what’s at stake. When things get challenging, as they’re destined to, learn how to not lose sight of what really matters. Key Takeaways: The parental duty. The stats say it all: 51% of couples are getting a divorce. Mark believes this is a public health problem, as too much damage is being inflicted on the children of divorced parents. Right from the start he shares the number ONE thing that parents need to preserve during any divorce…[01:53]. The teachable moment. There are moments where you’re under complete stress that’s so overwhelming you feel like you’re about to boil over. It’s easy to over share or explode at the next person that crosses your path-- but how do you resist? Knowing THIS can help you respond without damaging any relationship…[7:54]. The intelligent secret. In any type of transition, whether it be a divorce, illness in the family, or job loss-- our emotions can go haywire. It’s human nature to make emotional mistakes during that period that’ll create a ripple effect in your family. But can you anticipate those mistakes before you make them? Yes! Here’s how...[24:19]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 


22 Aug 2017

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MM025 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: FoMO and Finding Our Way Home

We’ve all heard of “The Fear of Missing Out,” a.k.a. “FoMO”. Wikipedia defines FoMO is "a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent". It’s fueled by "a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing" and avoiding the fear of potential regret for having made the wrong decision on how to spend our time. But what happens when we are constantly rearranging our schedules, saying “Yes” to as many invitations we can, and pushing ourselves to keep going without stopping? What are we REALLY missing out on? Listen in on this week’s Meaningful Moment for Luke’s perspective on "missing out," and how we find a place of contentment and a sense of “home” within ourselves, to let the FoMO dissolve.


17 Aug 2017

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MW047 — Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author, Leah Guy: The Fearless Path

“Fear of your feelings is a distraction from doing the work of the soul. “ – Leah Guy How many times have you seen that romantic comedy about the lead protagonist who runs from their emotions until the very end when they confess their heart’s desires and their happy life begins? All too often we do everything in our power to distract and ignore our real emotions. It seems easier to shove them in a drawer and pretend they don’t exist rather than to actually feel them. Listen up as Leah Guy, intuitive transpersonal healer and spiritual teacher shares why courageously feeling your emotions is the most fearless path you could ever take. Leah offers wisdom from a lifetime of personal triumphs and has more than 22 years of helping clients transform their lives from fear and disconnection to heart-centered, soulful living. She’s a sought after, inspirational speaker who’s appeared on numerous television and radio shows on topics such as meditation, the mind-body connection, energy, intuition, and addiction, as well as emotional and spiritual healing. Leah owns the Modern Sage Healing Center and product line and A Girl Named Guy Productions. She’s also the author of The Fearless Path, A Radical Awakening To Emotional Healing And Inner Peace. Identifying and healing the physical and emotional symptoms developed from past experiences is easier than you think. Here’s to your emotional health! Key Takeaways: Your fearless path. Being fearless doesn’t mean you’re never going to experience fear. It simply means that you have the courage to show up in your life. You up for it? Get ready for the challenge by FIRST acknowledging your emotional health-- start here…[2:30]. Your emotional disorder. Are you living anxiously? Having trouble sleeping? Hair’s falling out? Hard time focusing? These are symptoms of small, normal life catastrophes that affect us deeply. The good news is there’s a cure! Start the healing process by learning THIS key method…[5:13]. Your internal translator. Leah states that when we’re distracted, when we’re addicted, when we ignore or are detached, we’re not living our purpose. We lose our connection to our soul. Let’s change that. THIS is the first step to recognizing the work of your soul…[16:55]. Your next workout regime. Just like your body, your mind and emotions need exercise. They need focus and attention every now and then to free any blocked energy. And lucky for you, even two minutes can do the trick. Give THESE emotional workouts a try to get you going…[24:22]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 


15 Aug 2017

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MM024 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: Stick to Motion Through Giving

Have you ever felt stuck in your own head? Perhaps you’ve had questions come up such as, “How does this affect me?” and “What does this mean to me?” When we are feeling dissatisfied or stuck in our lives, the need to dissect and understand exactly what is happening and how we got to that point can be a common feeling. For some, the thought pattern emerges that by understanding how we got to our current state we can avoid future pain by doing things differently or “better” in the future. This quest for understanding can take us many places in our lives. But what happens when the answers to our questions are multi-faceted and non-linear? Many factors can influence how we see ourselves: our current state of consciousness, our worldview, how adaptable we are able to evolve. Many questions have more than one “right” answer. In this week’s Meaningful Moment, Luke shares a technique that he uses personally and with coaching clients to help shift the focus away from finding an answer for feeling stuck, and embracing what we really want by giving it to others. 


