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Intelligent Internet Marketing is an ADVANCED Internet Marketing podcast sharing the most powerful ideas that are working right now.This podcast is for you if you are an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Business Owner, Marketing Agency, Coach, Speaker, Author or anyone looking to learn the most cutting edge online marketing strategies that you can use to dramatically grow your business.Make sure you also go to www.IntelligentInternetMarketing.com for the show notes from each episode and to get on the email list for exclusive case studies, strategies, and trainings via webinar.

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Ryan Levesque and his "Ask Formula" That Is Getting 52,000 Opt-Ins PER DAY And Has DOMINATED 23 Different Niches With Overwhelming PROOF. IIM Episode #20

Ryan Levesque is an Ivy-League Neuroscience guy turned genius marketer! His "Ask Formula" shows you how you can double a business simply by asking a few simple (but slightly counterintuitive) questions!On this episode you'll learn…- How Ryan went from dead broke to building a MULTI-MILLION Dollar Consulting Business in a couple of years- What exactly this revolutionary "Ask Formula" actually is... and why it works so well- How Consultants can use this formula to land a lot more clients… and how they can also implement it for their own clients (to increase their business) and get paid for doing so.And MUCH more!Get ready to learn some AWESOME high-level tips from one of the most INTELLIGENT Marketers!Enjoy!Talor Zamir


4 Jun 2015

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YouTube Advertising & YouTube Funnels For Landing Clients With Ryan Masters. IIM Episode #19

Ryan Masters has been using YouTube ads to land clients for his marketing agency as well as for his health an fitness business. His fitness channels have over 11 MILLION views, over 110,000 YouTube subscribers, and he's added over 100,000 people to his email list from YouTube! On this episode you'll learn… - The POWER INTRO formula that you should start your YouTube videos with - How to have your YouTube ads show on all your competitors videos - Why EVERYONE should be using YouTube Retargeting - What types of YouTube ads are most effective and what lead magnets you should use And MUCH more! Get ready to learn some AWESOME high-level tips from one of the best in the business! Enjoy! Talor Zamir


28 May 2015

Rank #2

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The Evolution Of An Internet Entrepreneur With Ed O'Keefe. IM Episode #18

Ed O'Keefe has built MULTIPLE 7-Figure Internet businesses. In 2013 his health & supplements business did $28 MILLION in sales!On this episode you get to hear his evolution over the last 10 years as well as...- Why Ed and I LOVE going in to COMPETITIVE markets- The BRILLIANT new business model Ed just created for a new clothing line- Why he transitioned from traditional consulting to a "Product" based businessAnd MUCH more!Get ready to learn some AWESOME high-level tips from one of the best in the business!Enjoy!Talor Zamir


21 May 2015

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How To Gain MASSIVE Authority And INSTANT Credibility To Land More Clients As A Consultant And/Or A Business Owner! IIM Episode #17

On this Episode You'll Discover… The #1 Way To Gain Massive and Instant Authority In Your Niche Whether You Are A Consultant Or A Business Owner How You Can Get A Book Completed While Only Spending A Couple Hours Of Your Own Time On The Entire Process! How Richard Has Generated Over $600,000 In New Business Using His Book (That He Got Done In A Couple Of Hours) As The Main Lead Generation Tool The Best Ways You Can Use this Book to Get More Leads and More Clients for Your Business How You Can Literally SPEAK Your Book So You Don't Even Have To Write!


14 May 2015

Rank #4

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Pricing, Optimization, & Conversion Strategies With Jonathan Drake. IIM Episode #16

On this Episode You'll Discover… One of the BIGGEST Conversion tips that practically EVERYONE is missing out on with their website or landing page (and it has nothing to do with copywriting, headlines, bullet points, or calls to action) What RFM is and how you can use it to DRAMATICALLY increase your conversion, engagement, and ultimately your entire business The biggest mistakes people make with pricing their products and services and POSITIONING themselves for maximum profits.


7 May 2015

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Notes From My High-Level Mastermind Meeting. IIM Episode #15

On this episode we are doing something a little different. Since I just got back from a very expensive high level mastermind with some of the top marketers in the world… I figured it would be valuable for you if I shared my notes with you. I will LITERALLY be reading to you my exact notes of the most important things I learned so you can get in on these cutting edge strategies. Enjoy!


30 Apr 2015

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Facebook FUNNELS To Land Clients Or Sell Your Training Program. Learn From One Of The Best In The World! IIM Episode #14

On this Episode You'll Discover… What the ideal Facebook Funnel should look like for landing new consulting or coaching clients The best type of landing page and lead magnets to use for Facebook Advertising Funnels Why Facebook Ads and Facebook Funnels are all about appealing to the "Reptilian Brain" (and you'll learn what that means) Behind the scenes of my own Facebook Funnel that I'm about to launch And MUCH more!

1hr 21mins

23 Apr 2015

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How Bryan Built A 600,000 Person Email List (And DOMINATED The Real Estate Niche). IIM Episode #13

On this Episode You'll Discover… The HIGH LEVEL 10X strategy that Bryan used to add HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people to his email list (Practically NOBODY is teaching this) How Bryan either POLARIZES or CRYSTALIZES his audience (And how it has benefited him dramatically) The biggest lessons that Bryan has learned in over 15 years as an Internet Marketer (And what he focuses on TODAY) High-Level investment strategies that Bryan teaches so that you never have to gamble with the stock market again And MUCH more! Get full show notes and more information here: http://bit.ly/1EAHIuB


16 Apr 2015

Rank #8

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The Best Ways To Structure Deals When Working With Clients As A Marketing Consultant (So You Make More Money). IIM Episode #12

Get ready to learn some POWERFUL ideas that can DRAMATICALLY increase your income!


9 Apr 2015

Rank #9

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The Most Important Episode I've Ever Recorded (MINDSET). IIM Episode #11

Since right now I believe that 65% of success is your mindset and 35% has to do with skill set… It was a MUST that I record an episode about the most important part (MINDSET). On this episode you'll hear some of my daily habits, learn what books I listen to, and get a better insight into how I think.

1hr 22mins

2 Apr 2015

Rank #10