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The podcast that covers a wide array of leadership topics and how we as Christians lead in these different types of environments. Whether you're a ministry leader, a manager, entrepreneur, business owner, organizational leader, this podcast is for Christians like you who want to become better at leading!

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Episode 8: Finding Purpose Outside the Ministry

Alexis Mondragon grew up as a Pastor's kid with certain expectations from members of his church. This episode highlights his journey to finding and stepping into his passion outside what others might have expected of him. I LOVE the first 20 minutes of this show. As a Pastor's kid myself, it was nice conversing with someone who was in many ways in the same shoes I was in growing up. The whole episode is great, but I really enjoyed his story growing up as a Pastor's kid in a very conservative church and hearing how he navigated out of the expectations others had of him. Alexis is a new blogger and has had many doors open to him recently as a fashion blogger and model. ANY FEEDBACK is appreciated, please reach out to me with suggestions, questions, or feedback at johnryan@leadingpodcast.com. Also head over to your Apple Podcast app to leave a rating and review if you're enjoying the content. Thank you!Special Guest: Alexis Mondragon.


10 Jun 2019

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Episode 12: Defining Worship

AMAZING SHOW ALERT!!I Hispanic worship artist, Eunice Rodriguez is in the studio today to talk about worship, what it is, what it means, how we express it, and how it looks in the darkest hours. Eunice talks about her story on how God literally took away her voice for a year; no singing, no music, not even speaking. In this episode we talk about: Eunice's origin story Calling Obedience What worship is A section on leading worship This episode is for anyone going through difficult situations pertaining to their calling, worshippers, worship leaders, and pretty much any Christian. Connect with Eunice on social media. See the webpage for more connecting information. Special Guest: Eunice Rodriguez.

1hr 7mins

8 Jul 2019

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Episode 15: 4 Points of a Healthy Church with Joey Salazar

Joey Salazar is the Executive Pastor at Journey Church in Orlando Florida and he discusses 4 key points of a healthy church that will lead to great leadership, great teams, and church growth. Joey was and remains an integral part of the church since its launch and continues to work alongside his team and Pastor to make sure the ministry is running in a healthy manner. We talk abou the importance of preparation, teamwork, strategy, and more. Most importantly, here are the key points. Prayer Culture Systems Teams Special Guest: Joey Salazar.

1hr 9mins

29 Jul 2019

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Episode 20: Founding Pastor Chali Martinez

Chali Martinez is the founding Pastor of Vital church in McAllen Texas. He is a dynamic speaker and minister shaping and impacting lives for as long as I can remember. I’m honored to have him on the show. We have a great conversation that gives us insight into the launch of his church, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned. In this episode we talk about: Chali's upbringing as a Pastor's Kid and how that influced his future How to know if you're called The planting process and the challenges Naming the church What he has learned in his many years of leadership Booking Requests Damaris 956-322-4909Special Guest: Chali Martinez.

1hr 16mins

9 Sep 2019

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Episode 3: Small Church Problems

Abraham Guajardo and Milton Guardado join me today for a casual discussion on the many challenges small chruches face. As you will soon learn, small churches do not simply refer to the size of the church but rather it is a mindset that keeps churches from growing and thriving. Special Guests: Abraham Guajardo and Milton Guardado.


6 May 2019

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Episode 16: Embrace Truth with Dustin Bass

Writer, podcaster, business owner, and man of many other traits, Dustin Bass joins me on the show today to discuss the simple yet complex concept of truth. Topics of discussion include: Dustin's company and why he got into it The Sons of History Podcast(an MO for something else?) Embracing Truth The objectivity/subjectivity of truth Post-monderism within the church Can't we just call someone else's "truth" a preference? We dive deep in this philosophical and theological discussion. Be blessed by it and check out Dustin's podcast at the link below. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sons-of-history/id1439182519Special Guest: Dustin Bass.

