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TA:14 Valuations, Apartments & the Royal Commission…

With the recent Royal Commission into financial institutions being felt by all new lenders, the role of valuers is also in the spotlight to see how they are interpreting the market slow down.The valuation profession forms the bedrock of the property advisory profession and has done for ever.The discipline of valuations methodology and logic enables valuers to make sense of any market conditions, property type, and valuation purpose.Like all professions there are specialists and when I had the opportunity to talk to an apartment specialist valuer I had to jump at it.Damian Kininmonth has been a valuer for over 30 years and is a Director with Preston Rowe Patterson who span every state in the country with 23 offices.We sat down to chat about how valuers are navigating though the current apartment market and how he sees the outlook for apartments.


1 Nov 2018

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TA:22 election… rate cuts… apartments…

I had to book a long way ahead to find a slot with Nerida Conisbee who is the Chief Economist at REA group (or for our purposes - realestate.com) and is a regular commentator on the property market for many TV and radio stations around Australia.As it turned out the timing of this interview could not have been better. With the  Federal Election swinging the tide of sentiment in the property market and the RBA cutting interest rates, Nerida's views on the market and its direction for the rest of 2019 are very insightful. Through the enormous data capture capability of realestate.com,  Nerida receives regular reports on what property is being searched, suburb by suburb, state by state and she can see almost instantly what the market is doing so her view is both current and well informed.We cover many topics from interest rate cuts, the impact of flammable cladding, the Federal election result and we go around the grounds in Australia to see what is hot and what's not.


8 Jul 2019

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TA:10 airbnb… will it kill the rental market?

Airbnb is the biggest thing to happen to accomodation around the world. And not just hotel accomodation (although that is a massive part of it) all accomodation including the long term rental market both directly and indirectly.There are some great stories and some hate stories from lots of perspectives. These range from people making easy cash, to cheap and great travel experiences, to tragic stories of homes being trashed and innocent next door neighbours who just what the simple quiet life.Outside the US Australia has the biggest short stay market in the world. We know Australia follows the US in many things so if you want to know what is going to happen here over the next few years just take a peak over the pond and see what is happening in the US.Andrew Keene lives in USA and while his day job trades the stock market -Alpha Shark Trading - he has invested in property for the sole purpose to cash in on the burgeoning airbnb market. He has studied it in intimate detail, experienced it first hand, learnt what works and what doesn't and how to work the system to maximise his return. He knows so much about it he has written a book - The Airbnb Profit Blueprint which tells you how to make money with airbnb, increase your ranking, and reduce the amount of time you spend working on your listing.Andrew explains how airbnb is not for everyone, nor every property, but if you can bring all the pieces together there is definitely money to be made.Join me with Andrew Keene to chat about airbnb US style.


19 Jun 2018

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TA:17 the owner / tenant rules are changing. get up to speed.

The Residential Tenancies Act and several other pieces of legislation controlling the rules that govern how people lease property between each other is changing.This impacts peoples lives including a tenants home and an owners very large financial livelihood and it is complex to get it right. As societies expectations change and the way our cities and towns operate so must the rules that govern how we live. Technology changes also play a part. Hopefully your property manager is up to speed so you don't need to worry but we just want to help you out.Hayley Mitchell - Director of Mitchell Property Training is 100% focused on making sure everyone understand the forthcoming changes. Not just professionals managing rented accommodation every day but owners and renters the like. We were delighted when she agreed to speak to us and give us the goods on what the major changes are and what people need to know.To check on how the changes will play out in practice we asked Kelly Thomas - Team Leader at Wood Property Partners to join us for the chat. Kelly runs the Property Management team and has over 12 years of property management experience.Between Hayley and Kelly they are able to unpack the changes for you and even predict how these are playing out in the market already.Here are some valuable links for you to check out more detail about the changes.Consumer Affairs VictoriaVictorian Government


13 Jan 2019

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TA:16 How to sell your apartment in a tough market

