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Welcome to the Real estate show where we discuss tangible tips, tricks and best practices for becoming financially free. This show is designed for people who want to start with real estate but aren't sure how to get started or have done a few deals and looking to grow their portfolio.

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#13 with Jon Schoeller: Veins are Popping and Value Add Central

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Jon Schoeller on his successful Real Estate journey. Jon is always keeping himself busy with the many ventures he is a part of: Real Estate investment business, fitness business, YouTube channel and building his own Real Estate portfolio. He dives into tangible tips and tricks to take action and the importance of being a value add focused person. Episode Breakdown:  1) Intro dig in/Strategy: 0-22:58  2) Getting started/Taking Action 22:59-50:29  3) Content intake/Time management/Tactics/Tools: 50:30-1:00:58  4) Wind down: 1:00:59 -1:09:23 Top Takeaways Tips for creating content:    - Most people are not comfortable getting on camera, but you just have to start   - Repetition is key to getting more comfortable and natural   - Record with no intention of posting   - Record the same thing 10 to 15 times and eventually, you will find one that is post-worthy   Finding deals today:   - Majority of deals are off-market   - Go to sites like Zillow and look at the ones that have been on the market for 100 plus days   - The longer on the market, the easier it is to get a good deal   - Understand what the resale value is in the neighborhood you are looking at   - Start knocking on doors and ask people if they are interested in selling their house   Taking Action: - Be a value add person and solve problems for people who don’t have the time to do it themselves   - Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do   - Learning by doing   - Start early in your 20’s; Just do it - Checklists for everything   Working with Contractors:  - Never tell them your budget, because then they will try to get every penny   - Call multiple contractors to walk through the property and give an estimate   - Always pay the contractor for their time   - Find a contractor who communicates extremely well, timely, respectful and gives recommendations How to bring value to Jon:  - Help with marketing and social media. Always looking to boost his presence online Resources:   Matt D’Avella YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/blackboxfilmcompany Basecamp management tool Social Links:   YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBIK5rMihvG0-0ZHS5lARCQ IG: @thefrugalinvestor   Company Website: https://www.aminvestmentswv.com 

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12 Apr 2020

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#16 with Diego Corzo: American Dreamer, Rock Solid Tribe and Staying Persistent with Your Goals

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Diego Corzo and uncovers his story of becoming an American Dreamer. There were some obstacles in his way, but he didn’t let that stop him from achieving financial freedom. He went from graduating college at 22 and then started his investment journey at 23 years old. He now has 15 doors and no longer has that W-2 lifestyle. Diego is defined as someone who consistently takes action and it shows with his tremendous results. He continues to surround himself with incredible mentors that push him and hold him accountable to achieve more. He wants to take all of his knowledge and give back as much as he can!    Key takeaways: Best place to start in Real Estate:   - House hack to eliminate your biggest expense = RENT   - Look for turnkey, 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, and less than 2500 square feet   - This allowed him to make positive cash flow from day 1  Building your investment team:   - Work with a team that has expertise in the type of real estate you are investing in   - Find an investor-friendly realtor and lean on them for resources in that specific area   Coaching/Mentors:  - Work with people who have tremendous experience  - Do everything they say, take action and this will yield incredible results  - Leverage Facebook groups and meetups in your local area    How to bring value to Diego:  - Looking for savvy people to create graphics to share on Instagram and Facebook  Resources: Trello   Rich Dad Poor Dad    Social Links:   Ratracetofi.com  IG: @realdiegocorzo Website: diegocorzo.com


23 Apr 2020

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#17 with Serge Shukhat: Come Out of the Other End with a Balance Sheet