10 Aug 2017

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MW046 — Psychiatrist and Author, Iain McGilChrist: The Relationship Between Our Minds and Brains

A better world, one that’s happier and has more meaning, begins with our brains — more specifically, in recognizing the power of the left and right hemispheres. Iain McGilChrist, psychiatrist and widely published author on literature, philosophy, and medicine, challenges us to stop the constant movement of our daily lives and open our minds to the possibilities of what lies in the silence. During his time studying in Oxford, Iain discovered and decided the mind-body problem was the most interesting question in philosophy; and as a result, he trained in medicine and active psychiatry with an interest in the relationship between mind and brain. Iain’s best known for his work, The Master and his Emissary and now lives on the Isle of Skye, where he continues to write and make a living by lecturing. Get lost in the habit of being open and receptive. Get lost in your mind! Key Takeaways: Your brain’s functions. The left hemisphere of the brain’s practical, decisive, and analytical; whereas the right side’s where your passion and creativity dwell. Sound about right? Turns out, much of what’s written about the left and right hemispheres is wrong. The TRUTH on the mystery behind our brain’s functions revealed…[7:37]. Your room of reflection. You’re sitting in a room surrounded by mirrors — what do you see beyond your reflection? Iain explains this as the trap of the left hemisphere. In life we need to go beyond what we see and know, but how? The SECRET of toning down your rationalistic mindset and being open to the unknown is…[13:19]. Your newfound balance. Wouldn’t it be great to harness the strengths that both your right and left hemispheres offer? Doing so you’d be able to find the balance of seeing life as a WHOLE, versus categorizing it into sections and labels. It’s possible, and learning how to do it will unlock your meaningful life. Start by practicing THIS…[25:24]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 


8 Aug 2017

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MM023 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: Relationships Matter

Think about a relationship that is meaningful to you. Perhaps a meaningful relationship is with a family member who really “gets” you. Perhaps it’s a group of close friends who have stayed together and seen each other through milestone after milestone. Today, we recognize that being a part of those relationships, whatever they look like for you, is a gift that is special. Relationships are important to our physical well-being. When we have relationships in our life, we quite literally live longer. We’re happier. We feel our lives are more meaningful. But, relationships don’t always come without struggles and conflict. Through the years, with dedication and cultivation, you can learn how to focus on what matters and really be there for each other. You realize that we don’t have to do everything alone. This week, we encourage you to cultivate the relationships in your life. Start with one, really close relationship that you would like to see grow and deepen, and take a small step towards making a deeper connection. Maybe it’s through sending a thank-you card, texting that person to tell them what they mean to you, taking that person out for coffee. Whatever works for you. And feel gratitude for the special opportunity you have to share your life with others.


3 Aug 2017

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MW045 — Social Entrepreneur and Co-Creator of Giveback Homes, Caroline Pinal: Doing Well by Doing Good

