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Standup comedian, Jason Salmon has had a ton of podcast ideas over the years...and all of them have failed. That's when he realized his true gift...failure.He's not afraid of it, and now he's got a podcast about it. Jason's Failed Podcast is a a sort of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style twist on the comedy podcast, where the audience and the guests get input in what the podcast will be about. It might spawn more episodes or even brand new podcasts, but he's willing to try anything - no matter how insane. Listeners can email at JasonsFailedPodcast@gmail.com to offer suggestions, ask questions, or give feedback and they get to be part of the show.And even if this fails...it will just mean that Jason picked the perfect title.

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 19 - Go to Health w Nicki D'Atellis

This was one of Jason's first failed podcasts. Jason and his guest, Nicki discuss the Gluten Free craze and proper hydration for weight control.


21 Aug 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast - Go to Health with Nicki D'Atellis

Go To Health - Nicki D'Atellis, Fitness Professional and Jason's better half, discusses her thoughts on health and why their amazing podcast idea didn't work out...she also dishes on how weird it is to live with Jason


8 May 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 34 - Angelo & The AIDS Epidemic

Jason talks with Angelo D'Atellis about being one of the first wave of gay men to survive AIDS. He and his sister Nicki recount his trip to deaths door after being diagnosed with HIV and the people and things that helped him stay alive. It's a fascinating discussion about survival that you won't soon forget.


4 Dec 2019

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JFP - Ep 46 - Bronco Forensic Psychology

Jason talks about human psychology in both comedy and the penal system with Bianca "Bronco" Bisciglia a student of Forensic Psychology. They discuss panic disorders and how studying your own brain helps you understand others.


4 Mar 2020

Rank #4

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 13 - Lynne Koplitz

Once again we go behind the curtain into the greenroom at McCurdy's Comedy Theatre in Sarasota, FL. as iconic comedian Lynne Koplitz and Friends join Jason to discuss the heckler from the show, how to tell a rape joke and why comedy is the last bastion of unbridled honesty in America.


10 Jul 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 32 - Deborah Grausman & Sesame Street

Jason talks with Deborah Grausman about being the voice of "Smartie", Elmo's new friend and smartphone on Sesame Street.  They discuss voicework, acting, rejection, and the 12 Love languages. Also...BONUS... Here is a link to her Radio spots for Geico (The Creepy Doll in "Doll" and the Roommate in "Casual fire" https://www.geico.com/more/commercials/radio/


20 Nov 2019

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JFP - Ep 47 - Tatooing Natalie Cuomo

Natalie Cuomo has around 50 tattoos. Jason has zero. But he wants to understand. Maybe you do too.


11 Mar 2020

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Jason's Failed podcast Ep 5 - Barbie

Jason gets an exclusive interview with the most iconic doll in the world and her life did not turn out like you thought it would. featuring Missy Baker


15 May 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 33 - John Paolillo & New York Moments

Jason interviews dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and new author, John Paolillo about his new book, "Another New York Moment" You Can buy at Amazon HERE They discuss the beauty and the ugliness of the Big Apple and why he chose to write about it.


27 Nov 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep15 - Liz Barrett

Part time Baptist, Jason chats with fellow comic and part time judge Liz Barrett as they employ their greatest skill set - judging things like politicians and TV theme songs


24 Jul 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 18 - Thomas jackson - The Duality of Alzheimers

Jason and Film Producer Thomas Jackson discuss their mutual experiences with parents suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It is a frank discussion about the pain and cruelty of the disease, but also an insight into commonalities and even moments of beauty to be found in the midst of it. Music: Veronika, Der Lenz Ist Da by Comedian Harmonists


14 Aug 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 21 - Gina Brillon - Nick's Birthday Episode

Jason discusses his better half's birthday gift with one of her favorite comics, Gina Brillon. They discuss romance, love, comedy, and triggers and who the five famous people they would have dinner with if they could.


4 Sep 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 6 - Selfie Steam

Jason goes into confessional mode...or preacher mode (hard to tell) and gives the lowdown on himself. This speech is also available for commencement ceremonies and Bar Mitzvahs as it is highly inspirational


22 May 2019

Rank #13

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 29 - Bad Kitty with Renee K

Jason speaks with Renee K about finding a way to be in charge of your own dreams...and how to know when to let go and when to scream.


30 Oct 2019

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JFP - Ep 50 - Dave & Dave - Tiger Beards

Dave and Dave continue their takeover as they talk Tiger King, give tips for being productive during the pandemic and talk about the issues encountered when you allow facial hair to have its own personality. with @eatprayjason


1 Apr 2020

Rank #15

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 7 - Crazy NY Stories

Jason reconnects with his previous podcast buddies, Lance Weiss and Oscar Collazos to talk about why their podcast, Crazy NY Stories ended and to share some NY craziness for old time's sake


29 May 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 30 - Phil Hunt - Everybody's Wrong

Jason discusses the fine art of arguing with people who are sensitive on both sides and the need to do that in order to just figure out life. Disagreement in order to get answers.


6 Nov 2019

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JFP - Luke Bonus - 61319 4.11 PM

Jason interviews fellow comic and Christian Luke Thayer about being raised in a religious household and how it has affected the way they both approach their standup careers


13 Jun 2019

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JFP - Ep. 37 - Happy Merry Everything

Jason talks with Mom, Sis, & Nick about their favorite Christmas memory and what makes this time of year so special to them.


25 Dec 2019

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Jason's Failed Podcast Ep 36 - Hello Neumann

Jason finds out some things about fellow comic Eric Neumann's wallet and mom that make him think he might be the real life George Costanza.

1hr 4mins

18 Dec 2019

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