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Serge Shukhat on his successful journey in Real Estate. Serge has been a huge role model to Jonathan and someone who has helped him take massive action. Serge has built a huge portfolio of 70 single-family homes that have all been sold and over 400 multi-family units. This episode uncovers topics like scaling your Real Estate portfolio, creating a corona game plan, having an acquisition strategy, and more! Top Takeaways: Action plan during Corona and best practices in Real Estate: - Take care of your banking relationships or find them if you don’t have them - If you don’t have a local community bank, go get them - Be patient and invest in education and networking - Identify your market strategy (SFH, multi-family, etc) - Identify the listing agents on those sales that sold the most in the category you are looking to focus on - Make sure the listing agents/brokers know your name - If a property comes up for sale, they should be calling you - Patience and liquidity Words of advice: - Look for equity over cashflow - Large balance sheet - Strong broker relationships How to bring value to Serge:  - Looking for people to check on his properties and make sure everything is running smoothly  Social Links: - BiggerPockets Profile: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/sfcgee


24 Apr 2020

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#14 with Michael Ealy: How to Survive and Thrive Through a Recession

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Michael Ealy on growing his Real Estate business to 1000 units. He got started by house hacking and has a goal of doing 300 million in deals this year. It wasn’t peaches and rainbows starting out! It went from getting evicted in 2002 due to the recession, living with his parents and he got his car totaled.  He didn’t let any of his obstacles get in the way of achieving his goals.  Takeaways:   No money down:   - You need money, but it doesn’t have to be your own   - Be creative with financing your deals  Getting started:   - Don’t be that person who is constantly overanalyzing and not moving   - You are going to fail and that is OKAY  - Making mistakes is just part of the game   - Everything is attainable   - If you say you can do it, then you can DO IT   What does a strong partnership look like: - Bring value to the table   - It is a relationship and you have to like each other   - It is like dating!   - It isn’t all about the money even if 2 million is involved    How to bring value to Michael:  - Find a deal - Raising capital  - Building feasibility reports  - Editing videos they have created/ webinars  - Boost social media presence (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)  Social Links: Company website: www.nassauinvests.com BiggerPockets Profile: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/MichaelEaly LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nassaumikeealy/


15 Apr 2020

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#15 with Chris Grenzig: The Power of Mentorship and a Rock Solid Corona Game Plan

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Chris Grenzig to uncover his path to getting involved in Real Estate. Jonathan and Chris go way back and actually went to the same college together. Chris is an Asset Manager at Toro Real Estate Partners and was able to achieve that role through an incredible mentor. This episode unpacks what it means to bring value to others, marketing strategies to get deals, corona game plan and more.   Top Takeaways: Bringing value to others:   - Recognize a need for the person you are trying to bring value to and present that idea   - Come up with an idea of how you can bring value versus bringing the burden onto the other person to think of an idea    - Take stock of what you do well and keep a running list   - Reach out to a company who is older and needs help getting more involved in technology   - Ideas to bring value for older companies are: Posting to Instagram, creating a company website, help with graphics and video editing   Corona game plan:   - All in-person showings have stopped, maintenance requests are only for emergencies and leasing office is closed   - Send a list of open jobs to tenants to apply to   - Take advantage of the stimulus bill that most tenants will qualify for based on their income   - Have a flexible payment plan in place   - Rent renewals have halted   - Cut all late fees   - Create a resource package    Resources: monday.com Social Links: - Come check out Chris’s podcast: The Real Estate Investing Experience   - Company website: http://tororep.com  - IG: @chris.grenzig

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17 Apr 2020

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#23 with Na'ím Anís Paymán: Scaling Your Business to 250 units Through Short Term Rentals and the Biggest Mistakes Host's Do

