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Because He Lives

Pastor Trey shares with us how we can be RESOLVED to entrust our future to the God who knows the end from the beginning, to obey God faithfully and publicly even if the culture around us rejects Him and to listen to God’s voice and heart above the noise of the world.


23 Feb 2020

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The Court Will Sit

We trust in God, not only because He is Holy, and we need Him to save us from our sins, but also because He will judge everything righteously, he makes order.


16 Feb 2020

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Corrupt Government

Pastor Chad shares with us about how a demonically influenced government can seek to pass laws that defend sinful practice instead of benefiting its country.


9 Feb 2020

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Perspective and Glory

Our success is not as sweet if the others around us do not also succeed, God gives us gifts and callings, he is the one who equips us. We should understand the perspective of his glory to us. Are we being faithful by giving God the credit first, in our success and in every other position of influence or authority he placed us in.


26 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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The Journey

In Daniel Chapter 3 we learn that it matters that we live our lives in such a way that the world can see what we stand for. As believers, we need to have a sense of responsibility for the unbelievers. Many times unbelievers are introduced to God’s People, before they are introduced to God.


19 Jan 2020

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Interceding for the Impossible

As believers, we should have a reputation for using our gifting to help people and save situations.


12 Jan 2020

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The Kingdom of God nor the Kingdom of Darkness ever take a day off, you are being recruited constantly. We should have confidence in the power of God in our lives, so the world would look at us and make a comparison. as Paul said: “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”


5 Jan 2020

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Critical Spirit

Pastor Chad Holland teaches us that we often give ourselves a large measure of grace for imperfections, but we do not extend this same grace to others. God has called us not to criticize, but to believe in and bring out the best in each other.


27 Oct 2019

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Know Why

Pastor Chad reminds us of the importance of Knowing Why we do something. This keeps us engaged in the vision God has given us, even when our emotions, our mind, and our body do not want to stay engaged.


20 Oct 2019

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The Spirit of This Age

The world we live in today preaches a message of self entitlement. Engage in this message and discover how to keep safe in the face of lies!


22 Sep 2019

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The Spirit of Heaviness

Join us as we kick off our new series ‘Knowing the Spirits’! If you’ve ever wondered about the spiritual world and how to live the life of an overcomer - stay tuned and enjoy!


8 Sep 2019

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Covenant of Love

Pastor Chad reminds us of the importance of having a healthy family, which is the bedrock to building a healthy society. Stand firm in knowing that you are being a blessing by being a part of the family of God.


1 Sep 2019

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The Living Word

We continue our ‘Confidence’ series with this encouraging message about the power of the Word!


18 Aug 2019

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Confidence in the Mystery

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out” - Proverbs 25:2. In this message you’ll discover how God uses mystery to draw us near!


11 Aug 2019

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God Speed

“Do not lose confidence in God just because others around you might have, but hold firmly to your original convictions” - Get ready for a confidence boosting message!


28 Jul 2019

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The King’s Sanctuary

“Anytime that we take God’s creation and something that He has entrusted us with, and we act as if it is ours to rule how we want, and for our own benefit, we move into a similar pattern that we see in Lucifer” - Pastor Chad Holland


30 Jun 2019

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Love: God’s Plumb Line

God’s plumb line exposes where we are out of balance - It keeps our heart in alignment with Him! Join Pastor Mike in this new and intriguing series.


23 Jun 2019

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Preparing a Place

We’ve all heard that God gives good gifts to His children, but do we really believe it? Let’s stand together, having faith in God’s compelling love that acts on our behalf!


19 May 2019

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The King of the Jews

Happy Passover! Enjoy this message and marvel at the great mystery of Yeshua - as ‘King of the Jews’ and how He is the Passover lamb.


14 Apr 2019

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Sometimes we believe we are weaker than what we really are. This message will inspire you to find strength to bear the tough moments in life and be brave - on purpose.


7 Apr 2019

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