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The official Maserati Video Podcast will reveal the secrets of one of the most prestigious brands in the world. New models, VIP events, spectacular races can be viewed on your computer screen thanks to the Maserati Video Podcast.

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[Quattroporte] New Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati's flagship model has updated styling and features. It can be fitted with two different engines, a 4.2 litre and a 4.7 litre (on the S version). It is another engineering masterpiece; a testimony to the craftman's art designed by Pininfarina's distinctive hand.


10 Jul 2008

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[GranTurismo S] Style Details of GranTurismo S

The addition of side and rear spoilers are perhaps the elements that visually distinguish the Maserati GranTurismo S. The spoilers give the car a decidedly sporty and aggressive look, one that was perfected in the wind tunnel in order to increase the bodywork?s aerodynamic efficiency. The side spoilers contribute to improving airflow over the rear wheels while the rear spoiler increases rear end downforce, which ensures a more balanced front-rear Cz coefficient. To enhance its handling and dynamic behaviour, the Maserati GranTurismo S is equipped with seven-spoke 20? rims. The all-new design is completed with an eye-catching Trident. The seats boast a new design for the central zone, with horizontal piping. Now you can choose a full Poltrona Frau leather interior or opt for a sportier and more sophisticated interior by substituting the Alcantara seat coverings with Peccary* leather. This is type of embossed natural leather is instantly recognisable as it does not need any additional surface coating. Those in the driver?s seat will notice the gearbox paddles, with an elegant tapered shape with a stylish chromed trim. You can select your preferred dashboard finish as well as that of the door panels and rear side panels. One option is a woven aluminium glass fibre fabric: AluTex with a modern, high-tech look, it is created by depositing a fine metal powder on the surface of the fibreglass that produces a shiny three-dimensional effect.


3 Jul 2008

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[Quattroporte] Maserati Quattroporte

Admire the Quattroporte range in all its glory.


21 Dec 2007

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[GranTurismo] Bose for Maserati

Exclusively Maserati. An integral part of the interior luxury of the GranTurismo, the optional Bose Surround Sound system brings a new listening experience to Maserati owners


3 Dec 2007

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[GranTurismo] 2007 Australian International Motor Show

Maserati GranTurismo Launch


28 Nov 2007

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[GranTurismo] GranTurismo is back - The Unveiling

The long wait is over - the Maserati GranTurismo unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow.


22 Nov 2007

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The Maserati ethos

A glimpse into the exclusive world of Maserati, from the unique factory delivery service to the sophisticated merchandise items and thrilling driving courses on offer, become part of the Maserati family to know what sets the Trident brand apart.


15 Oct 2007

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All in the the family

Maserati is a big believer in drawing a line between all of its cars sothat, regardless of how different they might appear, there are hallmarksthat are instantly, unmistakably Maserati.


1 Oct 2007

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[GranTurismo] Modern Marvel

Pininfarina has given the GranTurismo a design that unconsciously takes youreye on a fluid journey across the muscles of the front wheel arches, to theextrusion past the cabin and over the feline haunches to the tail, with itsbuilt-in spoiler lip.


18 Sep 2007

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[GranTurismo] The dream lives on

Ideal over long distances, the Maserati GranTurismo has been created for those who appreciate true sophistication, and want their car to deliver a sensational driving experience day after day.


12 Sep 2007

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