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Deep House Cats (SA) is a South African Based Independent Vinyl & Digital Record Label representing upcoming house music producers with focus on Deep House, Tech and Soulful from around the country and beyond the borders. Our releases can be found on traxsource, juno, itunes and major online stores. Do support the craft and listen to our bi-weekly shows mixed by Tarse-P, Groove Govnor, Dj Relle and guest djs.keep an open mind and enjoy the music _ Leave a comment and share with your friends.Let house music dance through your body ! :-)Disclaimer: Mixes posted here are created for the Djs own experimentation and entertainment, not for profit. The Djs may not be the author or owner of the copyrights of the component tracks. If you like the tracks, support the artists and please buy at major digital store and/or your nearest record storeThanks for Listening

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#DHCD001 - Ambrosious One (Continuous Mix)

As we kick start 2018 we'd like to wish you a happy New Year and also present you our first compilation in the Ambrosious series compiled and mixed by one of the deep house cats, Groove Govnor.The package will be out later in month digitally It features tracks by St. Clovis, OU, Kurtx, Izzy La Vague, Mazimba, Ivo Kolev, EikaMano, Somethin' Deep & Groove Govnor Check out the continuous mix and enjoy. Spread the word

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26 Jan 2018

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#DHC091 - Guest Mix By Manuel Costela [Bucketround Spain & 2phonic Recordings]

Presenting #DHC091 with a very special guest mix by Manuel Costela.Manuel is a respected DJ and producer from Spain and the owner of Bucketround spain and 2phonic recordings, He is also half part of Defence Of Excess.He has worked with the likes of Ernie, Dubbyman, Tominori Hosoya and has releases with Deepwit Recordings, Different Attitudes, Flumo Recordings, the list goes on. Have a listen and enjoy, like, comment, repost and download. *Track ID's available on request.

1hr 4mins

29 Jun 2018

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#DHC128 - Mixed By Tarse P

A Merry Christmas to you from the DHC team with none other than Tarse P. A joyful deep house mix to enjoy with family and friends.We continue to grow year by year and all thanks to you for your support and the producers and artists that make such beautiful music, we appreciate you.Kindly comment, like, repost, download and spread the word.Playlist:Artist - Title - Label1. Detroit To Bristol - Dance With Me (Andy Compton's Dub)- MotorCity Wine Recordings2. Vick Lavender - Sexy Things (V. Lavender's Sophisticado Black Soul Main Mix) - ANMA Records3. Javonntte - Romance - Lüüd Discs ‎4. fLako - Lonely Town (Karizma Rework) - Not On Label ‎5. Brs - Lovin Me (Bittersuite Remix) - Situationism6. Black Jazz Consortium - Energies Collide (Feat. Ceri B) - Perpetual Sound7. Chaos In The CBD - Midnight In Peckham - Rhythm Section International ‎9. Rafa Santos - Love Song - Mate ‎10. Rick Wade - Conscience - Unknown Season ‎11. Gropina - Mare Aperto - Paesaggi Records12. Melchior Sultana, Alias 1 - Around The Head (Melchior Sultana Remix) - Profound Sound13. Blaze - Gloria's Muse (The Yoga Song) (Danny Krivit 718 Mix) - West End Records ‎14. Mark Hand - Cobwebs - Uzuri

1hr 41mins

24 Dec 2019

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#DHC118 - Mixed By Groove Govnor [Deep House Cats SA]

Presenting #DHC118 with another sterling mix by Groove Govnor.He features tracks by Beat Soul, RNDT, Ben Hauke, Roman Flugel, Siggatunez, Secret Lover, Hugo Mari, Henrik Villard, Moullinex & Felipe Gordon and alot more.Enjoy and share with your peers.#keepitdeep

1hr 15mins

1 Jun 2019

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#DHC022 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

#DHC022 - Mixed By Groove Govnor is now available for download and streaming. Have a listen and please share/invite your friends to check out Deep House Cats SA for some Deep House/Lounge/ChilledOut sessions. Tracklist:01. Bruce Loko - Peace Within [Stay True Sounds]02. Tahir Jones - I Am For You [Unreleased]03. 1977 - AMFBTG [For Those Who Know]04. Roque, Lelex, Keiko Yoshimura - The Autumn (Roque Dub Version) [DeepHouse Police]05. Dave Allison - Let Me Tell Ya (Junktion remix) [Kinjo Music]06. Mystep - All That Funk [Apparel Music]07. Cubase Dan - Ooo That's Nice [Moulton Music]08. Hraach - Dle Yaman (116 Deep Mix) [Unreleased]09. Catz 'n Dogz - Nobody Cares (Karizma remix) [Pets Recordings]10. FonnikDeep - Antidote [Sanelow Label]11. Gruvv Wiz - I will Lead [Unreleased]#DHCSA Download for free on The Artist Union

