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Cocktails, goth-industrial music/scene/culture, and technology talk from two veteran DJs.

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Citizen Seltzer and The Harvest

10/09/2020  Drink 1 - Citizen Seltzer Apple All Day review Music:Tricky - Fall To Pieces Bedless Bones - Skinwalker (single)Assemblage 23 - Mourn Rein - Reincarnated Seeming - The Birdwatcher's Guide to Atrocity Suffer Ring - Reverentia Rabbit Junk - Xenospheres Break:Seeming - End Studies Drink 2 - The Harvest-1.5oz Judd’s Apple Pie (Hidden Marsh Distillery)-6oz Citizen Seltzer Ginger Love  Movies and Media Outro: Assemblage 23 - Dissonance

1hr 31mins

14 Oct 2020

Rank #1

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The Archer Interview

9/17/2020 - The Archer Interview Drink 1 - The Last Day of Summer-4oz Sprite-1oz Chambord-1oz Amaro (Vecchio Amaro del Capo) Interview with Steven Archer of Stoneburner, Ego Likeness, Hopeful Machines, and Queen Neon Drink 2 - The Stoneburner-1.5oz Rye Whisky-1.5oz Kahlua-.5oz (generous splash) Absinthe-Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Shrub bitters Outro: Stoneburner - Beauty Is Terror

1hr 37mins

10 Oct 2020

Rank #2

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The C Episode

We make a couple fantastic drinks and talk in depth about musical genres, The Cure, Curve, and the cyberpunk aesthetic.  8/222020 Drink 1 - Colorado Cherry Cream ColaBased on the Colorado Bulldog-1oz Vodka-1oz Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)-2oz Morandini Amaretto Cream (traditionally cream or milk)-2oz Cola  Pour cola slowly or the drink may foam more than desired.  Stir gently.Music:Witch Of The Vale - Trust The PainKMFDM - In DubMari Kattman - eat. Curve - Blindfold EP - Bootleg EP Series 1 Deep dive: Musical genresThe CureCurve Break: Curve - No Escape From Heaven Drink 2 - The Chameleon-1.5oz Jägermeister Manifest-6.5oz Monster Zero Ultra White More Music:Tricky - Thinking OfStoneburner - Stoneburner Soundsystem Kompromat 3Out Out - Invisible Sun Stoneburner - Beauty is TerrorHate Dept. back catalog (name your price) - meet.your.maker, Omnipresent, Technical Difficulties, DitchNew Haunts - Flight/Fight Little Big - GO BANANAS Little Big - Funeral Rave Fatigue - Illusory ThingsCyberpunk Aesthetics Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 Earbud Review Outro: KMFDM - A DUB AGAINST WAR

2hr 15mins

27 Aug 2020

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A return to the Country for the birth of Kong Cream

7/26/2020 Drink 1 - Donkey Kong Country -1.5oz Banana Flavored Rum -6.5oz Caffeinated Root Beer (Barq’s) Movies Learning and Failing Music: Clan of Xymox - All I Ever Know Clan Of Xymox - Spider On The Wall Stoneburner - Stoneburner Soundsystem: Kompromat 2 Panic Priest - Shiver And Crawl (Visceral Anatomy remix) Statiqbloom - Beneath The Whelm Corlyx - Together Apart Rabbit Junk - Prismatic Sirus - The Book Of Gates Break: Sirus - The Book Of Gates Drink 2 - Kong Cream -1.5oz Banana Rum Cream (Blue Chair Bay) -6.5oz Caffeinated Root Beer (Barq’s) -(optional) Crushed Ice: Blend Rum Cream with ice, then add Root Beer Tech talk: -Flare Calmer -Bluetooth Earbuds/Headphones -Mobile DJing -Odyessy Flight Case for Traktor S4 Dark Side of the Con moves again Outro: Rabbit Junk - Prismatic

1hr 41mins

29 Jul 2020

Rank #4

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OK Cairn and The Albany Stomp

6/28/2020 Drink 1 - OK Cairn (keto friendly)-2oz Tequila Anejo-6oz Monster Ultra Fiesta-Cherry spiced bitters Music:Seraphim System - Phoenix VA - Electric Saviors VI: Reflection Stoneburner - Stoneburner Soundsystem: Kompromat 1 Ego Likeness - Wolves Rosegarden Funeral Party - At The Stake Strvngers - Frailty (SLOW DEATH version) Bitman - Standing In A City The Gothsicles - Pre-Party 2020: A Festival EP Screams For Tina Yellow Lazarus - The Mark Inside The Sepia Sisters - Welcome to Palm City Wind Atlas - Arche-Fossil Break: The Sepia Sisters - Midnight Pacemaker Drink 2 - Albany Stomp-2oz Irish whiskey-2oz Amaretto Videogames Tech Talk/Mechno’s Workbench:-Putting on a silent disco-Sony Portable Party System RDH-GTK37IP Outro: Stoneburner - Inertia Creeps

1hr 54mins

1 Jul 2020

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Cracked Tombstone under the Blood Moon

