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Formerly a call-in-show, today Mac OS Ken: Live is Ken taking to YouTube, talking to people who turn up - Monday - Friday at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern. Catch him live on his YouTube channel - YouTube.com/KenRay - or catch the daily audio here!

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School's Out! Mac OS Ken: Live 03.19.2021

Sending the live show to live on a farm. But we have some lovely parting emails before we go. 


19 Mar 2021

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The Penultimate Episode (for now) - Mac OS Ken: Live 03.18.2021

A look at the "most invasive" apps in the App Store, plus wrapping up the daily live deal.


18 Mar 2021

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App Stores, Commissions, and Sweeney - Mac OS Ken: Live 03.17.2021

Thoughts around commission changes in the Google Play Store, the disingenuous Mr. Sweeney, and Justin Long's new gig.


17 Mar 2021

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Russia, China, iPhone, and You! Mac OS Ken: Live 03.16.2021

Russia is pre-installing apps on iPhones in Russia. China may have found a way around App Tracking Transparency in China. Apple does business in both countries, so... you know... We'll talk about that, plus feedback mourning the passing of HomePod.


16 Mar 2021

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Not to Praise HomePod, But to Bury It - Mac OS Ken: Live 03.15.2021

A look at the timely/untimely demise of Apple's great, big HomePod. Plus Ming-Chi Kuo says growth is over for AirPods. We're just a bunch of PodPeople!


16 Mar 2021

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Nobody’s Default But Siri’s - Mac OS Ken: Live 03.04.2021

Remember that thing about iOS 14.5 letting users set new defaults for music players with Siri? You're not going to be able to do that. Personally, I think what's REALLY happening is better. We'll talk about that, plus not getting paid for not leaving work.


5 Mar 2021

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A Longish Chat About Short-form Content - Mac OS Ken: Live 03.03.2021

Netflix has an answer to TikTok. Amazon has a way to make video game clips. Apple TV+ has a short-form drama on the way. With more time on our hands, super-short content is king. We'll wander through why. At a leisurely pace.


4 Mar 2021

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The Fortnite Fight + iPhone Rumors - Mac OS Ken: Live 03.01.2021

The Coalition for coordinated tech attacks opens a front in Minnesota. We'll talk about proposed legislation there. Plus - Epic and Apple have an actual date in court, and Ming-Chi Kuo has some iPhone rumors.


2 Mar 2021

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A New Apple Retail Target and Facebook Really Wants to Follow You - Mac OS Ken: Live 02.25.2021

Target is getting Apple Stores of its own and Facebook makes another half-case for why you want it to track you.


26 Feb 2021

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Apple Car Speculation and Apple TV+ Talk - Mac OS Ken: Live 02.24.2021

Fisker and Foxconn have done a car deal, which makes Foxconn look like a more interesting Apple Car prospect. That, plus Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives says Apple's biggest mistake in the last decade was not buying Netflix. I don't think so, but whatever.


25 Feb 2021

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