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Talking all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing is off limits in this podcast that navigates relationships and dating in the modern day. Brought to you by two bachelor finalists Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

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13. Are you hungry? GIRLS GOTTA EAT interview with Ashley and Rayna

You guys hungry? Because we are! We sat down with the outrageous New York babes behind one of America’s top relationship podcasts ‘Girls gotta eat’ to talk all things love, sex, BDSM and just have a good old chin wag. Nothing is off limits with these two and we loved every second. If you are easily offended then this is not the episode for you.... and for the rest of you, well, strap yourself in for some good belly laughsIf you’re loving listening to us every week don’t be shy! Leave a review and share the love, because, well, we love love x

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24 Feb 2020

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3. Kayla Itsines Uncut

On this very special episode we are throwing back to a very recent interview we did with fitness guru and social media mega boss babe Kayla Itsines. Kayla is an Australian personal trainer, author and a mum to beautiful baby Arna. She is the creator of the Bikini Body Guides and workout app, Sweat with Kayla. In March 2016, Time's named Kayla one of 30 most influential people on the Internet. Kayla has an insane 12 million instagram followers. If you love this episode follow @lifeuncutpodcast.


13 Jan 2020

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3. So I dated a Sociopath

Grab your oxygen tanks people because we are about to get deep. We chat about the new bachelor contestants before we dive right in to a more serious topic, dating a sociopath. Britt opens up and shares the experience that completely changed her life. We also introduce a new segment, “Ask Uncut” where we answer your questions. Please hit subscribe, if you like us hit 5 stars and leave a review to help us grow. Because, well, we love love. x

1hr 1min

7 Aug 2019

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2. Laura had a baby!

As the title says... LAURA HAD A BABY! In today’s podcast we do our very first interview with our own host Laura Byrne. There will be guaranteed laughs as Britt extracts the whole juicy unheard story. But what’s that? Britt experiences her own life event? Does it measure up to Laura’s? In other breaking news... season 7 of the bachelor starts tonight and we can barely contain our excitement. We would appreciate for you to share the love! Subscribe and leave a review. Because, well, we love love. X


31 Jul 2019

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11. How do you know if they are 'THE ONE'?

Talking about soulmates, soul connections and some love advice from Brittany's parents. This episode we unpack 'The One' and what the hell that even means.Thank you to our sponsor FRANK BODY who are the whiz bang geniuses behind Frank Face.Use code LIFEUNCUT15 for your 15% OFF when you spend $35 or more. Head to frankbody.comWANT MORE? Follow @lifeuncutpodcast xx


17 Feb 2020

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2. ASK UNCUT - Emotional cheating, rough sex and some Instagram gaslighting

ASK UNCUT is our quick, down and dirty bonus ep where we answer your burning questions about life, love, lust and a whole lot of other stuff. What would you do if you found cheating texts in your boyfriends phone....the dirty deflecting son of a b****. How do you tell your boyfriend of 6 months you don't like rough sex? Why won't he post you on Instagram? If you have a juicy question for us slide into our DM's @lifeuncutpodcastn and share the love, because we love LOVE!


8 Jan 2020

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5. Can we have it all?

On the menu today, can we have it all? The career, the family, the friends, the holidays, the house, the social circle. What does “all” even mean? And are we actually suffering whilst trying to achieve it? Let’s talk all about having it all. After a solid Bachelor recap of course! Also, you know we are going to answer your questions on “ASK UNCUT” Guys If you like us please help us grow by hitting subscribe,giving 5 stars, leave a review and share the love. Because, well, we love love x


21 Aug 2019

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7. Imposter Syndrome - Fake it till you make it

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like you’re not good enough? Doubted your success? Felt like your achievements are all down to dumb luck? Yeah, us too! And it’s a thing! And that thing is called Imposter syndrome. Join us this week as we break it down. After a bach recap of course! Enjoy lovely humans, and remember subscribe, hit 5 stars and share the love. Because, well, we love love. X


4 Sep 2019

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10. Friending - navigating friendships as an adult

Hello lovely listeners! WE HAVE CROWNED OUR BACHI KING AND QUEEN. All hail Chelsea and Astro Bachi. We are also talking about friendship in all it's colourful forms. How do you juggle friendships as an adulty adult when you're time poor and life has so many demands. If you like listening as much as we like talking please hit subscribe and share the love because we love love x


25 Sep 2019

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19. ASK UNCUT - HELP! My partner wants to go to a sex club

ASK UNCUT is our quick down and dirty bonus ep each week. This week we answer your burning questions - Like what to do when your partner wants to try out a sex club, and is it normal that one boob is bigger than the other, how soon can you nap after sex and lastly we give some heartfelt advice - 'ride that pogo stick off into the sunset'....If you have loved this ep follow @lifeuncutpodcast to keep up to date and hit that big old subscribe button!


18 Mar 2020

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21. SELF SABOTAGE - Are you your own worst enemy?

“You’re your own worst enemy”Sound familiar to you?? Have you ever said this to yourself or heard it from someone else? Maybe you’re self sabotaging! Self-sabotage is when you actively or passively take steps to prevent yourself from reaching your goals. Whether that is in relationships, personal life or career.But how do we know and how do we fix it! Hold the line caller! Actually, don’t hold the line, just listen to this episode as we crack it open.Sending you all so much love. If you love this ep or just love us please leave a review, hit subscribe and share the love, because, well, we love love. 


