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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Jesse Dolan, the Intrycks team, and expert guests share digital marketing strategies and local SEO tactics that businesses can use to get ahead of the competition! With a local focus on search engine optimization, you'll learn how to get found in search engines, and attract more new local customers for your business. Discover how to identify your ideal customers online, develop internet marketing strategies to get your website ranked for the searches you want, generate more qualified leads, and how to convert those leads into new customers at a higher rate. For the past 20 years, Jesse and Bob have operated real brick and mortar service businesses so they understand the real world struggles that local entrepreneurs are facing, and the limited time that is available. With that backdrop, each episode contains proven methods and actionable ideas that local business owners can quickly implement for improved online marketing to get new customers, and grow their business.

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Basic SEO Fundamentals For Your Website

Basic SEO Fundamentals - For New and Existing Websites There are many tricks and tactics you can use to optimize your website to rank higher in search engines such as Google.  In this episode we cover the fundamentals that should be a part of any website design, for proper SEO. YOU'LL LEARN How to choose the right domain name for your business website, to rank high, and get return customers Why it's so important to rank in the top 3 for Google results, not just on the first page How to properly name your individual web pages to get them ranked, and to attract customers Best approach on creating a page title that ranks high and converts customers to your website What is the page description, and how does it appear on the Google search results page How to use our SEO Audit tool to grade your website and web pages How to use our SEO Audit tool to spy on your competitors Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode5


26 Feb 2018

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What Is Local SEO Marketing, How Does It Work, and Why You Need It To Rank Locally

Focus On Local SEO To Rank Higher In Google For Locally Based Searches What is local SEO? How does local SEO work? How do you use local SEO marketing to rank locally in Google for the searches you want? In this episode we'll answer these questions and run down the most important things you should be doing to get found locally in Google, and Bing. Learn what you need to do on your website, plus the importance of social media profiles and review portals as it relates to your local presence. We'll round up some tips from previous episodes, plus talk about some new tactics too! YOU'LL LEARN If you're trying to get found locally, you need to setup your Google My Business (GMB) You need to be appearing in the top 3 results within the GMB for searches Getting reviews on your GMB will help with your local search rankings Google Posts (within GMB) expire after 7 days, so post weekly to stay visible Choosing the primary category for your GMB is very important Take advantage of the Business Description in the GMB and fill it out Make sure you properly setup your Service Area Business if you visit your customers You can setup a GMB even if you do not have a website yet, and still rank in Google Get setup on Bing Places to show up in the Bing map pack, for local searches in Bing Setup business pages on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) Put up a profile on popular review portals such as Yelp, CitySearch, and similar It's very important to keep your NAP (name, address, phone number) consistent on all listings Local SEO just means that your efforts focus on showing up for your local city, not nationwide Make sure your GMB primary category is leveraged heavily on your homepage List your physical address twice on your homepage, once above the fold and once in the footer Put your phone number at the top of your website, and make it big, bold, and contrasting Get local backlinks by sponsoring clubs, teams, and organizations in your city View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode25


18 Jul 2018

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Some Of Our Favorite Wordpress Plugins - Interview With Joe Anderson

Learn What Plugins We Use To Power Our Websites With Joe Anderson From Metaphor Creations This week Jesse interviews Joe Anderson from Metaphor Creations, talking about Wordpress plugins and taking a peek at some of the powerful plugins we use at Intrycks to power our websites.  These plugins help to create dynamic content on your website, keeping them fresh and engaging for your customers and prospects.  Plus we unveil our newest collaboration, Agile Alerts, and announce the free Beta Registration on the show. What You’ll Learn Interview with Joe Anderson of Metaphor Creations Intrycks collaborates with Metaphor Creations on a regular basis to provide websites and digital marketing services to customers Our new collaboration www.agilealerts.com is now live and taking beta users Joe has been a Wordpress developer since 2011 It's very important to create good and "sticky" content for your website, to keep users engaged Use the Content Duplicator plugin to quickly create new page or post templates for your Wordpress website Always change the page title, URL, and content on a duplicated page so as to avoid actual duplicate content Use the Alternate Timed Content plugin to schedule when you want content and widgets to show, or be hidden, on your website You can use the Ditty News Ticker to dynamically display scrolling, rotating, or other text and news on your website The Ditty Facebook Ticker allows you to pull in your recent Facebook posts into your website and display them anywhere in your website View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode39


