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Sweet Grace: Jaqueline Orozco

This is episode 10 of the I Cannot Keep Quiet series!My guest for I Cannot Keep Quiet #10 is Jaqueline Orozco. Jackie describes her life as being like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. At a young age she faced a difficult, life-changing event, that she now looks back on as being a pivotal role in what shaped her character and formed her strength. She continued her life without having a relationship with God, and instead had a relationship with the world; because that's really all she knew. Jackie was judged, and criticized by others, as people didn't know her battles. She was desperate for peace in her life, and she didn't know what her purpose was. Everything changed when someone finally spoke to her in a very direct manner about Jesus. This person told her that she was looking in all the wrong places and in all the wrong people, and that all she needed was Jesus. That night she cried for hours, and her life began to change. This man who spoke to her about Jesus is now her husband. They have a beautiful family, and Jackie has found peace and purpose in God. Tune in to hear this extraordinary story that the Lord has written and continues to write!website: icannotkeepquiet.com


16 Jan 2020

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Sweet Grace: Jesus, my Healer

This is episode 9 of the I Cannot Keep Quiet series!Every single one of us need healing from some sort of wound at different points in our life. Our savior, Jesus Christ, offers us healing from any wounds!Unfortunately, many people don't go to Jesus for healing. Many go to people, like family of friends. They expect loved ones to heal their wound, and make them whole. Other times it's vice versa, because loved ones can be adamant about "fixing" you and making you whole. Truth is, no one can heal you but God.  We see a great example in the story of Job. In the middle of Job's suffering, three friends how up to comfort him. For 7 days and 7 nights that sat with him without saying a word. Eventually they spoke, only to add more distress onto a distraught man. But then God spoke... Another very common mistake is relying on time. We are told "give it time," "you'll get better in time." Although God does use time to heal, time is not what heals us. Time allows for perspective, maturity, and forgiveness.  It is essential for our human experience to go through the process instead of being granted healing from night to morning. In John 5, Jesus heals a man at the pool of Bethesda who had been invalid for 38 years. He would lay next to the pool in hopes to jump in when the water stirred so that he may be well. The most that "time" would do is to grow him accustomed to this way of life, growing accustomed to pain, or temporarily hiding it does not equal healing. This man would have likely been invalid for the rest of his life had Jesus not stepped in. What is breaking your heart today? What wounds have you tried to heal with time? What wounds have you tried to heal with people? What solutions have others offered you? Bring your troubles to God. Only He will bring you healing. "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3website: icannotkeepquiet.com


10 Jan 2020

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Sweet Grace: Annabel Salvatierra 2/2

This is episode 8 of the I Cannot Keep Quiet series!My guest for I Cannot Keep Quiet #8 is Annabel Salvatierra! Just as promised, here is the rest of the conversation from last week. Make sure that you listen to episode #7 first, and then continue to part 2. You don't want to miss any of it. Marriage brings forward a lot of change. Anna shares about a big challenge that she faced after getting married, involving her ministry. She has always loved serving God, and found herself in a dark place when she started congregating at a new church. Anna and her husband Gustavo, have two daughters. You will hear about her youngest, Leah, who has faced some health issues. Like she says "everyone is fighting a battle that others don't know about." Lets come together and pray for beautiful Leah and the rest of the family as well. Tune in to hear all of this!!website: icannotkeepquiet.com


3 Jan 2020

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Sweet Grace: Annabel Salvatierra 1/2

This is episode 7 of the I Cannot Keep Quiet series!My guest for I Cannot Keep Quiet #7 is Annabel Salvatierra. Anna is a wife, and a mother of two beautiful little ones. She says she is a "mom of drama" because both her little ones are daughters. She and her husband both run A + G Photo & Video, she captures the pictures and Gustavo captures the video. Anna is a Sunday school teacher, she sings in her worship team, and she has a full time job.. she is busy, busy, busy.I broke her testimony into two because we talked for almost two hours! This is part 1 of 2. If you have teenagers or young adults, you're going to want them to listen to this. Especially if you have growing daughters. Anna talks about dating, specifically the testimony of how God got her out of a bad relationship she was in at the young age of 14. Anna was ready to leave her family and her home to live with a young man who at the time was 19. Her parents were wrecked, and in fear that Anna would make a decision she would regret. Tune in to hear what happened! (Spoiler Alert: Based on the first paragraph you probably know this has a happy ending)Next week we will hear Part Two of Anna's testimony.


27 Dec 2019

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Sweet Grace: Resist - The Resolution

This is episode 6 of the I Cannot Keep Quiet series!Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner!! I can't believe how fast time flies. As the year is coming to an end, many of us will reflect back to any "New Years Resolutions" that we placed for ourselves at the start of the year. Some will cheer in victory, and others may shrug their shoulders and hope for progress in the coming year. On today's bible study we will talk about resisting temptations. As we're challenging ourselves with resolutions for 2020, I challenge you to take temptations by the horns, head on! You may scrunch your nose, because this isn’t the typical resolution to lose weight or save money, and you're right!! This is even better! God wants us to build healthy habits, He wants us to RESIST temptations. Temptations don't make us into bad people, everyone is tempted, even Jesus was tempted. Jesus never fell into temptation,  He was and continues to be perfect and holy. We know that because He was tempted in every way, we can turn to Him and expect empathy for our God. Turning to Him will allow us to strengthen our relationship with Him, and be filled by the spirit with our triumphs. Listen to hear more about the 5 steps to resist, not only as a New Years resolution, but every day. Even in October when many have forgotten that a resolution had been made. Any day is a good day to get back up and start again, for the glory of God.website: icannotkeepquiet.com


19 Dec 2019

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