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A bahasa rojak podcast on mental health brought to you by Malaysian Youth Mental Health Initiative (MINDAKAMI). We borak about mental health in a casual and senang dihadam way. Remember to follow us on all social media platforms @mindakami!

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Pemikiran Negatif: All-or-Nothing Thinking

Adakah anda mempunyai corak pemikiran yang negatif ini? All-or-Nothing Thinking adalah salah satu corak pemikiran negatif atau cognitive distortion yang boleh membangkitkan masalah dalam kehidupan kita. Dengarilah episod ini untuk tahu bagaimana untuk melawannya.


20 May 2019

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Apakah itu OCD?

Korang tahu tak apa sebenarnya itu OCD? Kita selalu dengar orang guna perkataan ini. We discuss what OCD means, its symptoms and common experiences of this mental disorder - not personality trait! (cw: violent thoughts)


7 May 2019

Rank #2

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Pursuing a Masters in Counselling (with Filza Izzyan)

In this episode, Zulaikha has a conversation with Filza Izzyan about her experiences with pursuing a masters in counselling. During her course, Filza interned at a women's prison in Kajang, as well as a community sexual health clinic under the PT Foundation. How is it like to be trained as a counsellor? Listen up to find out!


2 Aug 2019

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Tips to Take Care of Mental Wellbeing #AIASeeTheOtherSide

Mental wellbeing is something everyone should strive for, but how do we maintain good mental health? We talked with clinical psychologist Dr. Duska Tadic about what we can do to be mentally healthy through a holistic approach that includes the physical, emotional, psychological & social aspects of our lives. Learn how to build your own self-care plan now in this episode.


31 Oct 2019

Rank #4

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder #AIASeeTheOtherSide

We've talked about OCD before on the #BorakMindaPodcast, but now we've brought in clinical psychologist Duska Tadic to talk about the more clinical side of things. #AIASeeTheOtherSide


24 Oct 2019

Rank #5