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The Big Picture New Zealand brings together extraordinary social commentary shared by people in great company.📻🧏Most podcasts talk about issues but we all know the issues. It's time to get on with fixing them. 🧐🤔This is a place to dream big and think different. All ideas need to be on the table before we can find the best solutions. So at The Big Picture NZ, nothing is right or wrong and nothing is off the table.🚀👨‍🚀Big, scary ideas change the world, it only needs regular people to stand up and try.🌏🦪

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20. How To Save The Ocean

Cormac is here to save the ocean from becoming a barren wasteland. Some fish species have collapsed by 97% and seabirds have reduced in numbers by 70%, indicating that the ocean is drying up as our main food source. In this episode, we look to find practical, realistic solutions to a problem that has been largely ignored. It's been ignored because it's out of sight, out of mind. So tune in as Cormac and I solve the big issue in 30 mins flat. Thanks for sharing the word and following the Instagram page @thebigpicturenz. I am launching the Instagram page soon so get in early before it's too late haha.     


6 Jun 2021

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19. Taking The NZ Music Industry Up A Level

NIck Arbuckle is back to completely change the Music Industry. We have so many world-class musicians in New Zealand, we just struggle to promote them. Nick Arbuckle and I have an idea that could change the course of NZ music forever. So listen in as it's just the start of the journey, and follow the Instagram page @thebigpicturenz to watch it all unfold. Should be a good one. Keep sharing the word guys, this channel is building something!🌊🏄


30 May 2021

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18. Getting In The NZ Time Capsule

Alana Hall and Nick Jacobi are back to talk about one of New Zealands forgotten gems, The East Cape. Tune in as we talk about the different way of living on the coast and what we can learn from them. The sense of community is real and making connections feels easy. I know everyone will enjoy listening to a different way of life. Thanks everyone for sharing the word around and make sure to follow the instagram @thebigpicturenz to stay up to date. Theres some great content coming up, enjoy!


26 May 2021

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17. The Kiwis Putting The First Woman On The Moon

The Rocket Man Nick Arbuckle is back on the show to catch us up on the NZ Space Race. Nick looks like your average bloke but he is anything but, working at Rocket Lab in NZ. Elon Musks Space X's main rival. Nick is working on building a rocket that will slingshot around the earth before reaching the moon. The Big Picture is to put the first female on the Moon by 2024 with a space station to boot. Not a small feat for a bloke that was unemployed for 8 months. I'm proud of Nick and this is an epic episode with an epic mission. So sit back, relax and enjoy a good laugh with one of the world's most interesting Rocket Scientists. Thank you everyone for the growing community. It seems word of mouth really is the best way for the show to grow. And it has been so thank you! So hit subscribe on the podcast and follow the Instagram page for more quality content!


23 May 2021

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16. Life Update, I'm an Independent Journalist

Life Update - I quit working, became an Independent Journalist and I'm going to be based in New Zealand and I plan to travel the World covering issues affecting Humanity in the 21st Century. I get my old Travel Buddy on, Alex Deegan, to share the great news and a couple of stories from past adventures. I'm excited for many more adventures to come. That sums it up, so check out the lil 17min ripper episode. Thanks guys, loving the vibe, please follow @thebigpicturenz and rave about it to your friends. Harrison


17 May 2021

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15. Outdoor Adventurers, Isolation and How Goods a Tree

Alana Hall and Nick Jacobi pop into town to share their epic adventure. They have been working in the bush in Gisborne caring for Kiwi and and killing Pine Trees. It sounds weird killing a Pine Tree but they are actually pests! Alana Hall's Dad has a serious number of pines he's converting back to Native Bush. It's a crazy big project with at least 300 years needed for the project to be completed! What vision. So give it a listen and hear how these two tough Aucklanders are making a difference. Thanks for the support everyone, stoked with the instagram launch yesterday, already 125 followers of the show! So swing past @thebigpicturenz and follow the journey. I appreciate it already!


12 May 2021

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14. Are We In A Housing Bubble?

