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Two friends, one bottle and plenty of things to wig out about. Sit down, enjoy a glass of your favorite wice and join Paul Croce and Lindsay Harbert as they dish on what's flipping their wigs. Each week, they'll talk all things pop culture, tell you who's the problem, and chase down a tangent whenever a sparkly one comes along.

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Popping Corks About Popping Corks

It's been three years, Wigs! Can you believe it? The only unbelievable thing is that we still have no idea what's going on with our sound equipment! As is slightly evident this week, but at least we're consistent right?? Speaking of consistency, it may be time to retire one of the segments we've done since the beginning. Popping corks just makes us feel like popping off these days, so enjoy one? last one before we fill that space with something more positive-- or at least fun. But don't worry, this week is still full of some gripes including Todrick Hall, a super fucked up haunted house and a baffling turn for Queen Meryl. Hey, not everything can be Mama Mia! Here We Go Again! 

1hr 3mins

27 Oct 2019

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Momo & the Case of the Missing Prenatal Vitamins

Hi, Wigs! What a long strange year it has already been, no? Makes you long for the cozier night terrors of 2018. Thankfully, we're back with another episode filled with lots of confused vigor and fury to make the pain SLIGHTLY less eye-stabby. This week, we wade through the Khloe/Jordyn drama, unravel the insanity of the Momo Challenge and sashay right on past the complications of Leaving Neverland and Jussie Smollett in favor of more important issues... Drag Race Drama!! We've got a double Troll Patrol that takes you from a beloved Los Angeles bodega to just south of the border. And Wigs to keep you smiling long into the weekend. Thanks for listening! 

1hr 22mins

7 Mar 2019

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Melancholy Gyllenhaal & the Infinite McFoster Fuss

Whoo, we worked really hard on that title. And you've earned it because we have been MIA. We know. Consistency is not our strong suit. Neither is production value (as you'll see in the first five minutes of terrible recording audio). Why do you guys listen to this podcast again? Because we keeps it 100! And this week, we have extra help in the form of a truly fabulous Wig, Vanessa Strafaci! We dive headfirst into the Grammys, cell phone surveillance, David Foster and Katharine McPhee's never-ending engagement and Meghan Markle's brilliant attempt to take over Buckingham Palace (or at least just have that damn kid in peace). Oh, and we finally checked the email. Seriously, why do you guys listen to this podcast? We love you! 

1hr 25mins

12 Feb 2019

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Your Madgesty (with special guest, Nick Rufca)

Hi, Wigs! We're back with an extra long one starring a very special guest, writer/producer and Paul's hubby, Nick Rufca. We do all the usual nonsense PLUS a deep dive into the career of Madame X (some of you might know her better  as Madonna). Nick is her #1 Stan, so you'll definitely want to hear all the fascinating and honest insights we uncovered over two bottles of rose. All this and so much more, including all the pop culture recommendations you've been craving in film, tv, books and music! Thanks for listening and please remember to rate, review and pass us along to a friend! 

1hr 55mins

21 Jun 2019

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Wigsgiving - Anything But Black Friday

Hi Wigs! This week, we're not popping corks! We want to keep things light, fun and positive going into this holiday season, so we bring you our top five activities that don't involve Black Friday. Along with some second opinions and - of course - we flip our wigs, because we'll always have things to flip our wigs about. 

1hr 27mins

23 Nov 2019

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Bobbi Christina Barcelona

Wait for it. 

1hr 18mins

4 Apr 2019

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Pass me a White Clam

No, white clams are not what we call those pissed off bigots who are mad about the casting of The Little Mermaid remake. But it kind of definitely works. There's also a whole bunch of other rants about the latest KUWTK drama, Jeffrey Epstein, streaming service overload and yes, even the 1995 classic, "Now and Then." We've got TWO Second Opinions and wigs as fiery red as the one Halle Bailey may or may not wear! You know why? Because things change! And that's okay! Thanks for listening!

1hr 16mins

12 Jul 2019

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A Shane By Any Other Name Would Smell As Gross

Hi, Wigs! Remember us?! That's right, we're back after having taken the summer off totally on purpose and not at all in an unplanned way. We missed you and our usual shenanigans, so we're back in full force. It's an episode of doughy white dudes including the salsa dancing potato that is Sean Spicer and the racist, D-bag "comedian" that was cast on SNL for about three minutes. We also flip our wigs for All In With Iskra both have a lovefest for T. Swift's LOVER. We're glad to be back, and promise to never leave you so long again... until we accidentally do. 

1hr 18mins

19 Sep 2019

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Lindsay Ruins Game of Thrones

There has never been a more appropriate episode title. Spoiler alert, and the only one you're going to get, Lindsay hated the Game of Thrones finale. She talks about it A LOT. In detail. It's like when your crazy aunt gets cut off in the Target parking lot and someone steals her spot, except, it's about Game of Thrones. So much.  Here are the actual time stamps in case you are someone who does not want the entire finale spoiled. 7:15-16:30, 38:40-42:15 We also talked about other crap, too. Aladdin, Constance Wu, Tony Robbins, DJ Khaled. All crap. But then we give you our three summertime favorites to kick your summer magic into high gear. It's Memorial Day, Wigs! Wice it up and thanks for listening!

