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This podcast was created with you in mind, yes you, the individuals who wants to do something different with their lives. Speakwithlarry will give you the opportunity to learn from Mr. James and others, who have created a brand and a legacy for others just like yourself to immulate in order live the life you truly want based on the effort you're willing to put into it.

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Your Image episode # 367

In this episode I talk about some of the things someone whose image conscious works on when going out into the marketplace. Things like shoes, socks, slacks, cologne, hats, and more.


16 Nov 2021

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They Fear Us Because We Are The Complete Embodiment Of Power & The Universe

I love the title of this short audio clip. As you know my objective over the next 90 or 120 days is to gain information inline with the plight or journey of Black people or African Americans and share it with my listening and viewing audiences. Remember, since I'm doing research much of the information I share will be written by someone else so just know I am not taking credit for the content I'm simply sharing and I will always share the creator of the content I share.


9 Nov 2021

Rank #2

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Religion A Historical Overview! episode # 365

In this episode I read a article about the transatlantic slave trade and how it related to the religion of the slaves.


1 Nov 2021

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Americans Tend To See Stronger Societal Conflicts Than People In Other Advanced Economies!

This article I'm sharing from some research I did this week on Americans tend to see stronger societal conflicts than people in other advanced economics. I really liked the title and I wanted to share some of it with you guys.


25 Oct 2021

Rank #4

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Groundbreaking Interracial Marriage Statistics for 2021 episode # 363

This episode talks about Interracial marriages in all parts of the United States their percentages and much more. Remember, as I create this content the basic purpose is to educate myself and in the process I can educate others as well.


18 Oct 2021

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The Truth Behind Systemic Racism episode # 362

This episode describes a couple of things first how racism became systematic and second what the police's job was during this time. You have to be aware that laws could be made and blacks had to follow them without ever being able to vote on them. Many of the laws were created specifically to imprison them and send them off to work off their made up crimes.


11 Oct 2021

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Black Population By State episode # 361

On this episode I give you a break down of each state and the number of black people in that state along with what percentage that is for that particular state. For instance if you're in Texas it has 3,552,997 which comes to 12% in that state.


4 Oct 2021

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So That's What's Happening episode # 360

Welcome everyone, on this episode I'm starting something very different. I'm at a point in my life where I can pretty much do what I want and I'm truly thankful for that. As a black man in America I've been blessed to have reached 63 years old and one of the things I love to do is research. I love to learn about things I didn't know. Starting with this episode for the next year I'm going to be learning and sharing with you guys about the history of blacks their journey here and some demographics that will without a doubt enlighten, enhance, and educate you on a different level. My company also does videos so I'll be creating videos as well that you can access on all my platforms. I look forward to this journey and hope you join me for the ride.


27 Sep 2021

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11 Rules Of Wealth! episode # 359

11 Rules Of Wealth


20 Sep 2021

Rank #9

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TIPS To Help Set-Up & Manage A Successful Rental Car Business # 358

In this episode I talk about some things you'll want to consider adding to your list of operations on your Turo app. If you choose not to add all of them that's not a problem this is just a short list of options for you to consider.


31 Aug 2021

Rank #10