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Break free from your vicious yo-yo dieting cycle and learn how to make the mental and behavioral changes necessary to maintain your weight once and for all! Join Registered Dietitian Paul Salter as he discusses the latest research and proven strategies to achieve long-term weight-maintenance.

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Episode 80: Why A Weight-Loss Plateau Isn’t A Bad Thing And What You Can Learn From Yours (Hint: You Can Learn A Lot!)

You've been conditioned to believe that reaching a weight-loss plateau is a "bad" thing. I disagree. In fact, I think that there are two specific types of weight-loss plateaus we all reach and that if we have the right mindset, we can learn a tremendous amount from each that will help us more effectively lose and maintain weight. In today's episode of the Screw The Scale Podcast, I differentiate between the two types of weight-loss plateaus and teach you what you can learn from each. ***Take a screenshot when you're finished listening and post on social media - tag me (@paulsaltercoaching) and share your biggest takeaway! 11 Tips to Maintain Weight Loss Successfully - Click Here.


9 Sep 2019

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