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Matthew for Beginners

This series provides an in-depth look at the most well-structured gospel record originally designed to address Jewish questions about Jesus but later used by the early church as a primer for new Christians.

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The Use of Parables in Jesus' Teaching: Discourse #3

This lesson will examine the reasons why Jesus used parables in His teaching ministry and what rules we need to follow in order to understand their original meaning and how to draw applications from them today.


26 Feb 2015

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Jesus Faces Skepticism: Narrative #3

Matthew describes the aggressive questioning Jesus would begin to draw from the Jewish religious leaders as His ministry progressed.


19 Feb 2015

Rank #2

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Names and Mission of the Apostles: Discourse #2

Matthew lists the names of those chosen by Jesus to be His special messengers, and reviews the instructions and warnings Jesus gives them before sending them out on their first solo mission.


12 Feb 2015

Rank #3

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Jesus' Power: Narrative #2

In this section Matthew describes 3 amazing days in Jesus' busy life.


5 Feb 2015

Rank #4

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Sermon on the Mount: Discourse #1

In this lesson we review the five main topics discussed by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount.


29 Jan 2015

Rank #5