30 Mar 2020

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23. LOCK IT DOWN, dating in isolation

Dating has now entered unchartered territory. We are in a place that no man (nor woman) has ever been before. A place where we must get to know each other instead of simply ‘hooking up’. Where we must put in effort for no physical return. Where we must look outside the box. Where we don’t even have to put pants on to date.Join us as we unpack dating during lockdown and what that means for the future, we even throw in a few date ideas.That and OMG we hit 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS WE’RE NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING!Thank you lovers for coming on this crazy lollercoaster journey with us. We couldn’t do it without you and love every second💕If you can relate in any way to these episodes or know someone that may, please share they love, because, well, we love love

1hr 11mins

7 Apr 2020

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6. Samantha Wills Uncut

In this ep we sit down with the delightful entrepreneur extraordinaire Samantha Wills and talk about her journey from the beach town side of Port Macquarie to the bright city lights of New York, from selling jewellery at Bondi markets to being a brand adored by celebrities all over. We talk all things business, story telling, relationships and why she closed the doors on her multimillion dollar company while it was still at the height of its success. Subscribe and share because, we love love.


28 Aug 2019

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15. A lesson in self love and positive thinking

In this episode we are talking about self love and self forgiveness. We also touch on our thoughts on cosmetic surgery and self acceptance. Tackling the big stuff and the small stuff.Big thanks to our sponsors Frank Body and Scratch Pet Food!Follow @lifeuncutpodcast for your daily lolcano, lolerderby....lolercoaster.... (I feel embarrassed just typing that)Life Uncut is an independent podcast and it fills us with bundles of joy to bring our yabbering to you each week! If you loved this ep please hit 'subscribe' on Apple podcast or 'follow' on Spotify, and if you're feeling extra zesty leave a review and share the love because WE LOVE LOVE!


2 Mar 2020

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16. Reality TV catch up, my dad found my vibratory and WHAT THE HELL IS MICRO CHEATING?

Today we are talking MICRO CHEATING! Is your significant other sliding into other people’s DM’s? Pretending they are single? Having too much contact with an ex? Well. That’s called Microcheating. Yep it’s a thing. But What the hell is it and what he hell do you do about it? Lets break this bad by down! This ep made possible by scratch dog food and frank body.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the review page and share the love, because, well, we love love. Follow @lifeuncutpodcast


9 Mar 2020

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25. Talking miscarriage

There is a lot of stigma and guilt that is attached to miscarriage and despite how common they are, they are not commonly spoken about. In this episode Laura speaks openly about her two miscarriages, pregnancy and loss. JOIN THE DISCUSSION on our facebook page or follow @Lifeuncutpodcast

1hr 2mins

13 Apr 2020

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10. DIRTY CHEAT - Talking cheating and trusting your intuition. When to stay and when to walk away.

Get out your pitchforks because in this weeks episode we are talking cheating! Cheating hurts, it sucks, so why do so many people do it? In todays episode we unpack the complex reasons why people cheat and whether or not you can salvage your relationship if you have been rocked by infidelity.Thank you to our sponsor FRANK BODY who are the whiz bang geniuses behind Frank Face.Use code LIFEUNCUT15 for your 15% OFF when you spend $35 or more. Head to frankbody.comWANT MORE? Follow @lifeuncutpodcast xx


10 Feb 2020

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20. BONUS EP - Strictly lolcanos, belly laughs and accidentally unfiltered stories

OK, so we aren't in full lock down just yet, but this whole social distancing thing makes podcasting a wee bit difficult. This episode was recorded as a very special BONUS EP for all our die hard OG listeners.To our wonderful listeners, we are thinking of you during this hard and uncertain time, we love you and we will keep making content to help bring a dash of joy to your day.We hope this gives you a laugh.STAY SAFE, stay inside and enjoy a little @lifeuncutpodcast with thanks to our sponsors Frank Body and Scratch Pet Food.


25 Mar 2020

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12. ASK UNCUT - My boss is micromanaging me, ghosting, life after travel, and marrying soon after having a baby.

It’s ASK UNCUT time!Legends! You bring the problems and we bring our unqualified advice! This week we talk marrying soon after giving birth, Ghosting, and how to let him down easy! We also chat work, travelling and getting back into normal life.Jump on the loller-coaster guys! And if you loved it, share the love, because, well, we love love xThanks to our sponsor FRANK BODY who now have Frank Face! Use code LIFEUNCUT15 for your 15% OFF when you spend $35 or more. Head to frankbody.com


19 Feb 2020

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8. BLOODY HINDSIGHT! Lessons we wish we knew in our 20's, self love and dealing with failure.

ALSO... MAFS IS BACK AND LAURA CAN'T BREATHE.Thank you to our sponsor Frank Body, who are the whiz bang geniuses behind Frank Face. Frank Body create real products, for real skin, with real results.Use code lifeuncut15 for 15% OFF when you spend $35 or more. Head to frankbody.comFor all the lols follow us and @lifeuncutpodast and hit subscribe x


3 Feb 2020

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