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Na'ím Anís Paymán on his Real Estate journey in the short term rental space. A lot of businesses start with a problem you personally are struggling with and that was definitely the case for Na'ím. He has created an incredible software that automates hospitality management from marketing, bookings, and operations to scale his business along with others. In this episode we uncover topics like how to find leads, how to approach this time during COVID, biggest mistakes that hosts make, and more!  Top Takeaways:  Ways to find leads to manage properties: 15:00 - 17:48 - Go to networking meetings  - Utilize personal contacts  - Make people aware of what you are doing  - Go on listing websites like Zillow and Facebook marketplace  - Drive through town for vacant and rented properties  - Hussle and salesmanship  Covid-19 and Real Estate stability: 22:50 - 31:06  - Very uncertain times and when this will end  - Disruption with the short-term rental industry  - A wide spectrum of possibilities that can happen  - How much risk do you take to get through it  - People who don't have reserves or overhead will be very impacted  - See if landlords can reduce the rents  - Target traveling nurses  - People usually lose money in the winter and make money in the summer  - Spending energy on boosting bookings, work on website and branding  - Preparing yourself when things come back to normal  Biggest mistakes hosts make: 38:05 - 47:36  - Where do we even start?  - Making sure there is licensing in place  - Putting clauses in place in case something goes wrong  - Have the right systems in place  - Have a payment process and make sure it is secure  - Make sure you know what is your money and what is not  - Need good pictures and make sure your property looks nice  - Spend money on professional photography  - If you don't have nice bathroom photos, no one will book  - Get terms and conditions signed  - Don’t re-lease check-in instructions until you know they are the right person or address to host that guest  How to bring value to Na'ím:  - Promoting Zeevou.com to your network  Resources:  His website to manage marketing, booking, and operations: https://zeevou.com  Guest Screening: https://www.autohost.ai  Book: Getting Things Done by David Allen Project Management  Tool: Asana Project Management  Tool: Basecamp  What Na'im is very passionate about Bahai.org Social links:  Facebook Group: Serviced Accommodation Network (Global)  LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naimanispayman/  Personal website: https://naimanispayman.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naimanispayman/

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25 May 2020

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#22 with Sharon Vornholt: Marketing is the #1 skill to get Deals & Spent $18 on Marketing to Land a 12K Deal

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Sharon Vornholt and uncovers her path of diving into Real Estate. It all started with a home inspection business in 1991 and through her local REIA she found a true passion for Real Estate. She is involved in wholesaling, rentals, blogging, podcasting and her favorite joy is teaching. She is truly someone who defines GRIT and excuses don't even exist in her world. This episode uncovers topics like why marketing is the number 1 important skill,  Probates, getting out of your comfort zone and more!    Top Takeaways:  Putting a list together to find leads: 12:45 - 15:28  - Utilize ListSource to form a list based on your criteria - Another option is outsourcing this task to companies to do it  - Filter by equity and absentee owner  - The list has to be targeted  You will never run out of leads with probates: 15:35 - 18:42  - Real estate probates is a legal process following a homeowner's death, where the property either transfers ownership to someone or is sold  - Very motivated sellers and won't inherent money until they sell the property  - This is also where Sharon has gotten the most hugs at closing  - You have to do some detective work and this is where most people quit - When seeing the house, forget about selling and just focus on solving their problem - Just have a conversation and talk about things in their house           - Asking what would you fix if you were going to move in here    Marketing is the #1 skill to get deals: 35:06 - 38:55    - Use direct mail to get off-market deals           - Once you find a deal, put that money back into marketing           - Get your marketing strategy on auto-pilot          - Driving for dollars  - Free strategies            - Networking at Real Estate Meetups, make sure everyone knows your name and ask what they are doing in Real Estate  Resources:   Open Letter Marketing  ListSource   Rehab Valuator  Trello  Upwork  Dropbox   Social Links:  Blog: https://louisvillegalsrealestateblog.com/  Podcast: Let's Talk Real Estate Investing:  https://louisvillegalsrealestateblog.com/podcasts-lets-talk-real-estate-investing/  Learn from Sharon and her incredible resources: https://louisvillegalsrealestateblog.com/work-with-me-sharon-vornholt-coaching/  BiggerPocket's Profile: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/svornholt

1hr 13mins

19 May 2020

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#21 with Ryan Lundquist: Teacher Turned Appraiser by Accident

