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Tween Age Girl talks about what's hot and why. From online games to clothes, Zu Pink Girl gives her perspective of the world. She may be a little younger than a teenager, but her generation will be taking over soon.

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Updates: CP is ending!

Hi guys, sorry iIv'e been gone. Lots of things are going on. Sadly Club Penguin is ending :( I'm really going to miss the memories. Also I got Musical.Ly!!!! My Musical.ly is: Zupinkgirl Thanks for listening!!


3 Mar 2017

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Toy Copy Cat's

Hey Guys! Today I talk about Toy Copy Cats, that means different people who take unique ideas from other toy factories. I talk about Monster High and Ever After High and how sometimes the dolls can be similar. Also other toys like Littlest Pet Shop and Shopkins.


24 May 2016

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Animal Jam VS. Club Penguin

Hey guys ;) sorry its been a long time. I have just been really busy with stuff. But summer's almost here so I can have more FREE time. Today I talk about which game is better, Animal Jam or Club Penguin. Also I'm moving Animal Jam accounts my new username is Duckythecat, in case you wanna buddy me, I will try to keep buddy requests on, otherwise send me a jam a gram and I'll buddy you. Thanks so much for understanding!


24 May 2016

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Hey guys, welcome to this little update. I will tell you guys about the updates and why i have not been uploading the past few weeks. It is testing week, so if i don't get a podcast uploaded I'm really sorry. Thanks again for staying with me and supporting me. It really means a lot to me. I could not have asked for a better crowd.Enjoy :)


13 Dec 2015

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Minecraft Mods

Hey guys, today I'm going to talk about Minecraft Mods. Mods are basically other things you can add to the game. I also tell you about popular mods that a lot of you tubers like.Enjoy email: zureviews@yahoo.com


13 Dec 2015

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Animal Jam: What's Rare

Hi guys I'm back and with Animal Jam I tell you about rare items like spike collars and Animal Jam items that are removed. HOPE YOU ENJOY!


16 Nov 2015

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Big News!

Hi its me Zupinkgirl I have big news about the email I'm setting up for my Q&A and suggests were you guys tell me what to talk about in my podcast. I also tell you guys the rules for the podcast. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!


20 Oct 2015

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Zu Pink Girl tells you all about one of the hottest new toys-Shopkins. She talks about the seasons 1, 2 and 3. She gives you the inside scoop on ultra rare figures and special editions.


6 Oct 2015

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Animal Jam

Zu Pink Girl dishes on Nat Geo's Animal Jam. Get the inside scoop and secrets. And as always she'll tell you exactly what she's thinking.


1 Oct 2015

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Minecraft Part 2

ZuPinkGirl talks Minecraft and what she loves about it. We know this is the second time she mentioned Minecraft, but it's that important.


12 May 2015

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