7 Nov 2018

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What Is The Google Map Pack and SEO Tricks To Get Your Website To Show Up In The Map Pack

Understand When The Google Map Pack Shows Up and How To Get Your Website Ranked In The Map Pack We're all familiar with the Google Map Pack, right?  Google map pack is the general term used to describe the location based results you see on a Google search results page, where it lists local businesses and identifies their location on a map with little place marker icons.  Well, if you want your business to get in front of new customers, you need to be ranking in the Google map pack!  In this episode we'll talk about how to determine which keywords will trigger that map pack to show up (not all will).  We'll also dig into how you can optimize your website for the keywords that trigger the map pack, to make sure you are showing up here for local searches! What You’ll Learn You need to be in the Google map pack if you want to be found for local search results on Google The Google map pack is group of businesses that appear in a box at the top of the search results page The map pack does not show up for every search term you want to target You need to find out which search terms the map pack is showing up for, and optimize for those keywords Find the qualifier and superlative keywords that you can add to your services to trigger the map pack to show up You need to have a Google My Business listing to show up in the Google map pack search results Be sure to do Google searches from multiple IP's and from multiple physical locations to understand the differences by location View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode29


15 Aug 2018

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What Are Keywords and Choosing The Best Keywords For Your Website

How To Pick The Best Keywords For Your Website Everyone's heard of a keyword, but do you really know what a keyword is? In Episode 9 we'll break down the definition of a keyword, and what that really means for you when it comes to getting traction in search engines like Google and Bing. We'll also talk about how to use free Google tools to research keyword ideas, and how to choose the best keywords for your website. YOU'LL LEARN What is the working definition of a keyword How many keywords you should focus on How to pick relevant keywords How to research for new keywords Keyword research and discovery tools Creative ways to uncover hidden keyword niches Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode9


28 Mar 2018

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How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For Your Website

Develop A System To Consistently Produce New Content For Your Website Content is king, but producing good relevant content for your website is easier said than done.  Especially if you need to put out that content on a regular basis.  In this episode we share some tips and tactics on how to create a content production strategy that allows you to stay on track and keep putting out fresh content.  Learn how to get easy ideas for content, what type of content you should produce, and how often you should be creating it.  Plus, don't forget to setup your website to automatically alert Google when you have new content on your site, too! What You’ll Learn You need to have a regular content production schedule to continually produce new content for your website Your level or quantity of content production will depend on what your competition is doing You can research your competition to see what their content output is by viewing their blog, or checking their XML sitemaps You need to be active in producing new content because Google is continually looking for new content to show in search results Use an XML sitemap and submit your website to Google via Google Search Console to automatically get your new content submitted to Google Putting out content with 1,200-1,500 words on the page once per week is ideal, but at least once per month or every two weeks is okay Sit down one day per month (or quarter) and list out the content or topics you will be working from Easy ideas for content creation can include things like category pages, FAQ pages, Q&A, industry news, internal company news or events, and local community related topics You can create new content for your website by using case studies or customer testimonials Do keyword research to find out the most popular keyword searches for services or products you want to be found for so you can write content specifically for those topics You can use a freelancer to help create content for your website, but make sure you understand the process yourself first View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode38


30 Oct 2018

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Learn How To Optimize Images For Web Speed and SEO Benefits

Images and graphics are an important part of any website, landing page, or sales page. Images help tell your story, showcase your brand, or clarify an example. As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! In this episode we will cover some of the basic things you should be doing to optimize your images that you use on your web site. You can get your pages to load faster, and you can take advantage of some very important SEO benefits with image optimization. Take a listen and hopefully you will learn a new trick or two! What You’ll Learn Google can tell if you are using stock photography or not Google Vision AI can determine an image object, relevancy, and topical associations Use your own original photos and graphics whenever possible on your web pages Optimize your images for proper size Optimize your images for maximum loading speed Take advantage of alt tags and file name to benefit your SEO efforts View show notes and all links on the show page at https://www.localseotactics.com/learn-how-to-optimize-images-for-web-speed-and-seo-benefits-048/


19 Feb 2020

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How To Submit You Website To Google and Bing