1hr 13mins

5 Aug 2019

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Episode 36: Reopening Churches

Last week, Texas Governor Abbott announced phase 1 of the reopening of Texas. This reopening, which calls for organizations to limit capacity to 25 percent, includes churches. The question many are asking: How do I reopen? I recorded 3 separate interviews via a Facebook Live Zoom call. This is one of those interviews, with Pastors JR and Eleazar Rodriguez of Vida City Church in Houston Texas. While each Pastor and orgniazation is different, this provides some ideas and perspective to anyone looking for direction. In this episode we discuss: How to reopen A timeline on reopening What kids ministry will look like What social distancing looks like in the church How to deal with pressure from members and other people/churches


11 May 2020

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Episode 13: Unbiblical Things We Say

You're in for a treat (I think)! In this episode I'm joined by one of my best friends, Joel Cardona as my first ever Co-Host. In this episode we discuss some very popular, albeit unbiblical things Christians say and teach. It's a fun one. Here are some of the things discussed. Persecuting Saul vs. Saint Paul Creation Catholics God's House Seeing doctors Deviled Eggs And more! Leaders should always seek to lead with accurate and Biblical information. Credibility is a HUGE aspect of leadership and we should strive to always preserve truth. While it's true that the Bible is silent on many issues, we should be able to respect each other's opinions on those issues if it does not compromise the rest of Scripture and our relationship with Christ.


15 Jul 2019

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Episode 9: How Important is Vision?

If you have no vision, you're a blind man (or woman) leading the blind. But bow important is vision? That's the topic for today as I have an INCREDIBLE conversation with Mike Rosas. Mike is an entreprenuer and minister with years of experience in organizational leadership. Today we talk about his inspiring story growing up, how at an early age he development a speech impediment known as stuttering and through that, how God spoke to him to speak to the nations. In this episode you will hear: Mike's story Balancing a diversified work life The importance of processes, people, and teams The importance of vision and the perils of not having it To learn more about Mike visit his website www.mikerosas.org or visit the guest page at www.leadingpodcast.com If you love the content please be sure to leave a rating and review! Special Guest: Mike Rosas.

1hr 2mins

17 Jun 2019

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Episode 4: Ups and Downs of Church Planting

My guest today is a very good friend of mine, Matthew Hammersky. Matt just lancuhed a new church in Deer Park, Texas called Risen Nation Church. Today we discuss the ups and downs of church planting. What are the key differences from taking over an established chuch versus planting a new one? Before that conversation, we talk about his calling to Pastorship and his story leading up to this point in his life. If you're looking to start a new church or a new ANYTHING, this is the episode for you! Enjoy!Special Guest: Matthew Hammersky.


13 May 2019

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Episode 17: Lessons from Michael Tucker

Michael is a guy who learned leadership from the inside out. As a Pastor's kid he saw first hand what went into running a church ministry and on this show we discuss some of the lessons he learned from observing as well as practicing. Key highlights of the discussion: How leadership is learned Watching leadership versus being in leadership Making changes Doing everything with purpose and intention As always, if you enjoy the content please rate or review!Special Guest: Michael Tucker.

1hr 14mins

12 Aug 2019

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Episode 19: Leadership Tips from the MAN!!

AWESOME SHOW ALERT!! Author, leader, and cancer survivor, Dr. Doug Stringer joins me for an incredibly inspirational conversation. Doug is by far the guest with the most leadership experience on the podcast with loads of insight and tips for successful leadership. In this show we talk about: Staying postive despite a stage 4 cancer diagnosis The importance of a solid support system Building relationships for greater impact (How he picked up a hitchhiker that sparked a series of relationships) Leading with confidence His book Leadership Awakening If you enjoy the podcast please rate or review! Special Guest: Doug Stringer.

1hr 5mins

26 Aug 2019

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Episode 10: Ins and Outs of Young Adult Ministry

Jesse Carballo, long time friend and former Young Adults Pastor shares his experiences working with Young Adults. If you work with Young Adults this is an episode you do not want to miss. Some of the questions asked and topics discussed include: What works and what doesn't for YAs? What do they want in church services? The challenges of leading people with such an age difference Transitioning from youth group to young adults If you enjoy the content please leaving a rating and review! Special Guest: Jesse Carballo.


