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Sports. Los Angeles. Hot Takes. Fast Food Flavor. Welcome to Cautiously Optimistic, a podcast brought to you by three young men who were born and raised in LA and know they have their own twist on the world of sports with some extra sauce tossed on. Like a lot of sauce.

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ENDGAME---------------INTRO (0:00 - 10:09)- boys back in the Silver Lake studio for 100- enemy of the pod Josh is here!- Pokemon meatC.O. MAILBAG (10:10 - 50:29)- Let's Be Frank- future of Fast Food Flavor- Dodgers-Padres- best hair in sports- another Nick freestyle- NFL kickoffs- Jesse vs. Sasha VujacicNBA (50:30 - 1:06:29)- second round of playoffs- summer predictionsNFL (1:06:30 - 1:10:49)- way-too-early Super Bowl picksLUCKY BOY (1:10:50 - 1:11:59)- offering catering + delivery- more info: luckyboyburgers.com/START-BENCH-CUT (1:12:00 - 1:20:19)- ranch soda, buffalo wing soda, edible cricketsMLB (1:20:20 - 1:32:19)- Dodgers' Kenley Jansen, Travis d'Arnaud- Reds release Matt Kemp, hit 3 homers in 3 pitches- Kansas City baseball cultureCHALLENGER HAIR CARE (1:32:20 - 1:33:49)- new Challenger Clean Cream Pomade- available now at ChallengerCare.com- special promotion for Episode 100WHAT THE PUCK? (1:33:50 - 1:42:59)- NHL player or famous Russian?- Stanley Cup predictionsFAST FOOD FLAVOR (1:43:00 - 1:53:59)- Wendy's bringing back Spicy Chicken Nuggets- Top 5 fast food restaurants- last meal?SUPER HOT INTERESTING TAKES AND SHOUTOUTS (1:54:00)- Josh's 50 seconds- closing up shop :(

2hr 3mins

6 May 2019

Rank #1

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SONIC BOOM---------------INTRO (0:00 - 11:19)- Scott Alexander episode- Kansas moves- rip @sullayyy- NCAA hoops rule changesLUCKY BOY (11:20 - 13:19)- family/friend visits- catering services- more info: luckyboyburgers.com/MLB (13:20 - 26:24)- Dodgers & Dre Day- Joe Simpson shook- Big Sexy history- trash can ejectionNBA (26:25 - 31:59)- schedule leak- new Lakers jerseys- KD-McCollum podcast beef- Wade, Dirk, KawhiFAST FOOD FLAVOR (32:00 - 39:39)- Sonic shoutout- Qdoba vs. ChipotleSUPER HOT INTERESTING TAKES AND SHOUTOUTS (39:40)- California love- NBA writing- football mullet- new music


10 Aug 2018

Rank #2

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100 Follower Freestyle---------------A promise is a promise!Nick O Fosho lays it down over "Free Smoke" in honor of Cautiously Optimistic reaching 100 followers on Twitter!We appreciate the support! Let's get to 200 @CautiouslyPod!


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