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In the U.S., health care costs are rising faster than inflation. This means that every year, more and more of our income is going toward medical expenses, leaving less money to invest in our families, our businesses and our communities. The Cost of Health tells the stories of real people struggling to find solutions to keep their businesses and their families afloat, and discusses possible solutions with the most innovative thinkers in the health care industry today.

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Dr. Rahul Rajkumar, CMO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

Rising healthcare costs is a problem that seems to be on everyone’s mind, from patients to government officials. But what are the possible solutions? That’s a tricky answer, but one that Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina Chief Medical Officer Rahul Rajkumar seeks to find. And he’s got a solid idea on how to keep costs down – and keep quality care high. On this week’s episode of “The Cost of Health,” Rahul shares his thoughts on the factors that drive rising costs, a strategy for value-based reimbursement in North Carolina, and how it all works. Doctor Rajkumar's executive profileDoctor Rajkumar on Twitter @RahulRajkumar11Follow the coalition and Michael on Twitter @fiscalhealthnc and michaelck and FacebookAnd be sure to join the coalition to help fight for lower health care costsThe North Carolina Coalition for Fiscal Health is a 501(c)(4) corporation, organized as a nonpartisan group focused on economic issues and the rising cost of healthcare in North Carolina. We’re here to talk about improving the fiscal health of all North Carolinians.


24 Oct 2018

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