Get Your Website Submitted To Google and Bing And Have Your Pages Indexed For Search Listings Learn how to submit your website to Google and Bing, to make sure your pages are indexed and available to show up on search engine results pages (SERP). The only reliable way to accomplish this is to use the Google Search Console to submit your website to Google, and to use Bing Webmaster Tools to submit your website to Bing. In this weeks episode we'll walk you through the basics on how to get your website submitted, make sure the Google and Bing know about new pages, and ensure that your pages able to be found by the search engines! You'll Learn The only way to submit your website to Google Setup your account in Google Search console (GSC) to submit your website You need to submit a sitemap in your GSC account Your sitemap acts like a Table of Contents for Google, to help them understand your website pages You should be using a Wordpress plugin or some other method to auto-update your sitemap when you create new content You can manually submit a page to Google by going to the Fetch as Google in the Crawl section of Google Search Console The process to submit your website to Bing is very similar to submitting to Google via Bing Webmaster Tools View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode37


17 Oct 2018

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Create A Website Content Strategy And Get Help Making New Content For Your Site

Content is king!  This phrase is virtually beaten to death in the marketing world nowadays.  But, it's true.  At the end of the day, content is what Google serves up, and content is what we need to produce to be found in Google.  Producing content can be very intense, overwhelming, and time-consuming.  Be smart about it, and develop a website content strategy that you can not only execute yourself, but one that you can also delegate internally, or externally to talented experts! What You’ll Learn You must do keyword research to identify the proper phrases to target and incorporate into your content Write pages that answer common questions your customers are asking When you type pages, use the tone of talking to the customer directly Determine the frequency you can stick to for how often to put out new content Determine the size of the page (how many words needed) depending on the market and niche you are in Use in-sourcing to delegate content creation to people on your team Use outsourcing to hire freelancers or specialists to help with content creation For a long term solution to outsourcing you can consider adding a Virtual Assistant Check with colleges to see if you can work with an intern to develop content for you View show notes and all links on the show page at https://www.localseotactics.com/create-a-website-content-strategy-and-get-help-making-new-content-for-your-site/


5 Feb 2020

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Using GMB Categories As Website Keywords To Improve Your Rank In Google Maps

Rank Higher in the Google Map Pack By Using GMB Categories as Keywords On Your Website Google My Business, also known as GMB, is a crucial part of any SEO strategy in today's world. In order to maximize the relationship between your GMB listing and your website, you need to take advantage of the Google My Business categories. These categories are very important on the SERP (search engine results page), and using these categories like you would a keyword is a great way to increase your exposure, bump your web rankings, and show up in the map pack! YOU'LL LEARN How to bring synergy between your website and your Google My Business listing Get your GMB listing to show in the Google Map Pack more often Choosing the primary category in your GMB listing is critical to your success Checking to see which categories are relevant for your business in GMB Using your primary GMB category as a keyword on your homepage Using variations on GMB categories versus exact match Avoiding over-optimization and over usage of the category keyword Leveraging your secondary GMB categories into new pages on your website Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode17


23 May 2018

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Charge More For Your Services and Close More Customers With Improved Call Handling

Learn How To Use Improved Call Handling Strategies To Charge More For Your Services! As a local service business, it can be annoying when you get price shopper phone calls.  However, the reality is that we are ALL price shoppers! Don't shy away from giving price quotes and estimates over the phone, because that is what customers really want. In this episode we'll cover some of the best tactics and strategies we've uncovered to handle price shoppers, and convert them into great customers while your competition turns them away! YOU'LL LEARN Best practices for new customer call handling to convert more prospects into new customers How to quickly instill confidence in new callers and win them over Tactics to identify "price shoppers" and quickly convey your value Leveraging a call handling script to funnel customers into your sales process Why price checking your competition is so important How to use text message follow up's to convert more prospects into customers The 3 R's - Referrals, Reviews, and Repeat business Using the "bookends" price quoting method to give an estimate to every single inquiry How the "bookends" price quoting method builds confidence and converts more customers How to "tell" a customer you're going to follow up, instead of "asking" them How to avoid providing free tech support and wasting time on the phone for DIY callers Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode12


18 Apr 2018

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Using Category Pages For SEO Improvements On Your Website

