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Keep up to date with all the latest developments in the energy sector!OGV Energy brings you an energy series in which we cover energy sector news, updates, insights and events as well as interviews with the energy supply chain. Gain an inside views into what is happening in the sector and the direction things are going in. Find all yor energy news and more at www.ogv.energy

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OGV Community Catch-up with Barry Booth from SEALL ECDIS Limited

OGV Energy interviews Barry Booth, Commercial Direction of SEALL, to find out about the company and the current landscape of the marine industry. This series of podcasts focuses on some of the companies in our fantastic OGV Community, to learn more about their role within the sector and to open them up to a wider audience.SEALL is an Aberdeen based technology company which pushes innovation in order to improve safety within the marine sector. Each of their solutions are build upon their own ECDIS which is trusted in over 16,000 systems globally. The company has established a solid global distribution and service partnership with a growing customer base. In this podcast, Barry talks about the solutions SEALL provide, the growing role that technology plays in the marine industry, the affect of the pandemic on his business and work they are doing to help the environment. He also discusses the situation with Energy sector graduates and gives advice to young people looking to make their mark on the sector.SEALL can be found online and on social media here:https://www.linkedin.com/company/seall-ecdis-limited/about/https://www.facebook.com/SeallECDISLtd/?ref=br_rshttps://twitter.com/SeallEcdishttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkBjOeSCwuVfdauPXRrol1g https://www.seallecdis.com/


9 Jun 2021

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OGV Community - Energy Transition

OGV Energy welcomes you to our OGV Community event for May, where we will be looking at where the Energy sector is placed in the much talked about "Energy transition", and how long we have to go in our journey towards a more sustainable, safer and technologically enabled industry.The Energy Transition means a gradual move away from a reliance on fossil-fuels, towards a more diversified energy mix, in which renewable and alternative energy plays a far bigger role. This change signifies opportunities that can be both environmentally sound and commercially advantageous if the energy supply chain can harness the correct resources to deliver real value to their clients.Hydrogen and CCUS, offshore wind, geothermal, solar and hydro-power will all play a part in the energy mix of tomorrow. Join us to hear from our panel of experts on how the supply chain of the energy sector can help facilitate the journey.ChairWestwood Global Energy Group - David Linden, Head Of Energy TransitionPanellistsOffshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult - Hugh Riddell, Regional Partnership ManagerRenewables UK - Barney Wharton - Director, Future Electricity SystemsWorley, Aberdeen Energy - Graeme Wilson, Business Development DirectorGlobal Wind Energy Council (GWEC) - Rebecca Williams, Director of COP26OGUK - Will Webster, Lead Energy Policy ManagerOpportunity North East (ONE) - Andy Rodden, Energy Transition Programme Director (Offshore Renewables)

1hr 33mins

24 May 2021

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OGV Community Catch-up with Ann from Ann McRobb Associates Limited

OGV Energy interviews Ann McRobb, from the eponymously named Ann McRobb Associates, to shine a spotlight on her company and the work they do within the Energy sector. In this series of podcasts, we look at the companies in our ever-growing OGV Community, to find out what they do and to make the sector less intimidating for those looking to get involved.Ann McRobb associates are a specialist consultancy with extensive knowledge and experience in competence assurance, HSEQ, industry compliance, training & development, and auditing services. Based in Aberdeen, they have a 20-year proven track record of delivering successfully large-scale projects supporting Energy, Marine and Drilling majors around the world.In this podcast, Ann talks about what her company does, how the pandemic has affected business, what they are doing to become more environmentally sound and talks about the future of the Energy industry. Ann McRobb Associates Limited can be found online and on social media here: https://annmcrobbassociates.com/https://www.linkedin.com/company/ann-mcrobb-associates-limited/


12 May 2021

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"Opportunities in" ASIA Pacific - OGV Energy Event

Over the coming months, OGV Energy will be exploring different geographical regions of the Energy industry and bringing you expert analysis and insight into what these opportunities are and how your company can capitalise on them.The energy sector is in the midst of one of the largest transitions in its history and with change comes great opportunity, so make sure your company hear from our experts to ensure you have the best information at your fingertips.For our first event, we will be exploring the expansive range of opportunities that can be found in the APAC region. With help from our expert team of speakers, we will be holding a panel session that will provide an overview of the market and exploring what the future looks like for the Energy sector in this part of the world.The Asia Pacific region is home to massive 4.3 billion people and has the fastest growing demand for Energy in the world. With the overall Energy demand in Southeast Asia growing by over 80% since 2000, according to the IEA, this represents huge opportunities for companies looking to expand and diversify.


10 May 2021

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OGV Community Catch-up with Andy Buchan from Hiretech Ltd.

