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The Holy F*ck Podcast is for the rebel soul who doesn't quite fit into the boxes of modern spirituality, but rather, is curious about how the mystical touches us in our everyday lives in the most unexpected places.Join host, Alexandra Roxo, bestselling author, multi-disciplinary artist, and rebellious teacher and student of heart, for conversations and story-tellings on the mystical and spiritual awakenings life offers us everyday.Each week, you will hear from people on all sorts of walks of life, sharing how the sacred has touched their lives and the profane, too and how they have explored life and freed their hearts and souls through spiritual practice, taking risks, art, meditation, sex, drugs, birthing, prayer, experiencing death and life and all of the different elements that The Great Mystery aka God / Goddess / Divine speaks to us through.For more, follow along with Alexandra:🌹@AlexandraRoxo on IG🌹Buy her bestselling book, F*ck Like A Goddess (alexandraroxo.com/book)🌹Grab her online courses and tools for healing and transformation (alexandraroxo.com/tools)🌹Get on the waitlist for her Radical Awakenings community and membership (@RadicalAwakenings on IG)🌹Work with her in 1:1 coaching and mentorship (alexandraroxo.com/mentorship)

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Expressing our Sexual Desires with Emily Miller

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Emily Miller, a contestant on the Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle!What Alexandra loved about working with Emily on the show was how unashamed Emily was about her sexuality.  She didn’t seem to be afraid to speak about her sexuality in a very blunt and honest way, and that was very inspiring to witness and see presented on tv.This episode may be a great conversation starter for you all around expressing your sexuality, your desires, and staying open-hearted and vulnerable in relationship.In this episode, you’ll hear:The difference between reaction in relationship - such as defensiveness or accusation - vs. staying open-hearted and vulnerable and sharing your emotions from that place.How staying open-hearted and vulnerable in relationship can often feel very painful, but ultimately leads to greater intimacy between partners, friends, loved ones, etc.Ideas on how laying down the foundation for high reward in life often comes by making high risk moves and actions to get there.Removing shame from how we, as a society, communicate about our sexuality and sexual desires, and how we can begin to reclaim that for ourselves.Ideas on what some of the fundamental differences between the masculine and feminine are in relationship, and how to reconcile that with expectations and desires you may hold for a partner.The challenge of sustaining change and transformation within yourself and the work and practice that goes into embodying the change within yourself and your life.And more!


26 Jul 2021

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Finding Healthy Love with Carly Lawrence

This week on Holy F*ck, Alexandra speaks with Carly Lawrence from the Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle!Carly is one of the contestants on season two of the show that Alexandra had the pleasure of leading in a few workshops and rituals throughout the season, and was very real and honest throughout their work together.  In this episode, you’ll hear:Ideas on what a healthy romantic relationship is and what healthy communication between partners looks and feels like.How going through the experience of being on the show helped Carly heal through trust issues, people pleasing, speaking up and using her voice to state her desires, needs, and more.Identifying our love languages in relationship, and how we can often discover what’s important for us to receive from a partner, through being triggered or experiencing conflict in relationship.The power of hearing other women share about their vulnerabilities, insecurities, and healing journeys, and how that can empower us to also be honest about our own journeys and transformational work. How we can find a sense of safety in others when we may be experiencing anxiety or stress, and how another human’s nervous system can help regulate ours in those moments.How breathing into the heart and body can help ground us down and slow down our thoughts, especially for those of us who are fast-thinkers and may experience higher levels of anxiety or stress in everyday life.And more!