How To Create and Use Category Pages To Improve The SEO On Your Site Use category pages to boost the SEO on your website!  Category pages are very helpful for multiple reasons.  They are an easy way to produce content on your site, and attack specific keyword or phrases you're trying to rank for.  Category pages can boost your SEO by helping to group relevant web pages together, so Google can understand the products and services you provide and better match them up with the searchers intent.  This approach is also great for your actual human web visitors, too, since it gives them natural navigational hubs to learn more or explore your offerings further.  We'll walk you through some easy ideas and concepts, to help you get started making or improving your own category pages. What You’ll Learn Using category pages on your website to round up content on similar topics Improve your SEO and search engine rankings with category pages Begin by looking at the type of products and services you offer and put them into groups Come up with the category for each of these groups and create a category page On each category page you will list individual products and services in that group Create the category page with SEO in mind for keywords, URL, title, and h tags Link to the product and service pages from the category page Category pages can be listed in the main menu of your website or other prominent areas Category pages can have call to action (CTA) buttons and other traditional conversion features Treat the category page similar to a landing page because you want to match user intent and convert Putting FAQ's on a category page is an easy way to add more relevant content to the page Add links to the category page from any relevant individual pages, where it makes sense for visitors to follow Update category pages with new content and links when it's created to keep your category page fresh View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode36


10 Oct 2018

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Spy On Your Competitors Keyword Strategy With Keyword Research Tools

Spy On Your Competitions Keyword Strategy Have you ever wondered what your local competitors are going after, regarding their website and keyword targeting strategy? Believe it or not, there is a whole host of services out there just waiting to help you find the answer! In this episode we'll go over some of these tools, and how you can use them to spy on the competition and get new keyword ideas. YOU'LL LEARN Discover who your main online competitors are Find out which keywords your competition is targeting Best practices to study what is working for competitors How to research other markets to find trends Online tools and resources for spying on the competition How to discover niches your competitors are ignoring Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode10


2 Apr 2018

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What Pages Do I Need On My Website? The Most Important Pages You Should Include

These Are The Pages You Need To Include On Your Website What are the most important pages you need do have on your website - one of the most common questions we get asked! In this episode we'll break down the main pages that every local business should be including, and answer this question. These are the critical pages for Google bot and your customers, and you need to design them for both to have success. Here's what working for us right now and we hope it helps you, too! YOU'LL LEARN What are the critical and essential web pages that you need to have on your website Your homepage is the most important page on your website Using your primary Google My Business category on your homepage How to properly display your address and nearby cities you serve on your homepage Creating niche pages for the products and services you provide Including your secondary Google My Business categories in your niche pages Designing your pages for both your customers and Google to navigate and find Using an About Us page to send signals to Google about being a legitimate business Putting a Contact Us page in your main menu What type of information you should be putting on your contact page and how to display it The importance of a reviews or testimonials page, and what it does for Google Creating a "locations served" page if you serve cities outside of where you're physically located Matching your Google My Business service area with your locations served page View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode23 Thanks for Listening!


4 Jul 2018

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How To Optimize Your Web Page For A Keyword A Basic Overview

Optimizing a page for a keyword; it's a topic that comes up weekly here at our agency. There are many elements that go into successful SEO and web page optimization. That said, if you're not doing the basics in relation to the keyword you are targeting, the rest is tough sledding. In this episode we'll walk through the basic block and tackle of what you should focus on for how to optimize a web page for a keyword or phrase. What You’ll Learn To have a successfully optimized page, you must not skip the basics of keyword targeting Getting your keyword into the URL of the page is great if you can do it Be sure to incorporate your keyword phrases into your headings Develop the page content on purpose with the keyword and related phases in mind Adding images with file names and Alt text that uses your keyword is ideal To be targeting the keyword, you must be mentioning the keyword on the page View show notes and all links on the show page at https://www.localseotactics.com/how-to-optimize-your-web-page-for-a-keyword-a-basic-overview-047/


15 Feb 2020

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Discover What Google My Business Categories Your Top Competitors Are Using