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Ryan Lundquist on his journey to becoming an appraiser. Ryan originally was a private school teacher before he decided to take the leap into the appraisal business. He found the right mentors to teach him the lay of the land and has been doing it since 2003. In this episode we dive into topics like: what an appraiser does, the current state of the market during Covid-19, how to add value to properties and more!    Top takeaways:  Appraisal process has shifted to be more digitized:   - Site unseen         - Facetime with the owner of the property           - Pictures           - Videos           - Drive by to the property and look at the outside only   Adding the right value to properties:    - Evaluate based on the neighborhood, location and type of property to name a few           - Look to the comps for answers           - Look at similar properties and see how it compares to yours            - Be careful at evaluating on price per square foot because there is a range           - Find homes that have a similar size, location and amenities    How to bring value to Ryan:   - Always looking for people to offer perspective and insight on the market           - Best way to ask for help is to say, "If you have a minute, do you mind if I ask you a question?"    Social Links:   Website: http://lundquistcompany.com  BiggerPocket's Profile: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/SacAppraiser Blog: https://sacramentoappraisalblog.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lundquistco Twitter: https://twitter.com/SacAppraiser LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-lundquist-6b3a4811/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SacramentoAppraiser/


15 May 2020

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#20 with Jonathan Farber: Being Homeless, What's New and Lessons Learned From Last 10 Guests

Catch up with Jonathan and see what he has been up to the last couple of months! Highlights of the Episode: Jonathan packed up his bags and moved from NY to NC Set up 2 Airbnb's in Pinehurst, NC Refinanced 6 rental properties Go with the local lender. Just do it! Getting a deeper understanding for the Louisville area and evaluating neighborhoods Best practices for finding and prospecting deals Content creation focus Starting a mastermind group Time management tips


13 May 2020

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#19 with John Cohen: Educate Yourself Before you Invest in Anything

In this episode, Jonathan interviews John Cohen and uncovers his incredible success in Real Estate. As part of his business at Toro, he has acquired over 3500 units accounting for over 250 Million in assets. This episode uncovers topics like building a successful team, value add investing, building wealth while working a W-2 and more! Top Takeaways: Value add investing:     - Buy at market value or below       - Increase value by making repairs       - Find the right people to do the repairs       - Find the right property manager       - Look at the comps in your market and understand what makes the most sense to add value for your property         - Have an operational and property management strategy Building wealth while working a job: - Don’t quit your job until you have enough savings for 12 months            - Become pactive = passive and active       - House hacking is the perfect way to get started and there is very low risk       - Invest your money passively      - Educate yourself before you invest in anything Resources: monday.com Social links:   Email: john@tororep.com Company Website: tororep.com Instagram: @john_jc - https://www.instagram.com/john_jc/?igshid=nlgbgugue7od

1hr 4mins

6 May 2020

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#18 with Will Brown: Not Even Legally Able to Drink and 85 Plus Deals at 20 Years Old

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Will Brown on his incredible path to Real Estate. It all started in high school when he went to a Real Estate seminar with his mom and that opened his eyes to the incredible possibilities of Real Estate. He became laser focused on educating himself and figuring out his ONE thing to build a successful Real Estate Business at just 20 years old. This episode will uncover how he first got started wholesaling in college, his wholesaling process, fear of rejection and more. Top Takeaways: Educating Yourself and getting started: - Educate yourself beyond a reasonable degree - Figure out the purpose of why you are doing what you are doing - Learn how the ONE Thing changed his whole life and focus on Real Estate Working with Systems: - You don’t need a system for something you don’t know how to do yet - Systems are made to simplify things - Every system has been used out of a necessity - You have to have a need for systems Process of getting data: - From Will’s website email brian.chesla@natimark.com and mention keyword BP2020 for a great discount - Criteria for getting data below:   - 30% equity (0-70% LTV) - Year built before 1995-2000 - Homeowner age 50+ - Property value <250K - Owner occupied and absentee owners - Your list of zip codes or counties How to bring value to Will:  - Share this podcast for people who are involved in Real Estate or interested in getting started  - Raising money for his company and send an email to learn more at will@arestech.ai Resources:  - Call Rail: https://www.callrail.com/ - Spokeo: https://www.spokeo.com/ - The ONE Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan Social Links: Will’s Website: http://www.arestech.ai/bp IG: @will.jbrown - https://www.instagram.com/will.jbrown/?hl=en

1hr 16mins

3 May 2020

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#12 with Nick Roberts: No Nonsense Approach is the Absolute Best