1hr 5mins

19 Jul 2021

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Inviting Fear in for Tea with Moun D'Simone

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with one of her dear dear friends, Moun D’Simone!  Moun is a Spiritual Godmother, supporting womxn to find strength and courage in their story. She works with clients and students doing deep transformational and empowerment work, through one-on-one mentorship and group programs. She also speaks and leads retreats for clients such as Maha Rose, Kripalu, Three Jewels, and more, on topics like making peace with your past, unconditional compassion, the power of practice and community, and more.This episode is really a peek into Alexandra and Moun’s love and friendship, and how they continue to inspire each other through life’s challenges.In this episode, you’ll hear:The process of undoing tying our worth to our productivity and our accomplishments vs. living in the present and loving ourselves unconditionally.Ideas on why traveling to somewhere like India or Nepal is such a life-changing experience for so many people and how experiencing a place that is immersed in ritual can alter our perspective of everyday life and how we experience it.How we avoid looking at and holding a relationship with death in much of western culture and how that can often keep us in a place of fear of the unknown.Ideas on how we can begin to become more comfortable with death and suffering, and how that process can actually help us accept the full range of our own emotions and the reality of life and death.How Moun’s ability to step up and act as the main caretaker for her mother after her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis came from being able to hold the duality of the experience of life as being both full of so much beauty and so much challenge.Ways to move yourself through fearful moments, and how to engage with the full spectrum range of our emotions as human beings, and integrate them and bring them into acceptance within us.And so much more on healing and staying open to all that life has to offer us!

1hr 5mins

12 Jul 2021

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Finding Heart through Restorative Justice with Marlee Liss

On this week’s episode, we have an incredibly inspiring story for you today!  Alexandra speaks with Marlee Liss, a sensual reclamation coach, speaker, author and restorative justice advocate.  She is a queer, sparkle-loving feminist and trailblazer.  Marlee made history in the justice system when her sexual assault case became the 1st in North America to conclude with restorative justice.  Since then, she has coached hundreds of women internationally in reclaiming sensuality and embodied leadership.Marlee has shared her voice via Forbes, Huff Post, Buzzfeed, Mel Robbins Show, and more. In addition, she is a powerful speaker and has presented/consulted for the US Military Sexual Assault Response Team, on an elite panel for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence, Fordham School of Law and more.  Currently, her story is being made into a documentary and scripted Hollywood series, as she works on her memoir. In this episode, you’ll hear:What restorative justice is, its origins in the Indigenous, Jewish, and Mennonite cultures, and how it differs from the punitive justice system.Marlee’s story of sexual assault and going through the process after the assault of navigating the punitive justice system while doing very deep healing work.How going through the punitive justice system and the process of the lead up to a criminal trial inspired Marlee to seek out restorative justice measures instead.How the experience of the restorative justice therapy process brought a human element and a heart element to a justice system that otherwise can be very dehumanizing and devoid of any presence of either.The power of story-telling and how telling our stories provides a sense of validation to not only ourselves, but our communities as well.Ideas on what the vision of embodied leadership looks like and how it avoids burnout, honors our feelings, takes anger and recognizes it as passion and births creation from it, all while making huge, impactful changes in our communities.And more!Please note, that we do go into the story of Marlee’s case and sexual trauma and what happened, so it’s a tender one.  Many of us have gone through these experiences, and it can bring stuff up, and it’s also really healing, so we encourage you to listen even if it feels a little edgy.  Please make sure you have some support around you and take good care.

1hr 15mins

5 Jul 2021

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Q+A Episode! Opening to Love, Releasing Ego, Transitioning Careers, and More!

Today’s episode of Holy F*ck is a special solo episode with Alexandra where she answers your questions on love, work, spiritual growth, and more!This one gets personal as Alexandra shares her own stories of healing in many different aspects and areas of life, and discusses how doing such deep healing work has opened the door to receiving great love in sacred partnership.In today’s episode, you’ll hear:The healing process of opening yourself back up to love after heartbreak or loss.The energetic connection and similarities between love and money, and how working on your ability to receive may be the key to healing your relationship to each.Ideas on how to navigate being in a romantic partnership when each partner may be on different transformational journeys.Tips for navigating through fears around online dating, and how to take the pressure off of a first date when you’re just getting to know someone.Alexandra’s personal journey of letting go of a lot of ego thoughts and beliefs around love, and how that opened up the door to sacred partnership.Ways to call in like-minded friendships and community, especially if you’re on a transformational growth journey and are beginning to grow beyond previous spaces and relationships.Ideas and steps to take for responding to the inner call to transition careers, especially if you don’t quite feel like you know exactly where to go or what to do next.And much, much more!

