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'Back To Goa' has been broadcasting since 2008 - its unique continuous mixes showcasing the best new progressive, psybient, dark and full-on psychedelic music. Growing from a small following to well over 5000 subscribers per month spanning over 150 nation states - the show truly reaches the global psy community.The mission is simple: to promote psychedelic music and culture, encouraging established and new DJs to showcase their energies and talent to a large global audience.A big thank you to our contributors and listeners who bless us each month with their wonderful mixes and kind words of support and gratitude. To connect with the show and for more details on upcoming mixes please visit our facebook: www.facebook.com/NorthSoundscape

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Back to Goa - Aurora (Psychedelicious)

Back To Goa's founder Aurora presents a mix he recorded live at Psychedelicious club night in the Tunnels nightclub Aberdeen.  A more experimental style of psygressive that warmed up the floor from icy cold to a simmering and excited purr.  Aurora would like to thank the organisers at Psychedelicious for putting on such a great night in the antient city of granite fame…..a night that swept aside the oil capitol's bling for some pumping ee-ching!! Track list: Exploring The Unknown - Sporangia Missing Module - Ellis Thomas Multiplex - Kromagon Back To Jumanji - Noize Pirates & Samas Silent Tones - Zeamoon Saturn's Symphony - Kloud NIN9 Reckoning - Amuzing The Freak Smoke Tower - Tijah & Onionbrain Nonsense - Radioactive Cake The Summoner - Onionbrain vs Hypogeo Global Noose (Zartox Remix) - Hypogeo About Aurora: Aurora is a DJ and party promoter from the north of Scotland.  He's been involved in the psy-trance scene since the late 90s when he first travelled on winter retreat to Goa for the famous full-moon beach parties in Anjuna and Vagator.  Locally Aurora has run several nights in his hometown Inverness and now DJs for the myriad and varied components of Psychedelic Scotland, often guesting at Cosmic Edinburgh and Psychedelicious Aberdeen.  Internationaly he's spun in locations as far flung as Japan and India.  He still organizes occasional outdoor parties in wild and remote parts of Scotland (his true passion) with the invaluable help and support of Cosmic crew and others. 

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15 Mar 2015

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Bonus Set - High on Progressive (DJ HEX)

New bonus set by DJ Hex from Norway. She's put together a fantastic progressive psy mix. We hope you enjoy! Playlist:Buttersonic - Ear Peaks (Mute Remix)Digital Drop - Freeps & CreepsPhaxe - The World is ChangedNOK - In Heaven with You (Day.Din Remix)Keenan & Dale Anderson - Drift Away (Martin Remix)Audiomatic - CombinationsThe Egg - Angel of my Soul (Allaby Remix)Protonica - Upstream (Sonic Species Remix)Burn in Noise - HerbmanSymphonix - Rhythm in motionSymphonix - Rhythm in motion (Liquid Soul Remix)If you have a nice mix you'd like included in the Bonus slots please send us link to your mix (email address can be found on the mp3 file tags of each show).

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17 Oct 2008

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Bonus Set - Progressions & Obsessions (New Age Hippies)

Back To Goa podcast presents another Bonus Set, this time from Marco Koeller and Michael Schalo who are better known as the NEW AGE HIPPIES. Special thanks to Marco for granting Back To Goa the privilege of hosting this great progressive mix! Artist Bio: The Project "New Age Hippies" was founded in 2001 by Marco Koeller and Michael Schalo. New Age Hippies stands for Psychedelic and Progressive Trance without meeting any given category to close. After the Debut-Release "Sunshine & Rock'n'Roll" was released on NovaTekk (D), there have been several Follow-Ups on international Samplers followed by international Live-Gigs. In 2005, Michael decided to leave the Project for Family care. In 2006, the 2nd Album by New Age Hippies was released, as well as the first Album of the B-Side-Project "Smooth". After lots of Live-Gigs and DJ-Sets, in 2008, the 2nd Album by Smooth was released with great success on Vertikal Records. http://www.myspace.com/newagehippiespsytrance New label news: "Hi Aurora, end of the month we'll start our netlabel cyan, here's the url for that : http://www.cyan-music.com keep on that real nice work !!! best wishes from cologne, germany marco and jana" Track Listing: 01 Intro (NAH Time Vaporizer) 02 Vibrasphere - Time Shifter 03 Jerome Isma Ae - Phantom (Instrumental Mix) 04 Olav Schueller - Track 7 05 Ryan Halifax - Clementine 06 Olav Schueller - Track 2 07 Infusion - Love and Imitation 08 Peter Gun - Shit and Sound 09 Thomas Penton - Sinners Kitchen (Original Mix) 10 Groove Foundation - That Feeling 11 Thomas Penton - El Ritmo (Original Mix) 12 Adam K and Soha - Twillight 13 Smooth - The Closure Effect 14 Bart van Wissen - Contraband 15 Emok vs Ndsa - Harbour Candy 16 D-Nox and Beckers - One Shot 17 Forza - Rollover 18 Audio Junkies - Something 4 your Mind 19 Ned Shepard - A fine Balance (Jerome Isma Ae Remix) 20 New Age Hippies - Vectron (Original Mix) 21 Smooth - Summer Beat 22 Smooth - Screaming Stars Mixed by M.Kˆller / M.Fricke (14-11-2008) ------------ If you have a killer psychedelic mix for Back To Goa's bonus slots please contact myself, Aurora, on myspace or email the show directly: www.northsoundscape.com (redirects to myspace portal) backtogoa.contact@googlemail.com peace, AURORA (Scotland)

