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The goal of this podcast is to highlight small businesses, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. Subjects ranging from stock market investing to pitch competition preparation, this blog is here to serve.

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Small Business Sunday: Valley Ridge Partners

Testimonials for services and companies are the best way to gain insight. I personally have never worked with anyone in the small business lending space, but knowing entrepreneurs who have has been an incredible gateway to meeting brilliant people in finance. Jerel Harvey and Valley Ridge Partners are a wonderful resource for those seeking financing… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Valley Ridge Partners

23 Oct 2016

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Black In STEM: Part 2

The conversation about being Black in STEM fields is something that can’t just happen once because the black experience has layers. Just as the opportunities are great for STEM fields in general, there are some not so pretty situations that we sometimes face as black people in career fields that lack diversity. My guests for this… Continue reading Black In STEM: Part 2

5 Oct 2016

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Small Business Sunday: Triple Whammy Sauces

Tailgating season is underway and what better way to have great tasting burgers and ribs fresh off the grill than with an incredible sauce. This is where Triple Whammy Sauces comes in for the win. Tyler Frazier began Triple Whammy Sauces back in 2011 while still in college. His creativity in the kitchen mixing sauces won… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Triple Whammy Sauces

1 Oct 2016

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Black in STEM: Part 1

So being in the world of Software Engineering as an African American woman has actually been a lonely road since graduation. I honestly haven’t been on very many development teams with anyone else I can relate to. It goes without saying that people are more likely to cultivate relationships with people who they can relate… Continue reading Black in STEM: Part 1

28 Sep 2016

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Small Business Sunday: Napier Designs

Let it be known that  Allante Whitmore is a phenomenal woman in every way. Her education and primary focus through both her undergraduate and masters degree programs was agricultural and bio-engineering. She is a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated with great enthusiasm for educating people about the opportunities bio-fuel will bring in the… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Napier Designs

18 Sep 2016

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The iHope Campaign x Phillip Bush

Music is one of the most powerful sources of motivation, emotion, actions and thoughts. Music touches the heart and the soul in such a unique way that it is important to think about what we listen to. It’s not always obvious that the messages we get from music can be internalized until you can’t get… Continue reading The iHope Campaign x Phillip Bush

12 Sep 2016

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Keep Pressing Forward w/ Vivian Jones

You may know her as Vivian Jones, but I know her as Aunt Viv. Her bubbly personality is contagious and her words are always authentic and sincere. I met her back in January and I felt like I’ve known her for decades. I’m super proud of her to have accomplished so much this year and for… Continue reading Keep Pressing Forward w/ Vivian Jones

23 Aug 2016

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Open Conversations: #BlackFinancesMatter

The black community is rising. I feel it. I know more people are opening their eyes to the reality that their current situation CAN be and SHOULD be improved. Not only socially gain respect, but also start building wealth so this country has no choice but to listen. African American people hold a significant amount… Continue reading Open Conversations: #BlackFinancesMatter

18 Aug 2016

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Small Business Sunday: DeRaye & Co.

Alexandra DeRaye Funches is a graphic designer by trade that comes from a family line of entrepreneurs. Also the name DeRaye is a family jewel passed on through 3 generations. Alex chose to use her middle name as the name of her company as she attributes much of her success to the support of her family to start… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: DeRaye & Co.

31 Jul 2016

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The Man Behind the Camera: Milanio Drummond

If you have not seen these two episodes of the Lights…Camera…Action series, definitely go watch them here and here. Neither of those two productions would be possible if it was not for the cinematographic genius of Milanio Drummond. Milanio was originally inspired to get involved in film making back in middle school drama. He realized early… Continue reading The Man Behind the Camera: Milanio Drummond

24 Jul 2016

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