Most property around Australia has enjoyed solid growth for about 20 years save for a few bumps along the way. We are now in a downturn and who knows for how long or how deep but most people are suggesting we are about 6 to 12 months into a 2 year slump.To find out how to sell your apartment in a tough market we need to speak to someone who has experience and worked in property cycles since the mid 1980's. Ray Wood (yes related.. my brother) worked as a real estate agent in Melbourne from 1982 and now coaches and supports agents across Australia and Canada. He has a unique expertise and can talk about selling in a tough market with a lot of authority. I hope you get great value from our chat.He is a blog pulled from our discussion...You want to sell your apartment but are worried it is perhaps not the right time given the market is weaker.Firstly if you are selling and buying in the same market conditions, then it is a net sum game as you may sell for less than you hoped, but you will also buy cheaper. In weaker markets there are generally fewer properties for sale making it harder to find the property you want so consider buying first and then selling second if you can arrange it.The big question in weaker markets is how to market and sell your property for the very best price. To answer this let’s understand why the market is weaker and how to circumvent the issues.There are a few factors at play but the single biggest issue across all categories of property is finance. By this I mean the difficulty in buyers being able to borrow money. The banks and second tier lenders have all tightened up there lending practices by lending a lower percentage of the price, fewer interest only loans, scrutinising loan application more, and limiting exposer to particular types of property or locations. This is driven from APRA (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) and findings from the recent Royal Commission into Financial Services.Now we know obtaining finance is the problem, how do we adjust the marketing to help buyers through this and pay you the highest possible price.Hire the best agentNow more than ever, you need a great agent and especially one that has seen and worked through difficult markets before. This means they will have 10 -15 years experience, be well equipped to advise you, work hard and be able to dig deep into their kit bag of experience to negotiate a sale at a good price. They will also give you the right advice on every step set our here.Method of SaleWhen someone bids at auction, that is an offer on an unconditional basis. ie. They can not bid subject to finance or building inspections or anything else. If they are concerned about how much finance, they will be able to get they will either not bid at all or only bid to a lower price. Private sale allows negotiations on a subject to finance basis giving a buyer more confidence of offering a higher price knowing it is subject to their finance being approved. Some property still suit Auction but just not as many as in a boom market.Length of MarketingThe normal 4 weeks marketing may not be long enough. Especially if one or two buyers are knocked back on their finance application and your agent needs to go back and agree another sale. This could mean the sale process takes 5 or even 6 weeks.Be ready from day 1Internet ads and staging (furniture) hire costs last 4-6 weeks and because the negotiations may take a bit longer than usual you need to make every day of your marketing count. From the day your property hits the market your agent must have contracts of sale available, presentation perfect, all maintenance items completed, inspections arranged, brochures printed, sign board in place, letter box drop done, etcEstimated Selling PriceIt is time to be realistic about price. Trying to set a high price and negotiate down will burn up valuable marketing time and lose qualified buyers.


6 Dec 2018

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TA:20 #apartmentdevelopments

Just had a very enjoyable catch up with Jordy Catalano and Tim Fleming on the current market and future direction of apartments.Five years ago Jordy Catalano and Tom Hywood launched Apartment Developments to bring the disparate offering of off the plan apartments to one place. Both Jordy and Tom are the sons of media heavyweights and injected fresh energy into a burgeoning sector.Since then AD Group (as it is now known) has grown to cover three distinct markets being - Apartment Developments  - Off the plan Apartment Sales House & Land Developments - Land sales & house and land packages in new communities ID Development Business to business platform to manage development salesTim Fleming is the General Manager of AD Group and apart from an illustrious football career with the the Richmond Tigers (amongst others) spent many years at REA group (realestate.com.au) through its formative years when real estate advertising on the internet was still a hard sell.It took me a while to get Tim and Jordy in the same room to talk to me about AD Group and how they see the apartment market but I finally did it.Listen in for a very frank and fascinating chat with what they are up to and how they see the outlook for apartments and the property market generally.


23 May 2019

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TA: 19 – Apartments designed to improve the community

How refreshing it is to hear Abbie Freestone talk about community living. Assemble Communities are very focused on ensuring apartment living does not mean a compromise to someones quality of life. It is easy to say and perhaps harder to deliver unless you turn the entire apartment development model upside down and consult closely with the future residents to provide what they want.With their print and subscriber partner Assemble Papers and developer Make Ventures Abbie explains how being dedicated to housing and shaping the culture of people living closer together plays out in the real world.Most of our discussions on Talking Apartments focus on the financial and capital market side of apartments to keep you on top of the market and help with decisions about owning, buying, selling, and managing your property investment so I have been so pleased to chat to Abbie and found just what I was looking for.Abbie has a background in Urbanism & Architectural communications and as you will hear she lives and breathes urban communities.Abbie generously gave us her time to let us know what they are up to.