1hr 6mins

16 Mar 2016

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#DHC113 - Guest Mix By BNinjas [Open Sound]

Good day ladies and gents. Please check out #DHC113 featuring a guest mix by BNinjas, a craftman from Krugersdorp, South Africa. He has records out on Open Sound, Sound Vessel Records, Dewing Records and also forthcoming on our catalogue.Check it out enjoy and please share with your peers.Tracklist:1. Jared Jackson - Rinse2.Miguel Migs - I Can Feel It (Piano Love Mix)3.IntrObeatz - Obscene (Original Mix)4.Jus Tadi - Remember (Original Mix)5.BNinjas - Thugs In House (Original Mix)*6.Dj E-Clyps - That Brooklyn Ish (Original Mix)7.Ferdinand Domes - Kazimir 2000 (Original Mix)8.San2 - Distinguishing Bias (Original Mix)9.Secret Souls & !Sooks - Wolf (Origianl Mix)10.BNinjas - Chicago (Original Mix)11. BNinjas - Ahead Of Time (Original Mix)12. Keegs Bantom - I'm Not There (Original Mix)*Forth coming on Deep House Cats SA#keepitdeep

1hr 4mins

23 Feb 2019

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#DHC110 - Mixed By Tarse P [Deep House Cats SA]

We start the year with none other than our very own deep house maestro Tarse P :).Message from Tarse P: Many thanks to the artists for producing such beautiful deep house music and with deep gratitude torecord labels for publishing such awesomeness :).To our listeners, your support is much appreciated, please comment, like, repost and download.Playlist:Artist - Title - Record Label1. Dubbyman - Deep is Dead - Deep Explorer2. Leo Gunn - From Old - Deep Explorer3. Above Smoke - Outro - Deep Explorer4. Mat/Matix - Central Bank - Pulp5. Vibes LTD - Untitled A1 - Vibes LTD6. Agnès - Boba Fatt - Vitalik ‎7. Jordan Fields - Surely It Will (Monchan Want U dub remix) - Dailysession8. Vitamin D – lately - Secret Listen9. Long Island Sound - Last Place You Look (Loz Goddard remix) - Kyoku 10. Jesus Gonsev - Fuerza - Altered Moods Records (coming soon/Forthcoming)11. Grant - Converge - Grant12. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Oceanic - Minuendo13. Niles Cooper - Memories - Pale Springs Records 14. Theory of Movement - Acceptance - Duke's Distribution ‎15. Theory of Movement - Further Out West - Duke's Distribution ‎16. Kai Alcé - Sheed's Move - NDATL Muzik ‎17. Jesus Gonsev - Traits Of Humankind - Troubled Kids Records18. Melchior Sultana - Free (ft. Janelle Pulo) - deepArtSounds ‎(coming soon/Forthcoming)19. Jus Ed & Melchior Sultana - Press It - Underground Quality20. Caruso - Different (Trinidadian Deep Remix) - deepArtSounds21. Tominori Hosoya - Love You Again - TH Pressings22. Tominori Hosoya - We Wish 2 Cherry Trees Bloom Forever (full length version) - TH Pressings23. Dubbyman - The Journey......Till next time hoped you enjoyed :).

2hr 15mins

13 Jan 2019

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#DHC111 - Guest Mix By Millow Soul [Polokwane, South Africa]

Hi Ladies & Gents, please check out #DHC111 with a stunning funky deep house mix by producer/dj Millow Soul all the way from Polokwane (Ga Mothapo), ZA.He features some hits from heavyweights such as Lxury, Disco Incorporated, HNNY, Death on the balcony, COEO and more.Have a listen, download and share with your friends.Enjoy.Tracklist:1.Disco Incorporated - Lovely (Vocal Mix)2. Lxury feat. Deptford Goth - Square 1(Joe Goddard Remix)3. Scott Diaz - Destination (Original Mix)4. Terry Hunter feat. Barbara Tucker - Holding On(Club Mix)5. HNNY - Oma Doris (Original Mix)6. COEO - Native Riddim(Alternative_Version)7.Death on the balcony - Our Origins (Original Mix)8. Pierre Johnson feat. Messive Muzik - Until the End (Original Mix)9. Bruce Loko - Ups and downs (Original Mix)


20 Jan 2019

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#DHC127 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

Presenting #DHC127 with a resident mix by Groove Govnor.Have a listen enjoy and please do share with your friends.Tracklist:01. Greg B - Still 02. Milch, Osinscky - Low to the Ground03. Jesusdapnk - Whataday04. Olivier Verhaeghe - Right Thing to Decide05. Selva - Voyageur II (Jeff Swiff Remix)06. Jeff The Fool - Mad Dream07. Olivier Verhaeghe - Sometimes08. Matt Masters - The Road Outside09. Roy Vision - Walking tall 10. Chezz - You Ready ? 11. Love Ensemble - Space Thoughts12. Lea Lisa - Something for the Dancers (The Black Tone Reshape)13. James Rudie - Sruzly Have a listen, enjoy and please share with your peers.

