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Welcome to Thriveprenuer hosted by Marta Samson a Bilingual Life Coach and Business Strategist This show featuring interviews with thriving entrepreneurs as well the host deep dives into topics like personal development, motivation, marketing and business. Thriveprenuer podcast has everything you need to level up and help you to thrive in the marketplace and make an impact Tune in weekly for solo and interview-based episodes for thriving development, marketing and business tips, motivation and success stories.

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41 It's time to grow your social media presence with Marta Samson

in today's episode, I want to talk about online marketing. the world has changed and we need to adjust our business and expanding online. Build a Free Facebook Business Cover Page - Canva.com  Share tips to build your audience Inspire and Teach others Join Kingdom Entrepreneur Community Facebook Closed Group SMART Woman 30 Days Finance Group Coaching Would like to talk with the host email Marta Samson for FREE Session info@martasamson.com Sow a seed, be patient and consistent, believe in yourself, trust God and Don't give up Connect with the host on social media platform: MartaFacebook/Marta SamsonInstagram/Marta SamsonFacebook/ Kingdom Entrepreneur CommunityInstagram/Kingdom Entrepreneur Community Would you do us a quick super-duper favour? We’d LOVE it if you could share this episode with your network and subscribe Kingdom Entrepreneur Community - iTunes Channel, and leave a brief rating and comment on iTunes select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let me know your thoughts. Thank you  x Marta Samson


13 Apr 2020

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