15 Mar 2019

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TA:05 Set up for Property Investment Success – Domenic Suleman

When we go hunting for a property investment the very first thing most people do is start searching for a great property by following all the rules of location, aspect, size, access to facilities, etc etc.But according to Domenic Suleman - Director of BCG  the decision of what property to buy is about number 7 on the list of things to do.Domenic's book  "Property Investment" starts off with asking a few important questions ... What can I afford? What does the property investment analysis look like? Whose name should I buy it in? What are the tax differences between different ownership structures? What type of loan is best? How do I protect my assets?and once we have answered all these questions can we then ask... What is the most suitable investment property?Once you have worked through these steps you will be well placed to then start searching for the right property for you that will ensure your goals or objectives of property investment are delivered by the property investment that is best placed to deliver them.Domenic's book is available here and his check list of rental property deductions is available here which has many things you may not currently be claiming at tax time.We love feedback so please share you thoughts and comments on the podcast.


9 Apr 2018

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TA:28 Coronavirus & 6 themes impacting the Apartment Market

Mr Leigh Warner leads JLL apartment market research in Australia and in addition to his recent paper on the state of the market in Melbourne and Sydney, he has identified 6 themes driving the apartment market in 2020 plus global economic issues like the Coronaviris.There are both immediate and longer term issues but all will directly impact how apartments perform from both a capital and rental value throughout the year and beyond.The 6 themes Leigh identified specifically are; Sydney and Melbourne's resurgence will slow Non Syd & Melb markets to steadily improve over the medium term. Under-supply calls to get louder and louder Off-the-plan sales to stay muted (except WA) More regulatory competition between the state. Global uncertainties to remain the wild card.Read the full paper here and I am very keen to hear your thoughts.


4 Mar 2020

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TA:01 What is Talking Apartments?

Hi and welcome to Talking Apartments.This will help you decide if this Podcast is for you and what it is about.Talking Apartments will help you make the right decisions when buy and sell an apartment as well as leasing and managing them. It is also very interactive and I am super keen to actively engage with you along the way to make sure your questions or concerns are answered. You don’t have to wait for the next podcast or blog just shoot me an email on chat@talkingapartments.com.au or via our contact formApartments have been part of Australia’s property market for decades but recently that have rocketed to prominence due to a huge growth in development and everything that goes with that. There has been a commensurate growth in ownership of apartment and often by people who have never owned an investment property or an apartment before.Apartments have an added level of complexities over a house, and that is assuming it is an existing apartment. Add on top of that buying an apartment “off the plan” and the complications and risks escalate significantly.All too often people make basic errors in their transactions or ownership of apartments. There are little things that can make a big difference and are very avoidable with a little bit of direction at the right time.If you either own an apartment or are looking to buy and apartment, and you want to avoid the traps and make the best decision through that process then Talking  Apartments will be a great help for you. Similarly once you own the apartment (particularly as an investor) there are lots of decisions to make along the way and again Talking Apartments will guide you.There many books, TV shows and podcasts about how to invest in property. How to build a portfolio and what property to buy or avoid. Talking apartments will cover these topics but it is more focused on making sure the transactions and management of your apartment goes smoothly.Like the name says – Talking Apartments focuses exclusively on apartments therefore it can dig into the nuances of an apartment both operationally and as a property investment.My commitment is to educate as many people as possible to navigate themselves through the twists and turns of buying, owning and selling apartments. I don’t promise you will learn everything there is to know, but I do promise you will know when to get help and how to stress test the advice you are given. I am also committed to ensuring you enjoy the many benefits successful apartment ownership brings such as financial independence, generational wealth building, and exercising a passion for property.Talking Apartments brings to you experts in the many fields that come together to make an apartment development happen from developers, financiers, market research analysts, architects, legal experts, financial planners and accountants, real estate sales agents, buyers advocates, property managers and many many more interesting and engaging professionals.Talking Apartment is definitely not about me and while I am reluctant to bore you with my dossier I understand it is important for you to know who is espousing their advice, and how credible it is.My name is Andrew Wood and I am your host on Talking Apartments. I am a fourth generation real estate agent after my great grandfather Henry Ashton Wood started HA Wood & Co in Swan Hill Victoria 1908 and my Grand Father (Henry Raymond Wood) and then my Father (Henry William Wood) continued the tradition and now that business is run by my Brother and his wife Brian and Lauren Wood. So that is about 110 years that my family have been advising buyers, sellers, and owners of property through droughts, floods, wars, property booms and busts including the great depression, and through dramatic changes in technology from the horseless carriage to the driverless car.I have honed my experience and knowledge from 30 years in property and have always listened and learned from the many...


27 Feb 2018

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