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Making the Ideal Real

Ever wonder why does he do that or why does she do that? We will provide you insight and practical tools to address the gap between who we ideally would like to be and who we are every day. By applying these tools you will begin to make your ideal real.

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Leading people to their best

New leaders often think that in order to get tasks done efficiently, they need to do the work themselves. Learn two simple models you can use to develop others to get more done in less time while leading them to be their best self.


23 Apr 2019

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How to use your values to achieve your goals

Goal achievement is simple and it is not easy. In this episode, Ray Kelly, SVP at think2perform, discusses how to use your values and your behavior to get what you want for yourself. By leveraging our values and enlisting accountability partners, we increase our chances of living our ideal self. 


19 Nov 2019

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The Three Bucket Theory

As a leader and as an individual it is important to understand what you can control. In this episode, Doug Lennick, CEO and co-founder of think2perform, explains and applies his Three Bucket Theory; Bucket 1 are things you control, Bucket 2 are things you influence and Bucket 3 are things you neither influence nor control. Using this theory will not only help you manage your behavior better, but also help you manage your time.


1 Jul 2019

Rank #3

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Developing a Development Plan

Ever feel that you wanted to have a little more clarity on the skills that you want? Understanding these skills that are necessary for where you want to go is a process that requires reflection in a fast paced world. In this episode, Kris Petersen, COO at think2perform, articulates the power of developing a plan to address the skills you want. 


17 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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Prescribing a Meaningful Life (Just for the Health of It)

Join Ruth Tongen, an RN and HR professional, and host Ryan Goulart as they discuss the often-overlooked health and life benefits of finding meaning and living our lives aligned with purpose.


7 May 2019

Rank #5

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Realizing Your Significance ~ Habits, Actions and Behaviors that Express Your Bigger Why

In this episode, Ryan Goulart speaks with Zach Mercurio, Speaker, Author of The Invisible Leader and Adjunct Professor and Researcher at Colorado State University on the topic of purpose.   While working in an unfulfilling job, Zach found himself having a life changing conversation with a cab driver whose work, that most may consider mundane, provided the man with an abundance of fulfillment. With a focus on what he was contributing to others, this driver’s perspective was admirable.  After that conversation, Zach quit his job and found himself studying how we can develop a contribution centered mindset. In this podcast, Zach shares how he helps people realize their own significance, guiding them in recognizing what use they are to the world and other people, while aligning how one’s strengths and resources meet human needs. He gives the audience tangible tools, including a 7-day challenge, to help identify and live their purpose every day! Enjoy!


25 Feb 2020

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The Language of Leadership

Often the language people use to communicate impacts how others relate and perceive. In this podcast, Lori Mackenzie, Executive Director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University, discusses research-based insights of how you can overcome areas where unconscious bias is playing a role.  Find out more from Lori at: womensleadership.stanford.edu


17 Jun 2019

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Making Habits Stick: The importance of willpower + accountability + kindness

In this episode, Ryan Goulart speaks with Spenser Segal, CEO of ActiFi, on getting what we want for ourselves personally and professionally. Spenser shares tips and tools he employs, including the use of willpower to instill habits and the value of self-kindness, on the path to goal achievement. Both in the workplace and in his personal life, Spenser is focused and aware; his insights are relatable and advice actionable. Enjoy the episode!


14 Jan 2020

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Living Beyond

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. It’s during the challenging times that managing our behavior, while dealing with difficult emotions, is most critical. Learn from our guest, Alexis Flanagan, as she shares her story. Learn more about Alexis's Journey here and follow her on instagram at thereal_lexilifts


9 Apr 2019

Rank #9

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Exploring moral and purposeful leadership

Kate Berman, Executive Director of the think2perform Research Institute discuss why moral and purposeful leadership is a skillset worth having in the present and in the future. She explores how recent research is examining ways leaders can implement tools and exercise to increase trust, retention, innovation and inspiration.  To learn more about the think2perform Research Institute go to: https://www.t2pri.org/


22 Oct 2019

Rank #10

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Depends on how good you want to be

In this episode, Ryan Goulart speaks with Dr. Rick Aberman on performance. Rick emphasizes the importance emotions, authenticity and acceptance play in our lives and their impact on our performance. He shares how presence, curiosity, vulnerability and technology are affecting mental health while reminding us that we are not defined by failure; we are good enough. Enjoy this episode!


28 Jan 2020

Rank #11

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Profits with Purpose and Values

Michael Scott, CEO of Cannaprenuer Partners, discusses how he continues to use his value set of Family, Integrity, Helping Others, Leadership and Loyalty to assist him in making decisions as a serial entrepreneur. In this episode, he highlights how he assesses each opportunity through his values lens and proceeds with intent once he has decided on a path forward.  For more information on Cannaprenuer Partners visit: https://cannapreneurpartners.com/


5 Nov 2019

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Creating a culture of leadership

Leadership isn’t simply about our job title, it is a choice. In fact, we are all leaders, in some way, personally and professionally. Creating a culture of leadership to bring out the potential in others is a key to success!


30 Jul 2019

Rank #13

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Developing the differentiating competencies to be a great leader

Ever wonder what makes a leader great? Is it how smart you are? Or is it something more? In this podcast, think2perform's CEO, Doug Lennick, examines and discusses the roles of moral intelligence and moral competence in being a great leader. You will learn how you can develop these differentiating competencies and discover different ways to apply them.


8 Oct 2019

Rank #14

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The Inevitability of Change

Change is inevitable. Tapping in to our emotional intelligence and empathy while utilizing tools to access knowledge, will allow us to best manage the certainty of change.  link: https://www.12geniuses.com/


16 Jul 2019

Rank #15

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Spotlight: Generational Behaviors

From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, each generation behaviors in different ways? In this episode, Kim Lear, founder of Inlay Insights, provides her research-based perspective on what is driving each generation from workplace identity, divorce, authentic leadership and technology to name a few.  


9 Sep 2019

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The value of curiosity now and in the future

Rohit Bhargava, founder of the Non-Obvious Company and recent speaker at the think2perform conference, discusses the impact and power of curiosity and the role self-awareness plays in maintaining this mindset. Utilizing this mindset will open new ways to bettering yourself both personally and professionally. 


3 Dec 2019

Rank #17

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Presence is the New Power

In this episode, host Ryan Goulart speaks with Monica Anderson, think2perfom SVP + Certified Integral Coach®, about developing presence and linking its power with greater effectiveness to form deeper relationships and increase leadership capabilities.


4 Jun 2019

Rank #18

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Values Based Living

Join Leela Rao and host Ryan Goulart as they discuss the application of values and purpose to Leela’s life and how she goes about doing it through her latest venture for of social entrepreneur ship by starting a children's clothing brand called Pajamas with Love. Website: https://www.pajamaswithlove.com/


21 May 2019

Rank #19

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Empathy and its role in our personal and professional lives

Empathy plays a critical role in all aspects of our life. We can grow our empathy and see positive results including better decision-making, improved relationships and increased influence.


12 Aug 2019

Rank #20