Mark Churton is back to ruin the party 🥳🧍‍♂️😒 Everyone has seen the housing prices bloom even after the NZ governments policy tweaks to 'cool it off.' However, Cindy has said she doesn't want to see the houseprices to drop 📉😅 Why not? Well firstly our whole neoliberal economy needs a constant stream of debt to keep people buying shit they don't need. The rise in house prices is a shot of heroine to our unproductive economy. If you can't make it, fake it as they say. So thats what we are doing. Real Estate Agents, Developers, Banks and Home Owners have a lot to celebrate. So that's what they are doing, look around at the new cars, home extensions and investment properties since Covid 🆒🚙 But, this has been paid by increasing our debt level. Interest rates make it irresistible and you don't want to be left behind. What if these interest rates climb though? It's ok at 2% interest, but what about 8% interest, 4x's the current rate. People are going to drown in debt. The scary thing is, with governments printing free money due to covid, inflation should occur by hasn't yet. This toxic mix looks like it's leading us to something that looks like Germany in the 1930's. Germany printed money to pay off WW1 reparations. Not long after that, it was cheaper to burn cash than buy firewood 📈🔥 I hope we are ready for that because unfortunately it's the young and poor that are going to pay the heavy price for the party. After a big party always comes a good hangover. The question is, how bad is the hangover going to be...


9 May 2021

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13. Calling All Creatives, It's Time To Change The World

In this episode, Shania and I decide to start a creative revolution. Why? Because we should all be tall poppies and show our true selves. We need to reimagine what your standard New Zealander actually looks like today. We aren't gumboots and singlets anymore. We are leaders in all things creative, we are just too humble to say it.🕺💃 New Zealand is currently ranked the most free country in the world. No surprises there with democracy about to fail around the world. That means we need to show the world what the 21st Century should looks like. The status-quo is only taking us down. It's NZ's job to pull everyone back up.🏋️‍♂️🌏 This episode aims to inspire more people to forget about what others think and start creating because I'm over the b.s. Who cares what old mate thinks of your work. Just do it! Positivity, Collaboration and Supporting each other will allow us to create our best work. We need to be freed of our own thoughts, otherwise whats the point...    It's finally New Zealand's time in the sun, so let's grab our 15mins of fame (Thanks Covid and Cindy) and run with it. So go be free and do what the fuck you want because your creations will live on even though you might not... Listen in to hear the start of a new age. The age of creation. I'm already excited.🌞📡🥰 Follow @thebigpicturenz @ageofalice and @nu_ceramics for more class content


2 May 2021

Rank #8

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12. Alex's Roadie, Bird Men and Who Owns Antarctica

I started recording for a podcast I had planned to do with Alex Deegan. He starts off by talking about travelling in his hobbit style caravan. He then talks about his love for birds and how fascinating NZ Kiwis are. We talk penguin's rights at the United Nations and finally who owns Antarctic.  Thanks everyone, I really loved doing something a bit different this podcast. Make sure to subscribe, give it 5 stars and tell your mates. I would love to hear your thoughts on it so make sure to follow the instagram  @thebigpicturenz 🌏🦪


25 Apr 2021

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11. Hearing Out NZ and Australia's Complex Relationship

On this episode I get my Australian friend Alex Deegan on to sort out why Aussies are so loud. It's a topical one given the Trans Tasman Bubble opening and ANZAC Day this weekend. The conversation goes through the different stages of our interesting relationship.  From the confidence of the convicts to how we see the world. Global events has pulled us together and apart over our short history. Coal and minerals has turned Australia into the richest country in the world per capita. While unlike Australia, New Zealand has a democracy that works pretty well. This episode looks to answer what the future of New Zealand and Australia looks like and what brother is on top at the moment. You might be surprised.  Thanks everyone, I love making these! Make sure to subscribe and give it 5 stars on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to share the podcast with anyone you think would enjoy it. Follow the instagram page @thebigpicturenz or contact.thebigpicturenz@gmail.com. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


20 Apr 2021

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