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IT’S A WRAP : Seek And You Will Find : Sam Picken

Why do we have a star at the top of our Christmas tree? What is its significance?Listen in this week as Ps Sam recounts the story of the Magi and how our life testimony can be that star, to help lead others into a relationship of knowing God and walking with Him.: : See you in church - www.c3toronto.com


22 Dec 2019

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GOD FIRST : I Choose You : Gerry Duraisamy

Do you struggle to put God first in your life? Are you constantly distracted by different priorities that promise to fulfill His promises to you? Lean in as Ps. Gerry encourages us to remain faithful and put God first in our lives because everything we desire is through Him.: : See you in church – www.c3toronto.com


26 Jan 2020

Rank #2

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GUEST SPEAKER : God First : Josh Kelsey

Do you ever wonder if it is your character or the value of your goal that determines whether or not you reach your vision in life? What is the goal of your life and what is the state of your character? Lean in as Ps. Josh guides us into how Jesus can help us cultivate both qualities in order to live out God’s plan and purpose for his life. : : See you in church – www.c3toronto.com


12 Jan 2020

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OTHERS : Forgiveness - A Gift, A Garment, A Key : Sam Picken

Have you ever been offended in a relationship where you struggled to move on? Are you in a place where you feel stuck and your heart wants to heal? Listen in as Ps. Sam encourages us to forgive one another just as God has forgiven us with His everlasting grace.: : See you in church – www.c3toronto.com


9 Feb 2020

Rank #4

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OTHERS : Iron Sharpens Iron : Sam Picken

Do you struggle to find God in community? Do you feel discouraged when disciplined? Lean in as Ps. Sam encourages us to be sharpened by others in community as we become living testimonies of God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will.: : See you in church – www.c3toronto.com


2 Feb 2020

Rank #5