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Nick Roberts on his family-owned rental and property management business. Nick is fortunate to work alongside his mom and sister to run a very successful and trustworthy business. This episode focuses on getting started when working with property managers, screening tenants, best practices and more! Top Takeaways Getting started working with property managers: - It can be very easy to be naive and get persuaded in the wrong direction - A good property manager is straight forward from the beginning and has extensive knowledge of the business - Connect with a property manager before you invest so they can give you feedback on if it is the right investment - Make sure the tenant and owner are happy Screen tenants: - Must have to check for: Credit, criminal, employment and rental history - Old-timers will look at what vehicle they drive and how they look - Both tenant and owner is interviewing each other Best practices: - Look at Google reviews - Make sure that you are documenting EVERYTHING - No, she said he said - Make sure it is a comfortable fit between the property manager and landlord How to bring value to Nick:  - Lets get those Google Reviews up and show some love for his property management company  - Always looking to bring on more clients to manage their property  Resources: AppFolio Property Manager Social Links: Ben Roberts Rentals & Property Management: https://www.robertsrentals.net/  Email: nick@robertsrentals.net

1hr 5mins

7 Apr 2020

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#11 with Taylor Loht: Balancing that W-2 and Crushing Real Estate

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Taylor Loht and discusses how to have the best of both worlds with a W-2 and crushing it in Real Estate Syndication. We will go through topics like: How did he get started, Taking action, Coaching/Mentors, Content intake/Time management and how you can add value. Top 2 Takeaways: The importance of being a thought leader - Create a podcast: You are doing a disservice by not sharing your knowledge and helping others - Start a Meetup group: Build a Real Estate community that holds you accountable to achieve your goals Find a coach/mentor to accelerate your Real Estate journey - Building relationships is critical and essential to going from good to great - You might be surprised to hear that successful people will say yes over no to a 5-minute call - Look at what successful people are doing and replicate it 1)Intro dig in/Strategy: 0:00 - 24:55 2)Getting started/Taking Action: 24:56 - 38:49 3)Coaching/mentors: 38:50 - 49:29 4:Content intake/Time management/Tactics/Tools: 49:30 - 102:58 5)Wind down: 1:02:59 - 1:02: 1:20:56 How to bring value to Taylor:  - Come join his Multi-family meetup in Richmond, VA. They are always looking for speakers to talk to the group! - Looking for someone to help with his podcast. He is specifically looking for someone to help with copywriting and social media  - Share his podcast: https://www.passivewealthstrategy.com/podcast/ Resources: Website: Passivewealthstrategy.com Learn the top 5 things that are holding you back in Real Estate: Tex Real estate 31996 Meetups every month in Richmond VA Social Links:  BiggerPockets Profile: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/TaylorLoht LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylor-l-3416b627/

1hr 20mins

31 Mar 2020

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#10 with 100PercentFinanced Star Juan Pablo Herrera: How to scale to 30 deals and work a corporate job

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Juan Pablo Herrera and they discuss how he transformed his hobby of Real Estate into a full-time job. We will go through topics like: How did he get started, Taking action, Coaching/Mentors, Content intake/Time management and how you can add value. Takeaways: How to successfully balance a corporate job and Real Estate - Treated Real Estate like a full-time job and had a set structure - 1 hour before work, 1 hour after work and 8 hours on the weekend - Discipline at all time even when you don’t feel like it - Can’t just show up when you feel like it Taking Massive Action - Be very specific with what you want - Make it measurable - Make it a constant reminder to build motivation - Keep feeding your mind with knowledge 1)Intro dig in/Strategy: 0:00-20:08 2)Getting started/Taking Action: 20:09-23:27 3)Coaching/mentors: 24:28-34:34 4:Content intake/Time management/Tactics/Tools: 34:35-46:41 5)Wind down: 46:42- 1:01:52 How to bring value to Juan:  - Podcast help! Someone to assist in formatting and identifying the best platform to put his podcast on  - Looking for someone who is operationally focused to help with documenting processes and systems  Social Links:  YouTube Channel: 100 Percent Financed Website: https://www.100percentfinanced.com Instagram: @100percentfinanced

1hr 2mins

13 Mar 2020

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#9 with Joe Cox: They call him Buy and Hold Joe!