How fulfilling is your work life? There’s a movement that’s been growing for quite some time called social entrepreneurship; businesses that are created with the intent of providing social good. Think: TOMS shoes - with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. Listen in as Caroline Pinal, former employee at TOMS, co-creator of Giveback Homes, and social entrepreneur, shares her insight on how to move forward with an idea even when others poke holes in it simply because they don’t understand what you’re working on. Caroline’s had an adventurous and experienced career path. Born and raised in the Mojave Desert, she studied Journalism at Cal State Long Beach, and worked at both Fox News and The Walt Disney Company prior to TOMS. During her time at TOMS, she worked alongside Giveback Homes Founder, Blake Andrews and together they formed a company to empower real estate agents to turn their everyday business into an opportunity for social change.  Caroline and her team deliver innovation and impact to their network of like-minded agents-- which are the driving force behind the movement-- to provide safe homes for families throughout the world. Doing well by doing good’s the theme of this episode. Be inspired in joining the social good movement! Key Takeaways: Igniting your passion. When starting a career, either in college or on a different path, so many of us strive to find a good job with a good company that makes a good paycheck AND makes our parents proud. But how do you find that place that SPARKS your interest right from the start—but also does ALL that? Try this…[2:28]. Joining the movement. You’ve been meaning to do something to give back and haven’t found the time. With all these social entrepreneurships popping up, how do you fit in? First things first, it DOESN’T require experience but it does take this ONE thing to be part of a movement…[12:03]. Starting something new. Many of us are drawn to this idea of creating a business that can be used for social good or social impact, but get lost in finding where to begin. Listen up! Caroline offers her BEST advice for any newbie just starting out…[21:22]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 


31 Jul 2017

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MM022 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: The In Between

Most of life is in-between moments. Whether we're waiting for email replies at work, waiting for our family to get ready to go, waiting in a line to order a coffee. Waiting can create many emotions — varying from feelings of excitement and anticipation to anxiousness and nervousness.   But what about the moments in between waiting? When do we notice the stillness and solitude of not moving? How do we step back and appreciate waiting and watching things unfold, like watching the beauty of snowflakes gently falling from the sky? Listen in this week as Luke shares his perspective on his journey from Type A personality of doing/achieving/pushing getting ahead and growing and his path towards stepping back, choosing to feel and get connected back to stillness and the time in between doing.


27 Jul 2017

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MW044 — Licensed Psychologist and Author, Dr. Bill Crawford: Life From The Top Of The Mind

We all get lost in the game of who we are and how we respond to the world around us. Well, listen up! Dr. Bill Crawford, licensed psychologist, author of seven books and an organizational consultant, is here to help you become the master of the game, to discover your highest purpose, and sustain your newfound confidence even amongst the daily chaos that surrounds you.  In addition to being named TEC Candidate Speaker of the Year for 2016, Dr. Bill Crawford holds a Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Houston. Over the last 30 years, he’s created more than 3,500 presentations for Sprint, Shell, The American Medical Association, PBS, and many other organizations and professional associations both nationally and internationally. The New York Times, Entrepreneur, The Chicago Tribune, Investor’s Business Daily, Working Mother and many others have quoted Dr. Crawford as an expert in his field. In this episode, we’ll explore his book Life From The Top Of The Mind. Discover how unlocking your personal wisdom can be the missing link you’ve needed to live your meaningful life. Key Takeaways: The long game. Sometimes you know what you’re destined to do from an early age. Other times it strikes in college. And for others, it comes later in life. The sense of purpose becomes so vividly loud that you can no longer drown it out. Ready to put your wheels in motion? Ask yourself this ONE question first…[7:08]. The mind game. The cycle of stress is real and powerful. We each have triggers – traffic, people, money – things that make us anxious, depressed, or angry and when we think of them it creates a ball in our stomach. The science behind what’s really going on behind those triggers and how to STOP the cycle once and for all…[10:27]. The imagination game. When we visualize something, it triggers a corresponding chemical change in our body whether it's happening or not. It’s powerful. But how can we channel that practice to instill more confidence, more compassion, MORE authenticity in ourselves? Try THIS…[19:37]. The daily game. So, you want to live your highest purpose; and you want it to fuel your decisions to help you experience your ultimate joys and live life to its fullest? Great! Let’s get started. To understand what your highest purpose is, you MUST first define it this way…[26:09]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 


25 Jul 2017

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MM021 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: Why Living What Matters Actually Matters

As we continue to uncover our own meaningful way, a simple question arises: What does it mean to you to live what matters? Living what matters is a deeply personal experience. It’s up to YOU to decide where your focus goes, from aligning with your values to removing blocks and prioritizing meaningful moments. But why does living what matters… matter? In this week’s Meaningful Moment, Luke gets to the heart of what’s really going on as we articulate and experience our desired path. And how when we are willing to go on the journey of uncovering what really matters to us, we are more able to recognize our human experience in others and tap into deeper acceptance, non-judgement, and compassion.