1hr 27mins

22 May 2019

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And We Oop

Listen, we're not known for keeping our knickers knot-free, but this week might take the cake. Maybe it's that we've been away a while or maybe it was the bottle of wine, but we took it out on the Cats trailer, Disney World Mom, Titus Burgess, Jake Paul and yes, even the Queen herself. Something must be in the air. That has to be it. It can't be the wine. We oop our way through it all AND a Troll Patrol that gives new meaning to "Bitches who go to diners need to act right." That may actually be the only meaning for that. Oh, we got Wigs, too. Cuz we care about some stuff still. Thanks for listening! 

1hr 23mins

1 Aug 2019

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2018 Year in Review

Hi, Wigs! Happy holidays and congrats on zipping up your jeans during this most bloated time of year. Far less bloated (no offense) is this week’s episode, our annual best and worst of the year. That's right, our top five corks and wigs of this relatively terrible but otherwise fabulous year. It’s the perfect escape from when that cousin tries to defend Megyn Kelly and the egg nog runs dry. Enjoy responsibly and thanks for listening!

1hr 2mins

23 Dec 2018

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This Wig's for You!

Hi, Wigs! Well, before we round out this shitshow of a year, we have one more episode for your listening pleasure. And lucky us, you did all the work! That's right, some of our favorite listeners weighed in with their favorite things of the year (and a few popped corks for good measure). We have a twisted Troll Patrol dispatch and even a throwback to one of our very first episodes. Spoiler alert, we got drunk. Love you wigs so much for your support. Thanks for all the love and we'll be back in 2019!

1hr 23mins

28 Dec 2018

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Avengers Endgame Infinity 2019 Kersposion Master 1924

Hi, Wigs! Are you ready for the biggest podcast spectacular of the year starring Hollywood's hottest A-List stars? Well, tough titties, this is just Wigs & Wice! This week we get into our feelings about Game of Thrones, Nicholas Cage, Bob Kraft and starving anal worms (unrelated somehow!) And if that's not enough to make you hit DOWNLOAD, how about a Troll Patrol dispatch with one of the most terrible trolls we've ever had the displeasure of reading? And as always, Wigs for days and days and days. Which is good because you'll need it while you wait in line for Avengers tickets! (That's a dumb joke because no one waits in line for tickets anymore) Thanks for listening and don't forget to rate, review, share and subscribe! 

1hr 25mins

25 Apr 2019

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The Best a Wig Can Get

Hi, Wigs! Here we come slicing back into 2019 like a Mach 3 taking aim at fragile male egos. And even though we can't manage to get this government up and running, our corks are ready to pop on all things crappy from Gwyneth Paltrow and Mary Poppins Returns to Karen Pence and the most popular egg on the planet (ironically not one in the same). We have a revealing new segment on the horrors of those garbage people who walk and date among us and plenty of wigs to help get your January off on the right foot. Even though we're nearly three weeks in. Sorry 'bout 'dat. This is Wigs & Wice!

1hr 29mins

18 Jan 2019

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thank u, finch

That's right, Wigs! We're back and so is Finch 93! But we're the ones with loads to blow this week because we've been gone SO long. This is an extra long, jam-packed episode so get yourself a bottle of something extra cold and settle in. We get into that piece of shit from Baylor, blood clots, Youtube Rewind, whatever the hell Poppy is and so much more. Wigs for days that you'll have to wait for, but suffice it to say, you can consider one Netflix Christmas special officially SPOILED. Thanks for listening! 

1hr 47mins

13 Dec 2018

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Josh is a Blouse

Hi, Wigs! This week's episode is one big crazy surprise so buckle up and press play. Thanks for listening!

1hr 28mins

16 Nov 2018

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Wigs & Wice: LIVE From Paullapalooza!

This week, it's a very special episode of Wigs and Wine. Coming to you LIVE from Paullapalooza! You can expect all of your favorite segments including a very special Troll Patrol Dispatch with a dash of audience participation.


29 Oct 2018

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Blowin' Loads

Oof, that's probably not what you were expecting to see in your pod subscriptions this AM, huh? We gotta cut to the chase, Wigs. Not only did we have to take another month break, but this episode is GNARLY. In the best way tho! All sorts of new sex stuff and not all of it has to do with our latest Supreme Court justice! LOL AREN'T WE?? Beyond that POS, we also drag Charlie Puth, Amazon, Azalea Banks and sadly, Murphy Brown. Yeah, nobody is happy with that one, but we're non-partisan (or at least we pretend to be). Lots of good stuff, too, tho. A double Troll Patrol and Wigs galore to make you smile until you get sized for your Handmaid garb. Chin up! No, that's what your Handmaid tailor is going to say to you. Thanks for listening!!

1hr 31mins

11 Oct 2018

Rank #18

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Who Throws a Shoe?

Hi, Wigs! Austin Powers finally got the answer to his burning question and as it turns out, it's Cardi B. As usual we consume and digest all the garbage juice of the week so you don't have to! From the Saturday Night Smackdown heard around the world to Les Moonves (GTFO) to the pastor who decided that there's never a wrong time to grope. We gotta be honest, this week's garbage juice was much more stank than usual. But don't worry because after all that, you can sink your teeth into an Italian feast-inspired Troll Patrol. Then sit back, flip yo wig and load up on all the great pop culture you'll need to get you through the weekend! Keep those heels where we can see 'em and thanks for listening! 

1hr 38mins

13 Sep 2018

Rank #19

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BONER ALERT - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Final Four

Wigs! It's a surprise Boner Alert! We've got a gagworthy final four for season ten of RuPaul's Drag Race, so we had to tell you ALL our thoughts before this week's reunion and next week's grand finale! Find out who's team we're on to take the crown and continue the legacy of America's Next Drag Superstar! Thanks for listening! 


20 Jun 2018

Rank #20