In this episode, we will go over two important aspects of properly positioning and optimizing your Google My Business Listing (GMB Listing).  The first topic is how to identify your primary digital competitors, who may be different than the historical competitors you are aware of!  The second topic is how to peek under the hood and discover what categories your competitors are choosing for their Google My Business listings.  The process may seem a bit technical and complicated as we walk through it, but it's actually quite easy once you do it in practice! What You’ll Learn Why it's important to understand your digital competition versus your historical competition How to search on desktop and mobile search to find out who your primary competitors are Look for competition who is dominant in the map pack Choosing your GMB category is very important for your visibility You can also choose multiple subcategories for your business too Learn how to view which categories your competition is using for their GMB When you look at a GMB you only see one of the several categories the business may have listed https://www.localseotactics.com/discover-what-google-my-business-categories-your-top-competitors-are-using/


31 Jan 2020

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Attacking New Keywords - Updating Your Homepage Versus Creating A New Page

How To Decide If You Should Refocus Your Homepage Or Make A New Page To Attack Keywords In this weeks episode, we dive into a question that was submitted by Patrick, who listens to the Local SEO Tactics podcast.  Patrick was wondering if he should modify his homepage to attack a new keyword target, or if he should create a new page to go after that keyword instead. We'll break down the options and talk about the various situations in which you may choose path over the other. YOU'LL LEARN Which page carries the most weight on your website How Google serves up web pages, not websites, in search results Deciding if you should change your home page or create a new page when going after a new keyword target for your website When you should avoid refocusing your keyword targets on your homepage When it's okay to refocus your keyword targeting on your homepage When you should create a new page to attack a new keyword focus When you should refocus your keyword targeting on an existing page versus creating a new page The danger of deleting pages off your website with out properly informing search engines Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode14


2 May 2018

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Get More Reviews and Leverage Them In Your Marketing With Online Reputation Management Software

Use Online Reputation Management To Drive More Traffic and Improve Your SEO! Online reviews are very important, not only for helping to build trust with potential customers, but also as it relates to the overall SEO of your website. From Google, Facebook, and Yelp, to Angies List, the BBB, and many more…customers can leave their feedback an a number of places today. As a local service business, you need to take control of these review portals, so you can not only view and manage the customer reviews, but also to leverage them and take advantage of the praises in your marketing strategy! YOU'LL LEARN Overview of automated review capturing systems At what point should you consider using an automated review capturing system How to get more customers to leave you a positive review How to remove the barriers for customers to leave a review for your business How asking for feedback instead of a review will increase your review rates How to get your customers onto the "leave a review" screen within Google (and others) within seconds How to get 2x or 3x more reviews from your customers How to get email alerts when customers leave a review, good or bad, on any review portal Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode13


25 Apr 2018

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What Are Google My Business Offer Posts and How To Use Them Effectively

Introduction To The GMB Offer Posts and How To Craft A Great Offer Google has released a new feature within Google My Business (GMB) called Offer Posts. The new GMB offer posts are very similar to the traditional posts, but you can use them to post sales, discounts, promotions, or other special offers.  The new offer posts have some unique features like staring date and ending date, promo codes, and more! We'll break down the features, and go over some best practices to leverage this new feature to help you improve SEO, gain rankings, and get more sales! YOU'LL LEARN What is the "posts" feature in your Google My Business listing What is the new GMB offer posts feature How is an offer post different than a traditional post Where you'll find the GMB offer posts feature in your GMB listing How often you should put out new GMB posts How many words you can use in a GMB post What types of offer posts are having the best conversion rates How to construct a good offer within GMB offer posts How you can use keywords in your posts for SEO How to set starting and ending dates for your offer post Using promo codes in your offer post for eCommerce applications Using promo codes in your offer posts for non-eCommerce situations Benefits of using images with text overlays in your posts How to make a GMB offer post with a strong call to action (CTA) How to present a clear CTA for your offer with relatable context Thanks for Listening! View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode19


6 Jun 2018

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How To Increase Google Ranking and Lower Your Bounce Rates By Increasing Your Website Speed

Improve The Speed Of Your Website To Rank Higher In Google Searches And Get More New Customers Website speed is a ranking factor, for Google.  It's official, Google has confirmed it!  So, if you're not paying attention to how fast your website is, then you're completely ignoring something that can easily help your Google rankings!  In this episode we dig into what can cause your website to slow down, how to test the speed of your website, how to identify exactly how long each element of your website takes to load, and best practices you can implement to maintain a fast website today, as well as into the future. View the show notes, resource links, episode transcript, and watch the video version at https://www.localseotactics.com/episode31


29 Aug 2018

Rank #20