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28 Aug 2009

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Back To Goa - Whirling Dervish (Headroom live)

Scottish psytrance DJ Whirling Dervish returns to the show with a dance floor ready set of pumping psy and tech trance.  This is an extended set from a mix played live at Headroom.  Enjoy! 1: Cosmic Trip "House Beats" 2: Suntree "Inside" 3: Alfredo Garcia vs.Day Din" Ghost" 4: Avalon "Teleporter" 5: Freakulizer "Tech On" 6: Ital vs Hyperion "Fusion" 7: Flegma And Nerso "Sonic Manipulation" 8: Talamasca "Feelings" 9: Telekiness And Sixsense "Secret Service" 10: Journey And Monastic Squid "Itaca" 11: Mervit "System Error" 12: Digital Yonkis "Combination" Bio:   'Whirling Dervish is aka Lee Sexton, a no-nosense psy DJ based in Dundee Scotland.  Lee's been playing out his distinctive high energy sets at psychedelic events across Scotland' http://www.facebook.com/lee.sexton www.myspace.com/djwhirlingdervish

1hr 8mins

10 Jun 2010

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Back To Goa - Galactic Chill mix (Aurora)

Ushering in a spirit of positivity and meditation for the approaching new year, Back To Goa presents a brand new mix of chilled ambient breaks mixed by Aurora :)May the new year bring you peace, happiness and enlightenment.....

1hr 6mins

16 Dec 2009

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Bonus Set - Trance Conspiracy (aodioiboa)

Another month another great bonus set contributor on Back To Goa.  This time we present a special live set from Trance Conspiracy in Germany by DJ/producer 'aodioiboa'.A resident of Leipzig, aodioiboa has been producing and DJ'ing for several years in the psychedelic trance scene, playing at parties across Europe and in places as far flung as the Acores islands.  As a producer he has a wide focus, producing everything from druggy ambient dub to full-on 150 bpm psychedelic stormers.  His track 'Moonpierz' became an instant hit in 2007 appearing in the excellent Motion Sensor compilation from Sonic Motion.  Other notable releases were 'Jarring' and a remix of anne clarks  'closed circuit' on the mushroom compilation.Since then aodioiboa has ramped up his production output considerably and will soon be releasing a brand new album showcasing his most recent works. aodioiboa contact details: www.aodioiboa.de http://www.myspace.com/aodioiboa ____________________________________________If you have a killer psychedelic mix you'd like aired on the show please get in touch with Aurora on backtogoa.contact@googlemail.com.For more news on the show and details of upcoming shows check out: www.northsoundscape.com peace, Aurora


22 Oct 2009

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Bonus Set - Wedding trance (Dark el kante)

Back to Goa podcast presents another bonus set this time from Spanish born DJ, Dark el kante. Dark el kante is currently DJing and promoting events across europe, and has established two monthly psy nights in Scotland's capital, Edinburgh.Artist bio:"My dj name is Dark el kante and my real name Jorge Bazan, a Spanish based in Scotland party promoter and dj, the name of the crew I represent is Random with who I use to organize 2 monthly events in clubs of Edinburgh and outdoor parties around the United Kingdom with different sound systems.I’m a dj from over 9 years now and I can do dj sets of relaxing chill out music, full-on night twisted psychedelic-trance (dark) for the night time or suomi trance music for crazy and happy mornings. I’ve been played in countries like Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain and around the United Kingdom with gigs already for 2009 in Ireland, Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine…, and I’m an active member of two internet radio stations:http://www.radioszkocja.pl/ (Poland) and www.radiondadurto.org/ (Italy) I love psy-trance and music in all their varieties and I just want to find places to play in the next year. I only ask for the travel expenses so I do dj set forFREE. Would be great to contact with some label or crew interested in new djs.Contact info:E-mail: random-psy@hotmail.com For personal information on me as a Dj, I can advise you to check the next websites:www.myspace.com/darkelkante www.goatrance.de/goabase/member/profile/vWkzsL4Wr0 www.mixupload.com/dark_el_kante-56924.html www.myspace.com/psyrandom"