OGV Energy interviews Andy Buchan from Hiretech limited, to find out his company and some of the work they do within the Energy sector. The Energy industry can often seem intimidating and challenging from the outside so as part of our OGV Community Catchup series of podcasts, we wanted to shine a light on some of the companies in our OGV Community, to open up the sector for those looking to get involved.Hiretech is an equipment rental and personnel supply company offering rental package solutions for hydraulics, well service, pipeline, chemical cleaning, decommissioning, subsea and renewables applications to a global market. Founded in 2010, the company has built a reputation for providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions through the delivery of a variety of successful projects.During the podcast, Andy shares his insight into what the company does, as well as how they’ve dealt with the challenges presented by COVID and the advice he would give to budding entrepreneurs looking to get established in the Energy sector. HireTech can be found online and on social media here:https://hiretech.rentals/https://www.linkedin.com/company/hiretech-limited/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYRfsl98J5XqUnPzl-11rLwhttps://twitter.com/hiretechlimitedhttps://www.facebook.com/HiretechLimitedRecruitment


5 May 2021

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"Carbon Capture & Storage" EIC Supply Chain Updates

What opportunities can come to the UK through the decarbonisation movement, specifically carbon capture? How fast is the UK adopting and implementing decarbonisation measures to meet net zero targets? How can the energy sector adapt to the change and develop a competitive supply chain for the UK and the global energy market? With the recent announcement that UK plans to reduce CO2 emissions significantly CCUS is essential to help the energy transition happen along with other carbon reduction implementations. This podcast will explore all of this in an informative discussion between leading trade associations EIC, CCSA and NECCUS.


3 May 2021

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OGV Community - Marine & Shipping

OGV Energy welcomes you to our OGV Community event for April, where we will be looking at the factors affecting the global marine and shipping industry and the various options available to help it de-carbonise in the future. What fuels should the shipping sector explore? How is artificial intelligence and new technology re-shaping fuel consumption and navigation and how do we ensure vital skills are kept in the industry and passed on to future generations?It is clear that ambitious policies are needed to meet the objectives set by the International Maritime Organisation to reach carbon neutrality in the second half of the century. Reducing carbon intensity in the near term, for instance through energy efficiency measures and slow steaming, is clearly a big priority. Over the longer term, policies are required to promote the adoption of low- and zero-carbon fuels and technologies for oceangoing vessels.Chair IMarEst - John Butler, Elected Council memberPanellistsZero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs) - Madadh MacLaine, Founder and Secretary-GeneralSeall - Barry Booth, CCOStena Drilling - Alan Crowley, Master Mariner/OIM, Stena DrillingHeerema Marine Contractors - Vincent Doedee, Sustainability DirectorTechnipFMC - Marit Mork, Manager, Innovation Projects, Deep Purple hos Librestream Technologies Inc. - Michael Murphy, Vice President of Emerging MarketsOGV Taproom Be Bold. Be Adventurous. The craft beer for the energy sector

1hr 16mins

27 Apr 2021

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Innovation and Technology - Part 1 - Bob Keiller talks with Re-Gen Robotics and Safe Influx

In the first of two podcasts in this OGV series, guest interviewer Bob Keiller discusses the life-saving innovation and technology developed by Re-gen Robotics and Safe Influx.Bob talks to Fintan around the robots and their ability to replace tank cleaning crews followed by a chat with Bryan about how they fully automate influx detection and shut-in sequences to dramatically reduce the influx size and prevent disasters.


20 Apr 2021

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OGV Community Catch-up with Mat Meredith from Spectis Robotics

OGV Energy interviews Mat Meredith from Spectis Robotics to learn about what they do as a company and their role in the Energy sector. The Energy industry can often seem challenging and intimidating, which is why for this series of podcasts we wanted to make it more accessible for everyone.Spectis Robotics specialises in the design, development, manufacture, sales, rental, and repair of modular robotic and industrial inspection equipment. They provide a wide range of rental equipment for remote inspection applications across Scotland, the United Kingdom and beyond.During the podcast, Mat answers questions about what Spectis Robotics do within the Energy sector, as well as how the company has dealt with the pandemic. He also talked about the environmental impacts of their technology and gave honest advice to the next generation of graduates looking to make their make on the sector.Spectis can be found online and on social media here:https://spectisrobotics.com/https://www.linkedin.com/company/spectis-robotics/


20 Apr 2021

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Innovation and Technology - Part 2 - Bob Keiller talks to Arc Marine and Vroc

In this the second of two podcasts in this OGV technology and innovations series with guest interviewer Bob Keiller, we discuss the fascinating innovations and cost-saving technology developed by Arc Marine and Vroc AI.


20 Apr 2021

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