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Joe Cox and uncovers the strategies that have led him to incredible success. He has gone from 2 to 13 doors in just 3 short years. His big focus is to increase his net monthly by $700-$800 dollars and is always willing to share best practices. Takeaways The different types of investments:   - High end: Best area, great tenants and looking for more appreciation  - Middle tier: Average house, working-class and appreciates a little over time  - Low end: Low rent, invest with a low amount, may not be the best area and all about cash flow Joe’s key focus areas:  - Growth mindset - Put your goals on paper   - Buying properties that are between 80-100K  - Buy and hold guy Joe’s words of advice:  - You just have to pull the trigger and get started   - Real Estate is a marathon, not a sprint   - Not going to get rich in one day  - Here for the long haul  - All about building strong relationships and treating people well  - Your handyman is the person you should be taking out for drinks! How to bring value to Joe:  - He is always looking for creative ways to finance his deals  Resources Freedom Property Group - Local Louisville Company working with homeowners, renters, and investors to reach financial freedom http://freedompropertygroupky.com/ Social Links Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/joe.cox.75033


5 Mar 2020

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#8 with Greg Dickerson: Seeker of Wisdom, Passionate about Mentorship and Taking Action

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Greg Dickerson and uncovers the secret recipe to achieving incredible results. Greg is defined as a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer, coach, and mentor. It was 1997, where his career really took off and has been growing ever since.! His career has revolved around buying, developing, remodeling hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings. He has developed and sold over $250 million in real estate. He has created 12 companies and he isn’t taking his foot off the gas pedal anytime soon! What we cover in this episode:   - Greg’s natural born entrepreneurial and leadership skills that started way back in elementary school   - Passion for coaching and mentoring all of the people he interacts with   - Always striving to bring the best out of all the individuals he works with   - Surrounding yourself with successful people and being a seeker of wisdom   - Advice on how to take action when you are just starting out   - How to create a successful partnership between a newbie and seasoned investor   - Don’t wait and just do it already!    Resources:   Go check out the “Dickerson International School of Entrepreneurship” where it provides interactive online learning and training for entrepreneurs and real estate investors at  https://www.DickersonInternational.com/courses LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/agregdickerson/


26 Feb 2020

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#7 with Craig Curelop: Started with sleeping on a futon for a year and now financially free

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Craig Curlap and uncovers the massive benefits of house hacking to achieve financial freedom. Some topics discussed are: how to get started in house hacking and doing it extremely well, sharing the knowledge by creating a book and the importance of having a mentor. 3:33 - This guy works at bigger pockets! 5:26 - Pros and cons of doing real estate at a young age 7:31 - First deal and doing it a little differently 11:46 - Waiting a year to do deal 2 14:59 - Strategies on finding roommates the fastest 16:10 - Criteria for getting the right roommates 18:28 - Let's rinse and repeat this process 21:30 - Deciding between room by room and Airbnb 23:44 - Where are people getting stuck and holding people back 25:32 - What's next in this real estate adventure 28:01 - It's selfish not to create something 29:36 - Share the knowledge and write a book 32:27 - How does life change after writing a book 34:08 - Staying educated and the platforms that are being used 36:18 - Taking advantage of groups and coaches 37:47 - Are you giving a value add or value ask 39:00 - Mentors are just like friends and having an authentic relationship 41:50 - Systems, app and tools most helpful 44:12 - Bringing value to Craig Resources: Book written by Craig Curlap: The House Hacking Strategy: How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom IG: @Thefiguy Electronic Signature: DocuSign


9 Feb 2020

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#6 with Justin Fraser: No money no problem - Invest with other people's money