20 Jul 2017

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MW041 — Fear Specialist and Former Extreme Athlete, Kristen Ulmer: The Art of Fear

You’re about to make a speech in the next few minutes and you’re getting anxious, looking at the exits as the clock ticks - FEAR. That annoying feeling that captures your confidence and makes you second-guess every decision you make. And while fear is linked to the cause of strained relationships, underperformance, and burnout, Kristen Ulmer, thought leader, fear specialist and former professional extreme athlete, can reassure you that making fear your friend is the greatest resource you need to obtaining clarity, motivation and focus in your life. Kristen, once named the world’s best woman extreme skier for 12 consecutive years, and voted the North American Most Extreme Woman Athlete in all disciplines, spent her lifetime facing fear. Since that time she’s recognized the deepness and understanding we all connect to fear and now seeks to end our humanity-wide war against it-- allowing us the greatest chance to achieve our whole mind potential. Kristen’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, NPR, More, Outside, USA Today and others, and she just released her new book The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do, available nationwide. Fear exists in our everyday lives. Let’s change our conversation with it and allow it to steer us towards our meaningful way. Key takeaways: Fear’s common symptoms. When you’re dreading something, it’s universal to do everything you can to try and desperately forget about it, let it go, or avoid it. Not sure if you’ve been dodging a fear? Here’s a handful of symptoms to LOOK OUT for…[06:01]. Fear’s your new friend. Nurturing a relationship with fear is a two-step process. First, you have to recognize your pattern with it. Second, you have to repair your relationship with fear. It might be simpler than you think. Try this one EXERCISE to truly befriend fear…[10:39]. Fear’s not permanent. It’s scientifically proven that fear and all its associated chemical and adrenaline levels stay with you for only 10 to 90 seconds. After that -POOF! - it’s over. The next time you feel frightened, give THIS a try…[14:42]. Fear’s four stages. Talking about your fear isn’t going to make it go away, you have to feel it. And once you welcome it in, you won’t have to work so hard at letting it go. Ready to start? Get through these FOUR stages and feel almost instantly revived--like MAGIC! -- as your fear disappears… [29:52]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 


4 Jul 2017

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MW040 — Leader in Mindfulness, Empowerment, and Shamanism, HeatherAsh Amara: Living Consciously and Expressing Your Authentic Self

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire;” a quote from Ferdinand Foch that reminds us that we must show up in life with intention and awareness. Too many of us are living with the happy when syndrome where we continuously chase a goal that we believe will ultimately bring us happiness, but the reality is the pursuit will only leave us depleted and disconnected. HeatherAsh Amara, leader in mindfulness, empowerment, and shamanism is here to set the record straight as she shares her enlightened advice on living consciously.   HeatherAsh is the author of The Toltec Path of Transformation: Embracing the Four Elements of Change and the bestselling Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Were Meant to Be. The heart of her teachings stem from her long Toltec apprenticeship and teaching partnership with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Over the past 15 years HeatherAsh has taught workshops, apprenticeships, and trained teachers. She now travels the world working with women to integrate ancient feminine wisdom into their modern lives.   Explore a side of yourself that’s comfortable to express itself whole-heartedly in the life you’re living RIGHT NOW.   Key Takeaways:  Fire ignited. You’re either a warrior or a goddess (Yes, even a man can be a goddess!). The group you choose to discern yourself defines your thoughts and actions from childhood and it can be liberating or detrimental. Get ready to awaken your essential self by learning these two lessons on lighting the FIRE within…[5:49].  Life is death. The death cycle’s an understanding that people are going to die, we’re going to change, and relationships are going to transform. There’s beauty in befriending death. Be introduced to the ANGEL of death and her secret to the openness with life…[15:33].  Wisdom unlocked. In HeatherAsh’s latest book The Warrior Goddess Way, she explores the theme of wisdom as the depth of being able to listen to our internal being that leads to our connection to all of life. But there’s more! The TWO areas in wisdom that you MUST master to strengthen any relationship are…[18:29].  Stillness discovered. You’re waiting in line for a cup of coffee, you’re looking around for just a few seconds and then the thoughts start to roll in. What am I going to do next? The ONE practice you need to bring a little peace and stillness in your everyday life is...[24:51].  Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play!  


