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I'm an author, broadcaster, speaker and champion of intuition and its rightful place in our lives.Join me on a fascinating journey of exploration into what our minds are REALLY capable of …

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In today's episode, I'm introducing you to extraordinary graphic designer, Lora Starling. Lora began her career working in award-winning design studios in Australia and the UK before founding her own studio in central London with international clients including Lloyds Bank and The Boots Company. After two decades of success in conventional design, she realised that logos have a deeper, more far-reaching impact than she'd been taught. She began to notice that an inherent energy imprint was also being delivered by the design.  She started to explore this and began to discover connections between complementary medicine, shamanism, psychology and quantum physics that revealed how logos can effect change. And as a result of all that search and research, she's come to define logos as 'future magnets' and says, "Each logo, including every element and detail within it, carries an intention for the future.  Logos identify and direct the life we want, whether it's for a business, a movement, a person or better times." And it doesn't have to be a logo, like the Apple apple, for example. This intentional energy can also invest your name. So if your actual name is your business name, or you're a sole trader, that 'future magnet' energy can still be present. Quite simply, Lora says, "However you define success, you can create a logo to help it manifest." Now, I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty exciting to me!  So tune in and listen to what else Lora has to say ....


24 Jan 2021

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Nurture your garden, nourish your soul

In this episode, I talk to Garden Whisperer, Jo Dyer, owner of Really Useful Gardens. Jo believes passionately in the power of gardens to bring about improved well-being through self expression and creativity. She helps people create gardens that make their soul sing by providing advice and guidance, workshops and courses. She helps people get inspired and unstuck, out of overwhelm and confidently into action so they can create a garden that they love. She shares out-of-the-box ideas about gardening that are sure to capture your interest and imagination - ideas that apply whether you have a large garden, a patio or a window box.  And they seem particularly relevant during these Covid times.  Click below to hear more about how nurturing your garden can indeed nourish your soul.


26 May 2020

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Mindful or Mind Full? An interview with Mindfulness Teacher Teresa Wort

In this interview, you'll hear the gentle tones of Mindfulness and Compassion teacher, Teresa Wort, as she shares with us how mindfulness practice has helped her manage two fairly demanding conditions that she lives with - psoriatic arthritis and idiopathic anaphylaxis. These conditions are known for the pain and anxiety they can give rise to, but they can be very effectively managed with mindfulness exercises and practice, as Teresa explains. She also describes how mindfulness can be of profound help in all sorts of conditions and situations - perhaps of particular help right now, as we live through one of the most challenging times in a generation. You might find the simple exercises that Teresa describes in this episode of real help right now - so click on and listen!


13 May 2020

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A New Dawn, A New Day

I’m Mary Hykel Hunt, writer, teacher and broadcaster on all things intuitive and in this episode, I interview Dawn of D52 Ltd - business adviser with a difference.  Listen to what Dawn has to say - about new ways of going about our businesses in these covid times. And it's applicable not just to business but to our way of life too. Business as unusual - these are our times. A New Dawn, A New Day


1 Apr 2020

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Me, You and M.E.

I’m Mary Hykel Hunt, writer, teacher and broadcaster on all things intuitive and in this episode, I interview yet another thinking disruptor - Jill Dunsford, who's going to be talking about her pioneering journey to recovery from M.E. or myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome. Even today, M.E. is an often misunderstood condition. 30 years ago, it wasn't even considered to be real.  In our conversation, Jill describes how she became unwell, going from being a fit and healthy squash- and tennis-playing 34 year old to someone who couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without resting halfway up - all in the space of just two weeks - and how she spent six years waiting for medical help, to no avail, until, one morning, she woke up and decided she was going to help herself. She writes about this journey in her blog, Me, You and M.E. - Discovery & Recovery - A Way Through (link below), where she describes how she began healing through uncovering what lay at the root of her M.E.  She tracks the discoveries that led to her recovery and how she changed her life story from one of hopelessness and despair to happiness, joy and a deep sense of well-being. Her story is offers insights into how we may heal, and perhaps not just from M.E. And as she says, "If I can heal myself, so can you."

1hr 11mins

23 Feb 2020

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Episode #2: The One About Energy Astrology

Welcome to How to Live an Intuitive Life - the podcast that champions the rightful place of intuition in our lives. I’m Mary Hykel Hunt, writer, teacher and broadcaster on all things intuitive and in this episode, I'm talking once again to innovative crystal practitioner and energy worker, Brian Parsons. This time, Brian's talking to us about his pioneering work in astrology - Energy Astrology - bringing a whole new dimension (or dimensionS) to this ancient topic.  Just Brian at his disruptive best again ...


29 Jan 2020

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Crystals and an MBA: The Path to Audio Essences

Welcome to How to Live an Intuitive Life - the podcast that champions the rightful place of intuition in our lives. I’m Mary Hykel Hunt, writer, teacher and broadcaster on all things intuitive and in this episode, I’m introducing you to innovative crystal practitioner and energy worker, Brian Parsons. Brian is in fact a whole lot more than just a practitioner. He’s a prolific author and intriguing teacher, and in the past, I’ve also described him as something of a creative disrupter. That’s because he takes what we think we know, and asks us to look at it differently, work with it differently, experience it differently. And the topic he brings to us today certainly fits that description. Over the last 20 years, Brian has been developing a revolutionary new process called Audio Essences – a way of digitally capturing subtle vibrations on to MP3 files, so that you can receive these vibrations just through the act of listening. It’s similar to the age-old method of capturing vibrations in pure spring water to create flower or tree essences – it’s just done digitally. Using this method, it's possible to capture the vibrational signatures of crystals, flowers, trees - even sacred words. But let’s hear Brian tell us more about this …


2 Dec 2019

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Nature's Power Points: Halloween

Halloween. A time for spooks and spirits, witches and broomsticks, pumpkin lanterns and that recent American incursion, trick or treating. Love it or loathe it, Halloween has been around for a long, long time. But why does it feature on our calendar of season celebrations? Find out more in Mary Hykel Hunt's latest podcast!


30 Oct 2019

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Nature's Powerpoints: Spring Equinox

In this episode from Mary Hykel Hunt's audio blog, How to Live an Intuitive Life, she talks about how our seasonal celebrations are tied to Nature's cycles - and how we can benefit from observing them, in mind, body and spirit.


25 Mar 2018

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