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Justin Fraser on his strategies and successes in the real estate industry. Justin was involved in real estate while he was working full time and then turned it into high gear when he got laid off. He didn't let rejection stop him and surrounded himself with the right people to get incredible results. Things you will learn in this episode: 8:00 - Commercial brokers only work Monday-Friday 9:05 - Finding properties, getting rejected and staying firm on an offer 12:35 - Private money & owner financing 18:03 - What do I say at networking events 19:28 - I need to work with bigger units and here's why 21:25 - How to get started and jumping in 22:27 - What is house hacking 23:54 - How to get into the door with credibility 26:40 - Have the capital and deciding which route to go 29:29 - Working with a partner or I need to know that guy 33:47 - What could you do if you focused on this full-time 37:42 - Be a small part of a big deal 40:12 - Everyone playing their part and do your job 41:35 - Raising capital and what that looks like 44:33 - Need something that is scalable to find investors 46:36 - Some investors are not always the right fit 49:42 - What does a typical day look like 52:07 - Websites, apps and planning to be successful How to bring value to Justin:  - Looking to hire an assistant to help with automating and simplifying processes  Resources: True Multifamily podcast - Check out Justin's podcast Smartsheet - It is used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work, using a tabular user interface. Social Links: Justin Fraser LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/fraserjm/

1hr 2mins

2 Feb 2020

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#5 with Michael Sjogren: Path to replacing his salary, wife's salary and mom's salary all through Real Estate in 18 months

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Michael Sjogren on transforming his life and others through Real Estate. They discuss topics like leaving the corporate world to live a life of financial freedom, surrounding yourself with an accountability group that pushes you to achieve your goals, and believing in yourself to take action. Michael is very passionate about inspiring and empowering people to realize their limitless potential. Things you will learn in this episode: 4:51 - The importance of having a strong why 5:50 - Pain versus pleasure 7:08 - What does that process look like when you first start and beyond 7:56 - You either have to poop or get off the pot 10:02 - How to scale without any money 12:56 - Last day of being in the corporate world 15:25 - Gathering information and taking action 16:40 - Goal setting process called rafting 18:28 - Having an accountability group is crucial 20:46 - How to get involved with an accountability group 22:04 - Becoming a whole life millionaire 23:50 - What goes on in an accountability group 25:47 - Going all in or I'm going to quit this accountability group 29:06 - Value add or value ask 29:59 - Believing in yourself to do this thing already 33:47 - Making money very quickly to unlock your passion 36:12 - Handling the bigger deals 37:38 - Learning how to make people more money - nail that skillset 42:05 - Show the path and jump together 4 4:40 - How to be a value add to Michael 47:42 - Think about what your purpose is and add value beyond yourself How to bring value to Michael:  - Looking for creative people to assist with his podcast  - Looking for an Administrative Assistant to help with day to day tasks  - Wants to work with people who are hungry and have a growth mindset to take action  Resources: https://www.strsecrets.com/strlp - Michaels website on short term rental secrets https://gom1.com/ - M1 is a whole life leadership development community with proven results in increasing net worth and passive income, and improving relationships, health, and lifestyle https://www.gobundance.com/ - The tribe for healthy, wealthy, generous men who choose to lead epic lives Social Links: Michaels LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikesjogren/


30 Jan 2020

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#4 with David Pere: Investing while in Military - through systems, creativity & networking

David Pere joined the Marine Corps in August of 2008. Since that time, he has lived in or traveled to many unique places around the world, including a combat tour in Afghanistan. His awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and a Combat Action Ribbon. David got started in real estate investing in 2015 after reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. He house-hacked a duplex with the FHA loan and lived in it for a little while until getting married to his beautiful wife, Kimberly, and receiving orders to Hawaii. David and Kimberly have two children, Cody (10) and Jackson (2). While stationed in Hawaii, David bought a 10-unit apartment in Missouri and was able to use bank-financing, seller-financing, and a home equity line of credit to purchase this property with less than 6% down (and great terms)! Through these experiences, From Military to Millionaire was born, with the goal of teaching service members and veterans how to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance! As a result, he has helped many of his readers increase their savings gap, purchase real estate, and increase their chances of achieving financial freedom! How to bring value to David:  - Always looking to connect with people who would be a good fit for his network  - Looking for awesome guests to come onto his podcast 


23 Jan 2020

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