27 Jun 2017

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MM017 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: Creating a [BLANK] Life

As we continue our experiment to uncover and embrace what makes life and work most meaningful, we invite you to "try on" a new message to help distill and prioritize YOUR meaningful way. Living a meaningful life means that we pay attention to the messages we tell ourselves and our loved ones so we can be aware of what we are aligning with. What is the message you are giving your life today? For Luke, the message of living "A Beautiful Life" becomes both a mantra and a litmus test. By resonating with the message that speaks to you, you are able to consistently create and evolve a life that is beautiful inside and out, relationship by relationship, thought by thought, and moment by moment. And, like an invisible thread pulling you through the fabric of life, you may find yourself creating more experiences each day, rather than sitting back and waiting for them to happen. So the question to ask yourself today is, "What kind of [BLANK] life do I want to create?" Fill in the blanks, try on a new message, notice what happens. And share in the conversation to let us know what [BLANK] works for you.


22 Jun 2017

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MW039 — Author and Neuroscience Junkie, Michael Taft: The Science Behind Mindful Living

Do you bite your nails, jump from one thought to the next, or always feel rushed? These are evident signs of anxiety. And while our world thrives on stress, we’re consciously aware that it’s not the way to live. Michael Taft, aka “The Mindful Geek,” is here to share what’s behind the huge surge of mindfulness in recent years and why once you start, there’s no going back. Michael’s a bestselling author and a neuroscience junkie who as a mindfulness coach specializes in secular, science-based mindfulness training groups, corporate settings, and one-on-one sessions. He’s taught at Google and worked on curriculum development for the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Michael’s also an official advisor of the Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab and has been meditating for over 30 years with extensive experience in both Buddhist and Hindu practice. Get to know this scientifically-proven method on creating a new experience and a new life, right from your mind!  Key Takeaways: Your first-aid kit. When a tornado hits, people immediately grab their essentials and look for shelter. Stress has a similar pattern. So the next time it strikes, embrace your curiosity and give meditation a try for these TWO essential reasons…[5:26]. Your meditation precaution. You’re probably well aware of the many benefits mindfulness can have on you. But before you give it a real go, you need all the facts; even those on the cons list. The ONLY misconceptions of mindfulness and meditation are…[12:16]. Your naming game. In The Mindful Geek, Michael shares the practice of labeling which is identifying your thoughts and emotions as they pop up in your mind. Such a practice is so simple yet incredibly powerful because it opens the doors to THIS…[17:38]. Your hidden superpower. Attention, focus, and concentration are the three elements of any mindful practice. All three are similar in meaning but combined, they can change everything. You need these three elements to build the BIG one… [21:12] (hint: it’ll forever be known as your superpower). Your magic formula. You’re washing dishes and you’re noticing all the details of the foam, feeling the warmth of the water run through your fingers, and the heaviness of the plate you’re cleaning. You’re IN it. Genuinely experience your world by learning THIS magical state of mind…[25:08].    Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 


20 Jun 2017

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MM016 — Coach and Wide-Angled Observer, Luke Iorio: Establishing Guideposts to Live Your Most Meaningful Life

What is it that makes life and work meaningful to you? In last week’s Meaningful Moment, Luke dives into his thoughts on experimenting with our awareness around celebrating and prioritizing our lives each day, and especially over the next 30 days. Now, we reflect on the deeper connection between our inner experiences and how they influence our outer world — and what our process looks like for creating a life that is beautiful to YOU, inside and out. We invite you to look at your current world for inspirations and reflections on what’s really important for you. To some, the most meaningful life starts at home, with family and friends who reflect our inner experience. What guideposts do you naturally observe that allow you to align with what’s really important in your life? For Luke, his focus on leading a life that is mindful, meaningful and masterful allows him to stay present but curious, continually align his inner and outer worlds, and prioritize the processes that influence his thoughts, actions and feelings each and every day. Listen in, dig deep and share your experience — but most of all — have fun, explore possibilities and simply allow more bliss in your life.


