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Encouragement and coaching to spur you on in all the things you are called to do. Motivating and equipping you to love God, yourself, and others and to do good works that are connected to all three.

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4. Living Well as a Mom of a High School Senior During Times of Uncertainty

Listen in as we talk to a mom of a high school senior. So many nuggets of wisdom on how to help our kids navigate this season of quarantine and disappointment.  Even if your kids are younger this episode is full of parental encouragement and examples of how to point your children to Jesus. Rebekah's love for the Lord is evident and I even took notes to put in my parenting toolbox. This is a must-listen for sure!  If you like this episode please leave a comment, rate, and share.  www.spuronlove.com 


28 Apr 2020

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3. Walking in Victory

Join me for a walk as we move out in victory. In these episodes, we will move our bodies in love while reminding ourselves of what is true. You will hear coaching and God's Word that will leave you motivated and encouraged. So get your shoes on and let's work things out.  Playlist: Victory- Highlands Worship


27 Apr 2020

Rank #2

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5. Living Well as a High School Senior During Times of Uncertainty

Are you a high school senior? This episode is for you! The class of 2020 is living in an unprecedented time. With so many events canceled that are rites of passage, seniors are walking through a lot of disappointment and grief. Jump in as we talk about how this can be a time of thriving and joy instead of grief. 


28 Apr 2020

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8. How to break free

In this episode I share my testimony and how you too can find freedom in Christ. My personal freedom journey is connected to the scale, my weight, body image struggles, and my self-worth. This episode is raw and real in the hopes that you will know you are not alone in your struggles.  Here you will hear about the foundation of why The Well & Free Tribe exists and gives you a look inside this community.  Listen if you need some hope. If you want to know God's heart for you and your wellness. If you've ever struggled with your self-worth or let the scale dictate your mood please listen.  https://www.spuronlove.com/tribe/


21 May 2020

Rank #4

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7. Living Well as You Homeschool

Suddenly found yourself homeschooling your kids? This episode is for you. Listen in as Chelsea McCown, a seasoned homeschool mom, explains how Crisis Schooling is different from homeschooling and how you can do this well even in the hard moments. Learn the number one thing you can do to help your kids in this time of uncertainty. And listen to the end to hear how you can help your kids grow as readers. Its a really great tip!  Grab the Book List mentioned at the end at https://www.spuronlove.com/kidbooklist/ If you liked this episode we'd be honored if you would leave a review and share this episode to spur others who are trying to homeschool well! 


13 May 2020

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