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Antidotes, Stories in Medicine

How each of us practices medicine is uniquely shaped by our experiences. Christine, a nurse practitioner as well as former EMT & Army medic, speaks with medical professionals from all specializations across the globe about the stories that have influenced how they practice medicine. Paramedics, nurses, doctors, & more recount tales that range from funny to wild to profoundly moving, but no matter the role, culture, or country, all are working to make humanity better any way they can.

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Do What You Can

This is week features US Army Combat Medic SSG Pete Hopkins who shares stories from his deployment to Afghanistan with the infantry. Pete discusses what it was like performing village medicine for local Afghans, treating children & soldiers injured by IEDs, & the challenges of having to start a career in civilian medicine at the bottom rung after a deployment so notable a book was written about it. This extended episode of Antidotes will keep you captivated until the end. Subscribe, rate, & review! Pete’s talents extend beyond battlefield medicine & he has created custom music for the show! Check out more of Pete’s music on social media at https://www.petesingsthings.com/ www.instagram.com/pete_sings_things/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCiEniWAPraur5nmlGa2JcVw/videos www.facebook.com/pete.sings.things/ Follow us on social media for updates & join our facebook group for exclusive content Facebook www.facebook.com/antidotespodcast/ Instagram www.instagram.com/antidotespodcast/ Twitter @antidotespod Follow Christine on Twitter @christinethenp Have a story of your own you would like read on the podcast or want to be interviewed by Christine? Send us an email at antidotespodcast@gmail.com Disclaimer: This podcast is not meant to provide medical advice. Always consult with your own health care professional. Names, locations, times & any other potentially identifying information about cases discussed have been changed to protect privacy.

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28 Oct 2018

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