15 Jun 2017

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MW035 — Master Teacher, Author and Speaker, David Essel: Overcoming Addictions and Achieving Success

What gets in the way of your success? For many it’s a form of addiction-- alcohol, money, smoking, love, technology, sugar-- the list goes on and on; and in a world that promises instant gratification, not being able to have it all can overcome you. David Essel, master teacher, bestselling author, radio and TV host, addiction recovery coach, inspirational and an all-faiths speaker shares the secret to overcoming your addictions and working with what you’ve got that’ll lead you to your ultimate massive success. David, with his own personal recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, has created one of the most successful, holistic addiction recovery programs in the United States. For 25 years David has used a variety of healing methods to help people release living beliefs regarding their addictions. His bestselling book Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life But This Book Will defies the myth of positive thinking and gets real on success. How can you live more intentionally and fully, and have powerful results doing so? The answer’s simpler than you think. Key Takeaways: Breaking out from the crowd. Are you a duck (follower) or a goose (leader)? In life it’s easy to get stuck on a path that you never imagined yourself on and feel internal resistance to trying something new. Listen to your heart and break free by trying THIS…[7:30]. Looking at the whole picture. What is joy for you? Take a second to look at your relationships, your actions, your goals, and your self-identity. How does looking at those parts of your life make you feel? The REAL magic behind feeling alive and lifted is…[22:11]. Waking up to reality. According to David, positive thinking alone will NOT bring you success but positive ACTION will. What’s the difference? The ONE thing you need to do to shatter your disbelief of hopeful thinking and fuel your ambition is…[27:30]. Building your support group. We’re not born into this world alone, so why do we insist on carrying the weight of our goals alone? No, the world isn’t conspiring against you, in fact, it wants to be your friend and help you. Remember these TWO words and you can master anything…[32:36]. Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play!


19 May 2017

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MW034 — Founders of Fierce Lotus, Lisa Paul-Newman and Heidi Moneymaker: Finding Focus to Become a Balanced Warrior

How’re you feeling today? If the answer isn’t, “focused, energized, and harmonized with my health,” then listen up! Lisa Paul-Newman and Heidi Moneymaker are the founders of Fierce Lotus, a fitness group that promotes healthy living – body, mind, and soul – and they’re sharing everything they’ve learned about growing through life’s stresses, challenges, and triumphs, and evolving into a Balanced Warrior. Lisa’s a fitness expert/personality, personal trainer, business entrepreneur, mother of two and CFO of a restaurant chain. Heidi’s a prominent stuntwoman in the entertainment industry, actress and fitness expert working on action films such as Avengers: Infinity War and John Wick 2. Together, they share strategies on how to center your focus on what matters most in your life – career, family, yourself – and how to navigate through your hectic, busy schedule.  Change the way you think about fitness and find your way to a healthy-ever-after. Key Takeaways: On your mark. Have you ever strived for something so deeply, putting all your heart and time into it, and it didn’t pan out? Right from GO, Heidi and Lisa tell you how to beat the depression, dig deep, and charge forward. The three secrets you need to find your focus NOW …[2:29]. Changing your game face. Each role you play-- whether it’s a parent, a boss, a student, and so on,--requires certain expectations. How do you avoid losing yourself in that position when it demands so much? Silence the well-meaning excuses and try THIS to replenish your self-identity…[13:49]. Championing your victories. When you think of the word balance, what comes to mind? Ditch the idea of spinning a hundred plates in the air! The ONE thing you can do to squeeze in and redefine balance in your life…[17:30].  Beating the competition. Roadblocks come in all shapes and sizes and when they appear, they can stunt your growth. The TRICK to refocusing your attention on the goal and getting back in the game… [26:16].


18 May 2017

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