1hr 15mins

28 Jun 2021

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Embracing the Forever Journey of Healing with EbonyJanice

For this week’s episode, Alexandra speaks with EbonyJanice, an incredible woman who is a mega-manifestor and creative, she is the founder of Black Girl Mixtape, a writer, a dreamer, an advocate for joy, a mover and a shaker, a playwright, an activist… so many friggin’ things! OH!  And she is also working with Alexandra in 1-1 mentorship and coaching for a year in the space of heart-opening feminine embodiment, which they get into in-depth in this episode!And you may have seen her on Liz Gilbert’s IG page doing a live or two...She is a soft and tender, yet POWERFUL soul.EbonyJanice is a dynamic lecturer, transformational speaker, and passionate multi-faith preacher focused on Decolonizing Authority, Hip Hop Scholarship, Womanism as a Political and Spiritual/Religious tool for Liberation, Blackness as Religion, Dialogue as central to professional development and personal growth, and Women and Gender Studies focused on black girlhood. EbonyJanice has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science, and a Master of Arts in Social Change with a concentration in Spiritual Leadership, Womanist Theology, and Racial Justice. She is the founder of Black Girl Mixtape, a multi-platform safe think-space, centering the intellectual and creative authority of black women in the form of a lecture series, a podcast, and an online learning institute lead by black women scholars, and Dream Yourself Free, a Spiritual Mentoring project focused on black women's healing, dreaming, ease, play, and wholeness as their activism and resistance work.In this episode, you’ll hear:The difference between a ‘womanist’ and a ‘feminist’ and the four-part definition of womanism.The skill of dropping into your heart-space and how it differs from active listening, thinking, judging, or discerning.Examples of offering grace to yourself and others in moments where it may be easier to jump into reaction, and how that can offer a sense of salvation or peace with what is.Ideas on keeping yourself open for the divine - however you define that - to find you and transform you from the inside out amidst our modern, goal-oriented, tech-focused lifestyle.Ideas on how shifting the languaging for yourself from “I am healed” to “I am healing” can keep yourself open to the moment, the love, the possibilities of life on your journey.How de-armoring out of the ‘strong/self-sufficient woman’ and doing the work to live more in the heart is both a privilege and a constant practice.And more!

1hr 18mins

21 Jun 2021

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Committing to Building Community with Eryn Wise

On this week’s podcast, Alexandra speaks with Eryn Wise!Eryn Wise is a co-director at Seeding Sovereignty, an Indigenous-led grassroots organization working on land, body and food sovereignty issues. They are also a co-founding director of the Indigenous Impact Community Care Initiative, a mutual aid program within Seeding Sovereignty, and are a co-founding mentor to the International Indigenous Youth Council. 

Ensuring a future for generations to come is a duty and responsibility to them, and they center the traditional teachings of their predecessors in the work they do with youth and organizers they strive to build community with.In this episode, you’ll hear about:Ideas on defining the concept of ‘home’ in today’s digital world for yourself, and how we can begin to explore what that feels like within our being and begin to build that within our communities.How getting real and being honest with ourselves about our wounds and traumas and how they may be influencing how we are currently relating to the world, can be helpful and freeing in order to not get stuck in one place of our healing evolution.How the pandemic and the internet influenced the ways in which people’s entitlement and privileges have come to the surface in this past year, and also shielded people from having to see the consequences of those beliefs and actions.Some examples and ideas of ways in which certain communities, including the wellness industry, can contribute in meaningful and impactful ways to those who have been impacted the most through this pandemic.And much, much more…

