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If you're a startup, small business, email marketer - anyone looking to grow your email channel, you're in the right place. Conversations with an Email Guru covers everything customer lifecycle - from email & communication best practices, the latest & greatest on email service provider tech, some learnings from the client trenches or hearing case studies on email success - we’ve got you covered!

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[20] Holiday planning starts NOW - Tips to get your emails ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Think you have a ton of time ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Think again. It's in less than 125 days. There is a ton of work that needs to be done to make your email stand out - and make you the bug bucks! In this episode, I outline your pre-planning playbook so that you can build a WINNERS LOG of best performing email elements.  Have questions? Send them my way at conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com


26 Jul 2021

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[19] Facebook basics for small business (with guest Oliver Schultz of Centaur Consulting Group)

Struggling with your Facebook ads? Feel like they're taking more than they are returning? You are not alone. A ton of business owners like you are trying to crack the Facebook code. Since this performance marketing medium is a compliment to email, I wanted to sit down with an expert to see if he could shed some light into what small business owners can do to see some healthy return from Facebook ads. In this is episode, I sit down with Facebook guru Oliver Schultz who is making some big wins for his clients. Not only does he have a ton of great insights to share, but he has included some great resources below. Budget Estimator - one starts with goals then gets into budget. The other lets people see what they could do with a certain budget. Facebook Ad Types Want to chat with Oliver? Schedule some time here or just email him at oliver@centaur-consultants.com. Have questions for me? Send them my way at Conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com.


19 Jul 2021

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[18] BONUS: Aug ‘21 email ideas

And we're back with another episode helping you plan your email for the coming month. Our big focus - it's back to school time! Please see some of my favorite subject lines from the episode below. And if you have questions, please send them my way at conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com. FAV SUBJECT LINES FOR B2S: Gap Factory: "A+ back-to-school deals—including $9.99 jeans! Forever21: "Styled to School Ikea USA: "Hanna, affordable back to school solutions for your home" Aldi: "Discover how Back to School is easy with ALDI" Keurig: "Go Back to School with Big Savings on Our Slimmest Brewer Yet!" Penguin: "Get A Degree in Style ✅ "


14 Jul 2021

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[17] iOS 15 - Is Email Marketing next on Apple’s privacy conquest?

Today, we’re looking closely at iOS updates. We know with iOS 14 Apple changed a lot about how performance marketers approached Facebook ads, allowing users to opt-out of being tracked. Navigating this was challenging. And now we need to prepare for iOS 15 where email marketing could be greatly affected by allowing people to hide their real email address, as well as tracking impacts. I think trying to understand this update and the path forward is really important - so that’s what we’re going to chat about today. Have questions? Send them my way. Conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com


12 Jul 2021

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[16] Why eComm brands need more than Prime Day (and Amazon in general)

As an email marketing strategist, my main goal is to help my customers achieve growth. And true growth comes from a) understanding and leveraging your data and b) building great relationships with your customers. PERIOD. Email is less about trying to get the promotional buyer on that one key moment of each year and more about sustainable growth - building loyalty and creating a referral loop that is an endless engine of new customers. That's why Amazon can be a real problem in achieving sustainable growth. After seeing some chatter about this very topic, I felt compelled to join in. As I find myself more and more working to help these eComm companies take back some control from Amazon. Have questions after the episode? Send them my way - conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com


5 Jul 2021

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[15] 5 Mistakes you're probably making - and how to fix them

There are a lot of "mistakes" that we can make when approaching email. These are not necessarily technical "we need more graphic-to-live text-balance" kind of mistakes but mistakes that need a total mindset shift. After conducting a short listening tour, I have compiled some of the top themes that I am hearing, as well as the how (and why) you may want to adjust those approaches yesterday. Reflect on this one - and let me know if you have any questions along the way. Send them to conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com. Like the show? Please leave a review on your listening app of choice.


28 Jun 2021

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[14] Cracking the Gen Z code: Preparing for the future consumer

I spent last week speaking at a few email conferences sharing our Gen Z research and some tips needed to crack this code. It is really important that we are constantly looking ahead - and this generation is only getting harder to reach. And one side note - while this research pertains to Gen Z, hopefully you will take some good nuggets away for your overall email best practices. Have questions? Email me at conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com


21 Jun 2021

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[13] BONUS: July ‘21 email Ideas

Ready for your July '21 email ideas? I am. This month brings a few nuances, especially how to get seen in very inundated inboxes for July 4th. I offer some ways around that as well as some other big opportunities you won't want to miss out on. So get your planning mechanism ready - let's chat email ideas! Want to brainstorm some ideas? Great! Send them my way at conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com


16 Jun 2021

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[12] What is list churn - and what to watch out for

Oh list churn (a.k.a the silent campaign killer)... One thing we never remember to watch closely is list churn, the percentage of subscribers we are losing from our email list. This can happen when recipients unsubscribe, mark your emails as spam, bounce, or simply just got radio silent. In this episode, I cover the types of list churn and ways to triage them but more importantly, ways to keep an eye on your list churn percentage. As mentioned in the episode: 1. How to calculate list churn: Churn Rate = (Subscribers at Beginning of Period – Subscribers at End of Period)/Subscribers at Beginning of Period 2. Resource: Email Marketing List Churn: The Silent Campaign Killer - https://60secondmarketer.com/2017/11/17/list-churn-silent-campaign-killer/ 3. Interested in our Founder's LIVE Email Marketing Workshop starting on June 28? Connect with me at conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com to get the exclusive link to sign-up. Question? Send them my way - conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com


14 Jun 2021

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[11] What to do when nothing seems to be working

Frustrated with your email marketing? You are not alone. I've had a lot of listeners reach out to express frustration as it relates to feeling like their email marketing is not working, no matter what they do. In this episode, I am sharing my go-to check list that will provide some action items to help get your email marketing back on track. Got questions? I'm here to answer. Send me a note to conversations@emailgrowthsociety.com.


7 Jun 2021

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