5/19/2020 Drink 1 - Cracked Tombstone-1.5 oz Tequila-6.5 oz Cola-Lime or Spiced Cherry Bitters Tech talk: Twitch streaming Corona impacts and working from home  Drink 2 - Blood Moon-1.5oz Vodka-6.5oz Sprite-Splash of Grenadine-(optional) Chocolate Bitters Music:New Assemblage 23 in September Gasoline Invertebrate - Damage Over Time Seraphim System - Phoenix Bedless Bones - After Malaise Mari Kattman - drink  The Birthday Massacre - DiamondsStoneburner - Red In Tooth And ClawPanic Priest - Second SeductionCaroline Blind - The Spell BetweenOskar Terramortis - Goth Covered Astari Nite - Here Lies  Josie Pace  HANTE. - REMIXES & MOREClan Of Xymox - LoversRosegarden Funeral Party - Salvation and Saving Face  Antibody vs The Gothsicles - You Make Me Want To Learn How To Cook Porches - The House Statiqbloom - Asphyxia Remixed Xotox - Gestern Kanga - Eternal Daughter V/A - Ombra INTL 014: International Waters Vol. 1 Mechno’s workbench: latex clothing Looking forward: 2020 is amazing Outro: Gasoline Invertebrate - Scarlet Slip feat. Chris Connelly

1hr 39mins

22 May 2020

Rank #6

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The Inadvisable Triumph: Chambord and Coke

03/08/2020 Drink 1 - Amaretto SourFor Teresa-4oz to 6oz Amaretto-2oz sour mix Dark Side of The Con vs Corona VirusInadvisable Journey 2 report Drink 2 - Chambord and Coke-2oz Chambord-6oz Cola Catharsis and local sceneMusic:Gothsicles - Dark Side Of The Con 4 EPClan of Xymox - SheTricky - 20,20Caroline Blind - HeavenBitman - Eight Eight The Burning HateMassenhysterie - HausfrauengelusteViva Non - Play Forwards To Hear Satanic MessagesGrimes - Miss AnthropoceneAllie X - Cape GodPeter Crane - That Annihilated Place  Books:David Byrne - How Music WorksLeigh Bardugo - Six Of CrowsLouis McMaster Bujold- The Curse Of Chalion Events and The Law Outro - Clan of Xymox - She

1hr 27mins

11 Mar 2020

Rank #7

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2019 Year In Review Fireside Chat

01/10/2020 Our first remote from the upper floor of Mechnopolis Drink 1 - Absinthe Eggnog-1.5oz Absinthe-1.5oz Heavy Cream-3/4oz Simple Syrup-1 Egg-1/2 tsp Vanilla ExtractShake for a moment.  Add ice and shake vigorously.Pour and add more simple syrup and vanilla to taste. Goals in the new year2019 in reviewTop music releases of the year:Corlyx - In2 The Skin CULTTASTIC - CULTTASTICRabbit Junk - Dune (Theme From the Motion Picture) [Remix]Purple Fog Side - The Sky Ablaze  Top movies of the year Drink 2 - Vert Chaud-2oz Green Chartreuse-6oz Hot Chocolate Top video games of the yearLocal goth events2020 plans New & Notable Music:Twin Tribes - Ceremony Caroline Blind - Need to Say The Necromancers Union - Shadows WINGTIPS - Exposure Therapy Marva Von Theo - Embrace This Madness Seraphim System - MUTANT MTHRFKR III The Nightsicles - Print and Colour EP Wychdoktor - Oracle Outro - Stabbing Westward - Cold

1hr 47mins

14 Jan 2020

Rank #8

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Bloodbath Variations

11/23/2019 Drink 1 - BloodbathEqual parts:-Cabernet Sauvignon-Chambord (raspberry liqueur)-Cranberry juiceServer chilled. Tesla Cybertruck Music:SRSQ - Temporal Love / UnkeptHeavy Water Factory - SpillageTest Dept. - Disturbance DisorderedLaibach - The Sound Of MusicUlterior Muses: Electronic Music For Belly DanceStrvngers - Death Is The Only Way OutAssemblage 23's indiegogo campaign Death Stranding reactions Terminator: Dark Fate Drink 2 - BloodlustEqual parts:-Cabernet Sauvignon-Black Currant juice-Jewel of Russia Wildberry Infusion Add Bittermens Hellfire Habaanero Shrub to taste Bonus Drink 3 - ???-2 parts Cabernet Sauvignon-1 part Cranberry juice-1 part Black currant liqueur-1/2 part Chambord-Splash of Jewel of Russia Wildberry Infusion Tech talk:-All fog juice is not created equal-New MacBook Pro overview Av3nture Glacier Parka review  Outro - SRSQ - Temporal Love 

1hr 25mins

30 Nov 2019

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A Halloween Retrospective

11/07/2019 Drink 1 - Snakebite & Black-Equal parts hard cider and lager (substitute Guinness)-Splash of blackcurrant cordial Halloween Retrospective:Party/drink ideasMechno's October traveloguesVellocet's Philadelphia trip    -Mutter Museum    -Terror Behind The Walls    -Laurel Hill Cemetery Spooky Movies:Vellocet's Evil Dead storyUnderrated films   -Fright Night (1985)   -Intruder (1989)   -The Resurrected (1992)   -Life (2017) Recommended classic films:   -Evil Dead 2 (1987)   -Alien (1979)   -The Thing (1982)   -Prince Of Darkness (1987)   -Phantasm (1979) Halloween trend: the JokerMusic:Moris Blak - The Irregularity of Being Ashbury Heights - People Are Strange Beta Virus - Chroma Side-Line - Face The Beat: Session 4 and Session 5Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen  KMFDM - PARADISE A Projection - SectionThe Necromancers Union - GhostsDeath Stranding DJing for an unknown crowd Drink 2 - Spirit Review: Infuse Mango Habanero Vodkahttps://www.infusespirits.com/product Outro - Moris Blak - Upgrade Me (feat. Amelia Arsenic)

1hr 48mins

9 Nov 2019

Rank #10