1hr 11mins

14 Jun 2021

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Letting Life Master You with Alex Ebert

In today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Alex Ebert!You may know Alex from the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, or on Instagram as Bad Guru. Alex has been bringing so many incredible philosophical conversations into the space of wellness and new ageism and we are so excited to have him on the show today.In this episode, you’ll discover:Ideas and discussion on how the modern interpretation of the ‘law of attraction’ in much of the mainstream wellness industry’s teachings is centered around capitalism and has actually created the idea of no longer resonating with interconnectivity.The difference between the idea of mastering life vs. letting life master you.Examples of spiritual bypassing in the mainstream wellness and new age industry’s teachings, and how creating a declaration and acknowledgement of our interconnectedness in the universe can help us heal this level of bypassing.Ideas on how the antidote to the mainstream’s spiritualization of selfishness lies within reintegrating death rituals and safe spaces for ourselves and our communities to confront our mortality and shadow selves, in order to bring our neurosis (behavior, beliefs) back into the light.How we can sometimes invent challenges or hardships to solve, in order to continue to advance as a human being throughout our lifetime, and how that can really form us in becoming who we are and how we interact and relate to life.And so much more.

1hr 1min

7 Jun 2021

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Finding your Aliveness through Deep Presence with Millana Snow

In this week’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Millana Snow!Millana Snow is one of the leading voices in global wellness. She is an energy healer, teacher and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for bringing healing to a diverse community of clients, followers, brands, celebrities, and even members of the royal family. Based in Los Angeles, Millana is a former model (YSL, CoverGirl) and woman of color with Afro-Latina/Panamanian, American, and British roots. Speaking to an audience as diverse as her background, her work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, PopSugar, and Women’s Health. Millana is the winner of Project Runway and “Best Travel + Adventure Show” Webby Award. In 2017, Millana created Wellness Official with the vision that everyone deserves wellness and healing. With a mission to democratize wellness, Wellness Official strives to make the space more inclusive and accessible, highlighting diverse practitioners and celebrating the lineages from which our modern-day wellness practices came.In this episode, you’ll discover:The similarities of both Millana and Alexandra’s experiences of understanding and healing with their father wounds and how that led to understanding what personal shifts needed to happen in order to open and surrender into deep romantic relationship.How integrating the embodiment of being both a strong and powerful human AND being soft and humble was the key to finding a deep relationship and healing and surrendering to love.The difference in a relationship being rooted in fear and codependency vs. securely attached, and how that requires a deepening of trust and a letting go of control, and how we often see representations of codependency in films and tv as love, and rarely see secure-attached relationships as the mainstream example.Ideas on how modern-day capitalism and the concept of a productive society have influenced our spiritual lives to be more compartmentalized and ‘to-do’ focused vs. the simplicity and consciousness of aliveness.How turning your consciousness more towards life means turning more towards all of it, including suffering, and not just turning towards joy, ease, and love... and how embracing the embodiment of all is surrendering fully to the experience of life.The courage and vulnerability it takes for a healer, teacher, and/or facilitator to lead and teach as it is a journey deep into your own depths and requires an intense self-reveal.And more!


31 May 2021

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Getting to Know your Soul Through my Favorite Spiritual Rebel Mystics, Writers, and Artists

In today’s episode, Alexandra shares with us her latest favorite rebel mystics, artists, and writers on the spiritual path, and what each of those rebel mystics represent and the lessons they bring to the spiritual conversation.In this episode, you’ll discover:How we can get to know our true soul by extending our vulnerability out every day and taking the risk of getting real and unmasked often.Ideas on the nuance of what spiritual growth actually is and how to check in for yourself on where you are overly comfortable and where you are actually stretching open and expanding.How the “how” and “why” of what we do may be more important than the “what” of what we do in this life, and what that means for our daily mindset.The difference between your personality and your deep soul depths, and the path to discovering your depths in life.And more!


24 May 2021

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