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Come have a sit and a chat with me and my guests about recent and relevant teenage/early 20’s topics, gossip and our hobbies. We’re all friends here so no judgement! Honesty is the best policy over here. Happy Listening x Steph

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Girls Therapy with Katie and George | Episode 9

I hope you enjoyed our late night therapy session where we covered a variety of topics from Relationships, Talents, Celeb crushes and loads more. Follow the girls here: Katie - https://instagram.com/kt_halloranxx?utm_medium=copy_link George - https://instagram.com/georgina_lilian?utm_medium=copy_link


17 Dec 2021

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Turned into a heart to heart with me | Episode 8

Hiya me again, my new episodes will now be out every OTHER Friday! So i’ll still be here, just a little less often….which is probably a relief for some of you haha. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/StephyK and follow my instagram i dare you: http://www.instagram.com/stephycheeky Have a lovely weekend! See you not next week…the week after.


5 Nov 2021

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An Honest YouTube Channel Chat | Epsiode 7

I hope you enjoyed this honest and a little deep chat about my feelings towards my YouTube, past content and future content. I really appreciate you all listening this far into the podcast or if this is your first episode then hello, welcome! I hope you enjoy the rest of the episodes. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/stephycheeky and Subscribe to my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJnaWLdoaL2q-MOe_sn6eUQ Thank you for listening… See you on Friday!


15 Oct 2021

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A Rollercoaster… of Emotions with Ewan | Epsiode 6

I hope you enjoyed this rollercoaster….of emotions podcast episode, hopefully it’s made you want to head on over to your nearest park, be brave and hop onto the biggest rollercoaster there! Follow Ewan on Soundcloud: Hear and follow Ewan B on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/ewanbmusic and me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/stephycheeky aswell as YouTube: Stephyk


8 Oct 2021

Rank #4

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Clubbing Chaos with Carmen | Episode 5

Clubbing is always an eventful time out, we talk about our experiences, the highs and lows. With the additional sharing secrets at how good we are at dancing! To follow Carmen’s Instagram click here: https://instagram.com/too_dumbforoxford and To follow my instagram click here: https://instagram.com/stephycheeky and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel…. http://www.youtube.com/c/StephyK and i’ll see you Next Friday with a new episode! Don’t forget to leave a rating on your podcast provider.


1 Oct 2021

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Single Pringle and Ready to Mingle With Maisy | Episode 4

In this episode we talk about our type, I listen to Maisy’s weird boy Icks and we talk about our experiences with the lads we’ve spoken to romantically. Here is Maisy’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/maisyredgrift and Here is mine: https://instagram.com/stephycheeky. New Episodes are out weekly every Friday. Thank you for listening.


24 Sep 2021

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The one where we can’t pick a topic With Ryan | Episode 3

This will probably be the most random bunch of topics, you will ever hear in one of episodes. This involves Where we met, farming life and football. So enjoy hearing us chat away for a good old time. New Episodes out every friday 2pm!


17 Sep 2021

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Future Plans, Moving in together? With Katie | Episode 2

My first ever guest in the podcast! If you’d like to follow both me and Katie on Instagram i’ll leave the links below: Katie - https://instagram.com/kt_halloranxx Me - http://www.instagram.com/stephycheeky We both really hope you laughed along with us and enjoy the rest of the podcast episodes, out every Friday 2pm


10 Sep 2021

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Welcome To Sit With Steph | Episode 1

I’m very excited to be sharing my new podcast with you all! So many funny stories, interesting hobbies and deep chats will happen over the coming weeks so listen out for it! All episodes will be out weekly every Friday . If you’d like to follow me on socials here’s some links. Instagram: https://instagram.com/stephycheeky YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/StephyK Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/StephykCrafts I really hope you enjoy this podcast as much as i’ve enjoyed recording it! Don’t forget to leave a review and i’ll speak to you next time! x Steph


3 Sep 2021

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