1hr 11mins

2 Nov 2019

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#DHC112 - Mixed By Groove Govnor [Deep House cats SA]

Hi Guys. Please check out #DHC112 mixed by our label head - Groove Govnor with a full tracklist.Have a listen, enjoy and please share the Gospel with your peers oh and you can also download to play at your leisure.Featured Tracks:01. Leon Revol - Analog in Transit [Church]02. Gloved Hands - Here To Stay [Inhale Exhale]03. Silvestre - Deptford Bus [Diskotopia]04. Session Victim - Dawn [Delusions of Grandeur]05. Unknown Artist - A1 [Wilson Records]06. Simon Hinter - Junior [Purveyor Underground]07. Nicola Brusegan - Seven [Lisztomania Records]08. Hillson - Defeated [Mole Music]09. Crackazat - Submerging (Crackazat Rework) [Local Talk]10. Michael Oberling - Arrival [Oh So Coy]11. Anton Lanski - Good Child [Seven Villas]12. Paul2Paul - Renewed [Mole Music]#keepitdeep #dhcsa

1hr 6mins

27 Jan 2019

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#DHC026 - Mixed By Tarse P

#DHC026 - Mixed By Tarse P is now available for streaming and download. Listen, enjoy, leave a comment and please do share with your peers.Tracklist: (Artist - Title - Label)1) [exclusive]2) LB aka Labat - More Kindyness [Face France]3) [exclusive]4) [exclusive]5) [exclusive] released in 1991 !!!6) [exclusive]7) 25 Places - X9 (DJ Aakmael Dubb) [Late Night Running]8) Ed Herbst - Cityscape [Beste Modus]9) Chezz - Drum Down [Kolour LTD]10) [exclusive]11) [exclusive]12) Gnork - Chord Tool [Quartet Series]13) Eric Ericksson - Old Made New [Swedish Brandy Productions]14) DJ Nav - Your Words [Made Fresh Daily]15) YNK - One-Oh-One (Benedikt Frey Remix) [Polytone]16) [Exclusive]

1hr 34mins

16 May 2016

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#DHC027 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

#DHC027 - Mixed By Groove Govnor is now available for download/streaming on our Deep House Cats - SA soundcloud and mixcloud pageEnjoy and please share with the deep house heads out thereTracklist:01. & My Mother Say - Lazing (Original Mix) [Neo Apparatus]02. Mazzomba - Untitled 1 (Uffe Remix) [Pusic records]03. Axel Boman - In The Dust Of This Planet (Original Mix) [Pampa Records]04. Werkha - City Shuffle feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto (General Ludd Remix) [Tru Thoughts]05. Enrico Donner, Nick_Marasciulo - Quote Of The Day [Lounge Masters]06. Siggatunez - Latenight Tale [Traxx Underground]07. Muzical Connexion - Connecting Souls (Original Mix) [Deepconsoul Sounds]08. Roman Flugel - 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix) [Pampa Records]09. Viktor Birgiss - Shine [Love Potion]10. Ada - You And Me (Original Mix) [Pampa Records]11. Liquid Phonk - Was It Love (Original Mix) [Compost]12. Muzical Connexion - Muzical Life Style (Original Mix) [Deepconsoul Sounds]13. Saison - Scopin [Guesthouse Music]14. Sumsuch, Will Brock - All Along (Mark Ryal Dub) [Colour and Pitch]15. Groove Govnor, Kurtx Feat. Akello - Live On [Unreleased Exclusive]Stay in Touch and up to date (Follow Us here)Facebook: Deep House Cats - SATwitter: dhc_SAInstagram: dhc_saSoundcloud: Deep House Cats - SAMixcloud: Deep House Cats - SA #DHCSA #GrooveGovnor #DeepHouse #ChillHouse #Downtempo #GoodMusic

1hr 35mins

30 May 2016

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#DHC124 - Guest Mix By DJ Tom Larson [Germany]

The German, Tom Larson, returns with another sterling guest mix on #DHC124.He features some works by Kerry Chandler, Mike Sharon, Julian Anthony, Prunk, Losoul and more.Have a listen, enjoy and please share with your peers.

