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The SuperFans were originally assembled by the podcasting pioneer, PodVader, at ESPN. Now, they assemble on their own to discuss the latest news, topics and situations that occur in the NFL.

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The Original SuperFan Super Mock Draft - 4/22/22

Is that PodVader returning to host the annual SuperFan Super Mock Draft? Yes it is! He's joined by Rob (Bills SuperFan) and Nick (Chiefs SuperFan) to share the results of the original - often replicated but never duplicated - Super Mock Draft. All of the SuperFans act as the General Manager for their favorite team and make the selections for the upcoming NFL Draft that they believe is best - not what they think their team will actually do on Draft day. There are surprises. There are trades. There are actually two Mock Drafts to check out. See the printed results of Next Fan Up's SuperFan Super Mock Draft here:www.facebook.com/nfupodcastBe sure to tell a friend about it. Share with others. Follow and listen wherever you get your podcasts!

1hr 51mins

22 Apr 2022

Rank #1

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Superbowl Wrap Up 2/17/22

This Big Game has finally happened! The LA Rams vs the Cincinnati Bengals, with the Lombardi on the line. James (Eagles) and MJ (Falcons) recap the action. It's a Super Show, and the last of the 2021 season. After that, it's time to check in on offseason priorities for your favorite teams. You won't want to miss it!

1hr 5mins

18 Feb 2022

Rank #2

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Superbowl LVI Preview 2/11/22

The big game is just a few days away! James (Eagles) is joined by his cohort MJ (Falcons) to preview the Rams vs the Bengals. Is it time to annoint Burrow? Can anyone stop Aaron Donald? Listen, and find out!We begin, however, with a look at the coaching carousel. The NFL players are majority minority. So why are coaches overwhelmingly white? And what do we make of the new hires? This an ongoing discussion, and we aren't shying away from it.

1hr 44mins

11 Feb 2022

Rank #3

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This NFL is Terrible at Diversity 2/4/22

The Superbowl teams are set! Let's talk about the MVP of the Season. Hey! The NFL sucks at diversity and inclusion. Joy Stevens is our special guest, and helps us makes sense of the tragic state of the league. Buckle up, this is an in depth and important conversation. After that, we try and determine who are the best? Brady? Rodgers? Burrow? James (Eagles) guides MJ (Falcons), Jared (Giants), and Neil (Washington Commanders) as we cover it all.

2hr 34mins

4 Feb 2022

Rank #4

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Championship Weekend Preview 1/28/22

Just four teams remain. James (Eagles) and the crew go deep on the last two playoff games before the superbowl. Who will be representing the AFC and NFC in the big game? Plus coaches are being hired and fired, and QB's are retiring. Who's going to end up where? Listen and find out!

1hr 18mins

28 Jan 2022

Rank #5

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NFL Divisional Round Preview 1/21/22

James (Eagles) is back, slandering the Seahawks with his NFC East Cohorts Jared (Giants) and Neil (WFT). Rob (Bills) and Nick (Chiefs) make a guest appearance, battling it out on behalf of their teams. There may even been a spicy bet on the line. What are the steak? Listen and find out!

1hr 39mins

21 Jan 2022

Rank #6

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NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview 1/14/22

The playoffs have begun! James (eagles) leads an all star cast with Neil (WFT), Jared (Giants), and MJ (Falcons). There are fewer games, so we go deeper. Who will make it to the divisional round? Who do we think will win, and who do we want to win? Listen and find out!Featuring the funky fresh style of Kevin, the Cowboys superfan.

1hr 30mins

14 Jan 2022

Rank #7

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NFL Week 18 Preview 1/7/21

Hold on to your hats! Neil (Washington as yet to be name team) makes a guest appearance we James (Eagles) and crew preview the final week of the regular season. It's a super sized show, let's get to it!

2hr 2mins

7 Jan 2022

Rank #8

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NFL Week 17 Preview 12/30/21

A supersized edition of Next Fan Up this week. James (Eagles) and the crew go around the league as usual. Neil (WFT) makes a special guest appearance to share his thoughts about the big NFC East battle between the Eagles and Washington Football team, and tell us about the legendary career of John Madden. It's a big episode!

2hr 39mins

30 Dec 2021

Rank #9

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NFL Week 16 Preview 12/23/21

You know its going to get crazy when Jared (Giants) is on the show. He and James (Eagles) have thoughts about Tuesday night football referees, and the NFL abandoning their expressed COVID rules in the name of money (shocker!). After that, they go game by game and preview all of week 16. Listen!

1hr 43mins

23 Dec 2021

Rank #10