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Intimacy Matters is a podcast all about love, sex and relationships. Join qualified sex and relationship therapist Nicola Foster and her partner Jason Porthouse as they talk to top experts in the field about all aspects of sexuality and relating. Whatever your stage in life - whether single or dating or in a long-term partnership; whether a couple or a thruple or a moresome; friends-with-benefits to happily married, and all flavours in-between - you'll find enlightening discussions and plenty of thought-provoking ideas in our fortnightly show.

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Adam Wilder - Togetherness, Intimacy and Sovereignty.

In this episode we talk to Adam Wilder about all sorts of interesting stuff - how Togetherness, his school of connection and online community, started; safety versus authenticity (and how to navigate between them); the collective and the individual; 'us and them' and how we can use our common experiences to foster connection. We also touch on men's work, how we bring connection into our intimate relationships, saying no, how Dutch people break up with friends, notions of sovereignty and much, much more...Adam's website can be found here: https://www.wilderintimacy.com Togetherness can be found here: https://www.togetherness.com


23 May 2021

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Ruth Culver - From Surviving to Thriving

Ruth Culver talks to us about the fascinating world of Internal Family Systems therapy, and her work linking IFS with Polyvagal Theory.  Sounds complex? You'll be an expert after this podcast, which is full of learning and warmth too.  Ruth talks about how we process trauma and how IFS can help us to gently access this and ultimately heal ourselves and our relationships.Ruth's website can be found here: http://calmheart.co.ukHer Survive/Thrive diagram can be dowloaded here (requires email).And remember you can find us at www.wanting-more.com/podcast


8 May 2021

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Jan Day - The Art Of Conscious Relationships

We talk to acclaimed relationship and intimacy expert Jan Day.  We discuss Living Tantra, her school of intimacy and relating,  and her forthcoming book. We look at what constitutes a conscious relationship and how to cultivate one, and get some advice on practices that couples can use to help keep intimacy alive in long term relationships.For more information visit Jan's website: www.janday.com


26 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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Janet McGeever - Sex and the Menopause

Janet McGeever is an educator,  speaker, psychotherapist and author, based in Australia. Together with Diana Richardson she wrote Tantric Sex and the Menopause, and regularly hosts women's and couples workshops in Australia.  We chat to Janet about her background and path to becoming a teacher, menopause issues, how we change as we age, the differences between the sexual response of men and women, and much much more.Janet can be found here: www.janetmcgeever.com


11 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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Introducing Intimacy Matters

In which our intrepid duo lay out their stall.  Why a podcast?  What is Intimacy Matters all about?  What do we hope to achieve, and what can you, dear listener, expect?  And finally, what does Alanis Morissette have to do with ANY of this?  All will be revealed ...Contact us here: www.wanting-more.com


28 Mar 2021

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Cate Mackenzie - Bridging, Flirting and being an Octopus

We chat to sex and relationship therapist Cate Mackenzie about being in lockdown with your partner, the importance of flirting and the difference between Turtles and Octopuses.   Cate introduces us to the practice of Bridging as away of enhancing communication, and the importance of 'going slow'.  We also find out how it was to do couples therapy 'live' on air with Denise Van Outen and fiancé Eddie!Cate's website is here: www.catemackenzie.comAnd you can find us at www.wanting-more.com


28 Mar 2021

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Kalindi Jordan: Shame, Healing and Sensuality

Kalindi Jordan is a teacher working with women and couples to help them reclaim their innate sensuality.  We talk to her about the roots of shame, coming back to the body, giving and receiving,  and the effects of trauma in blocking our pleasure.  We look at the importance of working with others to help healing, and the power of group work.Kalindi can be found here: kalindijordan.com


24 Mar 2021

Rank #7