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The Secret Sauce to Success with Monique Rodriguez

Welcome to The Secret Sauce to Success Podcast where we talk about real life business experiences, the journey through entrepreneurship and I'll share my advice on how to take your passion and turn into a successful business .

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8 Simple Steps to Building a Brand on Social Media

In this episode I wanted to highlight one of my favorite topics, building your brand on social media.  It's one of my favorite topics because I built Mielle Organics only on social media in the beginning.  I learned the Art and how to master social media and I actually really like social media marketing if done correctly.  It gives you the opportunity to reach so many different people across the globe.  So I wanted to share some simple tips to help you grow your brand on social media.  Make sure you share this episode and sign up for my newsletter at themoniquerodriguez.com social media handles @exquisitemo @mielleorganics @1015designs_ 


24 Mar 2019

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The Year of Acceleration 2020

Who is ready for 2020? Buckle up because I am going to prepare you in this episode on how to have an awesome successful year. 


6 Jan 2020

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Not being ashamed of your faith in business.

In this episode we talk about being bold and openly sharing your faith in business.  We cannot forget where our blessings come from.  In this episode I'm interviewing my friend @Marilyn_battiel


10 Dec 2019

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My tips to improve Focus and productivity.

In this episode I want to share with you some of my tips on how to remain focus and increase your productivity so you can accomplish your goals and be great.   I have a few tips that has personally  helped me become more focused. I hope this episode will help you gain clarity and help you in your day to day with being productive.  Its one thing to be busy but if you are not productive you are overwhelming yourself.  Be sure to Sign up for my newletter at TheMoniqueRodriguez.com for more business tips and MielleOrganics.com for the greatest hair tips and products.


1 Apr 2019

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Finish 2019 Strong!!!!!!!

Are you closing out this year strong?  I share some tips on how you can finish strong and go into 2020 with clear vision. 


2 Dec 2019

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Budgeting for your Business

What’s the one thing that business owners are probably the most hesitant to do? Budget! On this episode of the Secret Sauce to Success, I’m going to tell you how to budget and why that is so important and how as a business owner there are some things that you should understand even if you are not well versed in that area and that is understanding Profit and Loss and staying organized in your finances because it matters.  In this episode I'm going to help you get organized and once you are organized you can watch your profits start rolling in.  Be sure to download and subscribe and follow me @exquisitemo @mielleorganics @thesecretsaucetosuccess 


19 Aug 2019

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Goal Setting and why it is important in order to start and run a successful business.

I help my mentees with the roadmap to success but we can not design a roadmap if we have no goals.  If you are at a point where you feel like your brain needs structure, if your ideas are all over the place and you feel overwhelmed.  Listen to this podcast to help you start over and plan out your steps and set goals.   When you set your goals up, your are setting up your map for success.   All successful people set goals.  Do we accomplish them all; probably not, but we sure try.  The most important piece is that you at least set up goals so you have something to aim for. 


16 Sep 2019

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Effective Strategizing

In this episode I teach you how to build strategic partnerships to grow your business or brand.   In building a brand you have to be strategic and plan, plan, plan.   


21 Oct 2019

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Wondering why your customers are not buying from YOU??? Learn to Sell without Selling!!!!

I see this all the time where people are trying to "sell their products" but not getting any sales or customers and they wonder why...... Well in this episode Im going to share the mistakes that a lot of people make: and that is "SELLING" .... doesn't make sense?  Well find out what I mean in this episode.  Themoniquerodriguez.com @exquisitemo @mielleorganics


30 Apr 2019

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Successful traits of a CEO that you should have

You want to be a CEO.... well there is much more to being a CEO than what you see on social media.  In this episode you will find out what are some of the traits you need to master when you become a CEO.   In this episode I am sharing some of the traits and skills I feel you need to master in order to become the  successful CEO that you want to be.  


5 Aug 2019

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Building a Brand with Melissa Butler hear her story on how she built The Lip Bar from Scratch to now being in major retail

In this episode Melissa shares with us her journey on how she founded a very successful company The Lip Bar.  She shares some of the challenges she face from being turned down on national tv on "Shark Tank" and how she overcame that.  This episode is about perseverance, when "NO" is your protection, how patience is a virtue,  and the power of telling your story.  Upload this episode and repost it on your stories and follow us @Melissarbutler @thelipbar @exquisitemo @mielleorganics @thesecretsaucetosuccess 


22 Jul 2019

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Maintaining Momentum

What's the secret sauce to maintaining momentum in business? Find out in this episode 


26 Nov 2019

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Overcoming Fear in Business

Do you want to start that business that's has been tugging at your heart but you can't because you have so many doubts and fears as to why it won't work.  Well trust I have been there and I want to help you get over that fear that's holding you up from following your dreams.  In this episode I am teaching you how to overcome that fear and step out and do what God has Called you to do.  Be sure to follow me @exquisitemo @mielleorganics @thesecretsaucetosuccess. 


29 Jul 2019

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How I feel about competition and why you don't get bothered by competition

Hello listeners I wanted to do this episode on competition and my thoughts on it as a business owner.  You will be surprised at how many people talk about sisters supporting sisters but the reality is, in real life the story is different than what is posted on social media.  In this episode you will find out why its ok to have competition and to not get intimidated by it.  It starts with being number one knowing who you are serving and thats God, number 2 being Confident in yourself and number 3...... well I guess you will have to listen to this episode to find out.  Remember to subscribe download and take a screen shot and tag me in your post @exquisitemo @mielleorganics @thesecretsaucetosuccess 


12 Aug 2019

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Quick tips on how to Grow Online

In this episode I am sharing some quick tips on how you can grow online.  Don't forget to check out my new e-book about growing online with social media.  Sharing my tips from my own experience.  Mielle Organics was built online and I grew it to a multimillion dollar business in 4 years and I'm just getting started.  So enjoy my quick tips and my ebook found at themoniquerodriguez.com 


24 Jun 2019

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Why you need a back up plan!!!!! Contingency Plans are necessary for business.

What happens when Plan A doesn't work, you get creative and you go to plan B.  All wise business people have a plan B, and find out why in this episode. 


4 Nov 2019

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Habits for Entrepreneurs to Avoid

I am sharing some tips with you on bad habits to break as entrepreneurs.  Running your own business requires a lot of discipline and good habits.  While no one is perfect I thought I share a few tips on bad habits that you should break asap in order for clarity in your entrepreneurship journey.  www.themoniquerodriguez.com www.mielleorganics.com @exquisitemo @mielleorganics. 


16 May 2019

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Interview with Fashion Mogul Nichole Lynel

Every one wants the glory right and everyone wants to shine and be on top but what a lot of people don't know is there are stories and testimonies that People go through in order to get to where they are.  I always say if you don't tell your story others will make up one for you, and you need to be the narrator of your own story.  So in this episode Boss Babe Nichole Lynel shares her story and how she got into the world of fashion and of course she is fly as ever.  Check her out @nicholelynel Follow me on my platforms @mielleorganics @exquisitemo @1015designs_ themoniquerodriguez.com MielleOrganics.com


28 May 2019

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Balancing or shall I prioritizing Business and Family

In this episode I talk about the importance of prioritizing or what some people call Balancing family and business.  This was a highly requested episode so I decided to share my tips on how I balance family and business.  Be sure to download and subscribe and follow us on ig @thesecretsaucetosuccess @exquisitemo @mielleorganics 


9 Sep 2019

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What to do during Quarantine

The World is on pause now, but what does this mean? I am sharing some tips on how you can be productive during this quarantine in this podcast episode, take a listen. 


16 Mar 2020

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