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Streamlined Motherhood Podcast is a show on positive motherhood, personal growth, and intentional parenting with life coach Kate Saffle. Each episode Kate shares tips and encouragement for thriving on your motherhood journey and creating a "full cup" life. Pop in your earbuds, listen to these short mom-guilt free episodes, and uplevel your motherhood, one baby step at a time.

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Choosing a Full Life

Feeling like you have no “me time” to recharge? Have dreams for yourself, but think there is no place for them while mothering little ones? Listen on as Kate encourages you to first fill your own cup, so you can then better serve your family and those around you. Mentioned in this episode: What does it take to feel fulfilled? Your needs matter, especially when you’re parenting little ones! What are you communicating to yourself? How to figure out your interests Why you should act on your dream now instead of waiting What would it take for you to create a life that makes your soul sing? Thanks to Streamlined Motherhood sponsor, Basal Baby, your go to source for 100% GOTS certified organic cotton baby basics at a great price. Head to basalbaby.com and use my code, STREAMLINE at checkout to enjoy 10% off your first order. Get your copy of “9 Wellness Tips for the Busy Mama” plus free video guide Find more at www.thestreamlinedlife.com Connect with Kate on Instagram: @thestreamlinedlife


11 Sep 2018

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