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We assemble seasoned real estate professionals to share their creative strategies, real world experiences, assess your deals and expose pro tools to increase your chance of winning.

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The Idea of Optimizing Your Time & Money in Real Estate Investing

Why it’s so important to optimize your time and your money with data-driven decisions in today’s world. As an investor, it’s important to value your time so that you can continue to remain profitable daily. Invest in processes and systems and always continue improving. In this episode, we will dive into many examples of what that looks like in today’s world.


13 Aug 2018

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Are you an intentional super connector?

Position yourself as you grow your real estate network for a pipeline of referralsFind out why it’s important to find your unique selling proposition for positioning yourself in the real estate industry.This will help you with participation as it relates to referrals, word of mouth marketing and pass-along marketing.As you continue to solidify and building your real estate investing relationships and network you will want to refine what differentiates your value from the rest.Listen in on this podcast episode as we share insights into how this works to stay on the cutting edge in your business for future growth.


13 Aug 2018

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Entry Into Real Estate Investing: A Couple of Different Ways

What if a million bucks dropped into your bank account, what kind of investor would you be?


7 Aug 2018

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Let's Get Into the Cashflow Quadrant

In this episode, Cydne and Ron get into cashflow quadrant and how different mindsets go about their business.


7 Aug 2018

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Traits of a Successful Real Estate Investor

The very first episode of REIA Online - Real Estate Investor Academy Podcast!


7 Aug 2018

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