24 Jun 2019

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Episode 23: Pastor Emilio Frias

Today I have a conversation with a young Pastor near the Houston area. He has served under the leadership of Joel Osteen and Danilo Montero at Lakewood Church before planting his own church a little over a year ago. We have a great conversation about his role as a Pastor. Here are some questions we dive into. How do you balance family life with the busyness of Pastorship? What are the most challenging aspects of being a Pastor? What do you love most about being a Pastor? Are there ever moments where you want to quit? We hope you enjoy the show. And happy birthday to me!!! The big 30 when this episode releases! But okay, enough about me. Enjoy the show. Special Guest: Emilio Frias.

1hr 11mins

14 Oct 2019

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Episode 5: Influencing The Social World

Miranda Gloria is a social media influencer, specifically on Instagram, with a following of more than 30k people. Today we discuss different aspects of what that looks like. Putting yourself out there Dealing with haters Being a CHRISTIAN influence in a non-Christians space The difference between calling and passion If you enjoy the show please leave a rating or review!Special Guest: Miranda Gloria .


20 May 2019

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Episode 11: Serve to Lead, Lead to Serve

In today's episode I share a message I shared with my church on the topic of leadership. No guest today =( we'll continue that format next week though, so no worries! Today's episode is based out 2 Timothy 2:20-21: _20 Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for honorable use, some for dishonorable. 21 Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work. _ The best leaders are not the ones with the best talent, highest degrees, or most experience, a great leader is one who has learned the value of serving. In this episode you will learn: What makes a GREAT house (church, organization, household, company, etc.) The intrinsic value of silver and gold Your intrinsic value What makes a great leader Some background on my life life as a developing Pastor As always, leave a RATING or REVIEW!!


1 Jul 2019

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Episode 6: Managing Ministry & Money

Josh is a college friend of mine and currently serves in the Arab world with his family. Today we talk about money and ministry, an often taboo topic for many ministers and churches. Josh has spent a considerable amount of time raising funds for his ministry and organizations. This show is for you if: If you work in the nonprofit sector Work in a ministry Need help raising funds or gaining sponsorship If you work in any of these areas you know that lack of funds can often be the greatest challenge in pursuing our endeavors. Take a listen to this show, take notes, and I hope it helps! Special Guest: Josh R..


27 May 2019

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Episode 22: Mental Health in the Church: Pastor's Month Series

During the month of October we are talking to and about Pastors, in honor of Pastor's Appreciation Month. Today's guest is Psychologist Dr. Jared Pingleton and we have a very serious but necessary conversation regarding mental health among Christian leaders, especially amongst Pastors. Dr. Pingleton offers insightful perspective on mental health and the church as well as how the church should respond to it. He wrote an article (link below) entitled Suicide and the Church where he offers 4 key relatites we must acknowledge. A church cannot be healthier than its leadership. A church cannot be healthy if it is not emotionally safe. A church cannot be healthy if it doesn’t specifically address the scope of human need. A church cannot be healthy if it is not equipped to effectively minister to specific human needs. Check out the full article at https://influencemagazine.com/en/Practice/Suicide-and-the-Church As always, if you enjoy the contect, rate or review and share this episode with your fellow leaders. Special Guest: Jared Pingleton .

1hr 5mins

7 Oct 2019

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Episode 21: Things We DON'T Say

Joel is back as my co-host, this time discussing things Christians DON'T say. Our first podcast together discussed the unbiblical things Christians say but this time we dive in to many of the secrets Christians keep to themselves from reasons ranging from shame, to embarassment, to not wanting to be judged. We try to keep it light-hearted but given the topic, it's hard to be at times. Here are some highlights to the discussion. I don't like the people at my church! I'm afriad of death I don't think God hears my prayers I'm unhappy I don't think God will do the miracle And more! The purpose of this episode is to let you know that you don't suffer alone. Your struggles are not unique and if we'd only release some pressure of seeming to have it all figured out, we'd find out that there is a community of people who will walk through your pain, doubts, fear, and struggles. We hope this encourages you!

1hr 1min

16 Sep 2019

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Episode 18: What It Takes to Be A Leader

In this episode I go solo, discussing some leadership characteristics that have been on my mind lately that I believe are absolutely vital to every person in or considering going into leader. Here are the 5 points I discuss in this episode. Humility Confidence WIlling to Be Last Impactul, Not Impressive Perseverance What else do you think it takes to be a leader? Let me know! johnryan@leadingpodcast.com Ratings and reviews welcome


19 Aug 2019

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