1hr 19mins

23 Sep 2019

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#DHC028 - Mixed By Dj Relle

#DHC028 - Mixed By Dj Relle is now available for streaming & download. Check it out and please share and invite your friends to listen. #DHCSA #Exclusive #ChilledOut


13 Jun 2016

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#DHC029 - Mixed By Tahir Jones

#DHC029 - Mixed By Tahir Jones is now available for download/streaming exclusively on Deep House Cats - SA [soundcloud and mixcloud page]Enjoy and do share/invite your friends to listen to DHCSA exclusive deep house podcasts Tracklist:1. Bob Moses - Far From The Tree (Original Mix)2. DJ Funky T-The Beast In You (Forteba Remix)3. Bob Marley – Sun is Shining (Moodwax Love For The Herb Remix)4. Lazarusman, Jazzuelle - Forget Me (Fred Everything Colors Of Winter Mix)5. Logan - Flash (Charles Webster's Flashy Dub)6. Zakchac - Funky Superstar (Scott Diaz Remix)7. Daniel Leseman - Keep On Moving (Original Mix)8. Robert Babicz - Astor (Shur-I-Kan Remix)9. Brett Lawrence – People In High Places (Original Mix)10. Lars Behrenroth, Sinan Baymak - I Miss The Things (Mindtech Remix)#DHCSA #TahirJones


27 Jun 2016

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#DHC030 - Mixed By Gruvv Wiz

#DHC030 - Mixed By Gruvv Wiz is now available for download/streaming exclusively on Deep House Cats - SA [soundcloud and mixcloud page]Download | Stream | Share Tracklist:01. J. Axel & Astrid Suryanto - Roam (Highway 73 Remix) [Plastic City]02. Namy, Miwa - Follow Through (Diephius Remix) [Global Diplomacy]03. Ralf GUM, Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) (Ralf Gum Main Mix) [Gogo Music]04. Stones Bones Feat. Tweety - Don't You Remember (Abicah Soul Remix) [SoulDeep Inc. Records]05. Lisa Shaw - I Can See It (Miguel Migs Salted vocal mix) [Salted Music]06. Suges, Nadine - Falling in Love Again (Harley&Muscle Caio Deep mix) [Soulstar Records]07. Alicia Myers - Right Here Right Now (Dj Spen, Gary Hudgins & Thommy Davis Remix) [Quantize Recordings]08. Manuel Tur - Maybe Next Lifetime (King Britt Dub) [Freerange Records]09. Kid Fonque, D-Malice feat. Clara Hill - All This Time (Atjazz Astro Remix) [Atjazz Record Company]10. Sumsuch feat. Will Brock - All Along (Original Mix) [Colour and Pitch]Enjoy#SoulfulHouse #GruvvWiz


11 Jul 2016

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#DHC031 - Mixed By Tarse P

#DHC031 - Mixed By Tarse P is now available for download/streaming exclusively on Deep House Cats - SA [soundcloud and mixcloud page]Download | Stream | ShareTracklist coming soonEnjoy#DHCSA

1hr 25mins

25 Jul 2016

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#DHC032 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

#DHC032 - Mixed By Groove Govnor is now available for download/streaming exclusively on Deep House Cats - SA [soundcloud and mixcloud page]Download | Stream | Share01. Tahir Jones - Bhodie N' Seoul (Original Mix) [DeepWit Recordings]02. Iain Howie - Awake (Original Mix) [Rhombus]03. Xinobi & The Lazarusman - See Me [Discotexas]04. Neil Quigley - Look Closer [Sudbeat Music]05. Laszlo Dancehall - Channel [Wolf Music Recordings]06. Kiasmos - Looped [Erased Tapes Records]07. Audio Visual - Nhoque [Deehouse]08. Danced Til Midnight - No Way Back (The Revenge Remix) [Thylacine Sounds]09. KiNK - Valentine's Groove (Original Mix) [Clone Royal Oak]10. Wolta - Party Horse 1 [Deep House Cats SA]#DHCSA #DeepHouse #IndieDance

1hr 2mins

8 Aug 2016

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#DHC033 - Mixed By Dj Relle

#DHC033 - Mixed By Dj Relle is now available for download/streaming exclusively on Deep House Cats - SA [soundcloud and mixcloud page]With music by Icognito, Bruce Loko, Promid, Peter Pearson,Ta-ku, Tracklab...Enjoy and please share/repost#DHCSA


22 Aug 2016

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#DHC101 - Mixed By Tarse P [Deep House Cats SA]

Let get deep with Tarse P, all we can say is that expect to be burned from the likes of Manuel Costela, Jesus Gonsev, Miruga but to name a few :).Playlist coming soon.

1hr 21mins

8 Sep 2018

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