1hr 3mins

10 Feb 2009

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Back To Goa - Animated Spirit (Kameleon)

As promised a set from the other half of Pangea productions, Kameleon!  Hope you enjoy this chunky funky psychedelic set :) 1. Yudhisthira - Wild Princess [Glowing Flame records] 2. Braincell - Source Force [Glowing Flame records] 3. Archaic - Circle of Stones [Wildthings records] 4. Jocid - Osaka Vibez rmx [Pixan records] 5. Yab Yum vs. Shotu - Poo Chi [Hadra records] 6. Imaginary Sight - Sound [Glowing Flame records] 7. Ajja - Chronoton [Peak records] 8. Archaric - Zeus [ Wildthings records] 9. Ajja - Romance in Ab [Syncronize records] 10. Braincell - Create Your Own Reality [Glowing Flame records] 11. Dissociative - Meteor Rain [Bom Shanka music] 12. Abnormal Project - Light Travel [Vertigo records] Artists own bio: I started djing in 96' playing with different forms of music and learning the basics and fundamentals of djing, but in 1999 we (Labyrinth & I) went to our first psytrance party, and it changed everything. We've been playing electronic music in various forms for almost 10 years now. Moving from hard german trance to more anthem style trance to nu skool breaks to progressive into techno and so on... all keeping it very atmospheric , hypnotic, and very universal. I still play many forms of music because each moment in life requires a different sound, but I am mostly focused on darker progressive/techno/tribal and darker melodic psytrance with bounce.From 07' to 09' ive been fortunate enough to play outside Paris (Aracdia Festival), Montreal (with Biogenisis), Melbourne Australia, New York, Northern Cali (Gemini festival), Atlanta GA, Knoxville TN, Charlotte NC, Asheville NC (Equniox Festival), and in our hometown Greenville SC at various locations playing beside some top notch producers such as, Solead, Shotu, Artifakt, Scorb, Random, D sens, Naked Tourist, Mubali, Kri, BSM, Pena, Prime Time, plus lots more. I also make up half of the duo Bioluminescense together with Labyrinth producing deep psychedelic progressive tribal beats for the soul. Also half of the duo LifeN'Limbo putting various forms of emotions from the physical realm into progressive technoish sounds and rhythms. more from both projects soon. We also have 2 radio shows on DI.fm. both are now featured on the 2nd Friday of each month. 1st the progressive show 'Sound Ascension'; airs at 2pm US eastern, our next show 'Initiation into our Tribe' on the psy/goa channel airs at 4pm US eastern, back to back! Both shows will feature some amazing guest from all over the world and especially from our label Pure Perception Records. Im very greatful for the family we have with Pangea, Labyrinth, Klaws, Draigosa and so many other amazingly talented artist we work with with our label. My life is pretty simple but amazingly fun; I am very fortunate for everything thats ever happened to me. I give thanks to the Almighty God, the Savior Jesus Christ, the Blessed Holy Spirit, and the Divine Scribe Hermes Trismegistus, and so many other rightous teachers and elders that have helped lay clues to the meaning of this journey in many forms since the beginning of man, i thank them for their inspiration and helping me to re-connect to the Supernal Conscious of the Infinite through sight and sound.  Peace -Kameleon aka Matt Bryson  Contact: email: Kameleon@pureperceptionrecords.org Kameleon864@hotmail.com Myspace.com/kameleonpangea Designsbymattbryson.com Update for Twisted Kala: Kala emailed the show recently to say she's had cyber hacking issues and her last contact email had to be closed.  She's also now back in Europe, for contact her new email is:   karrouge@yahoo.com

1hr 2mins

21 Mar 2010

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Back To Goa - Electric Euphoria (Nitin)

This months guest mix comes from DJ Nitin.  Nitin is based in Edinburgh but originally hails from India.  Nitin has travelled and DJ'd extensively within his own country - including Goa - and is now playing in clubs and outdoor parties across Scotland. Track listing: The Prayer :- Electric universe Chocolate Blanket :- Hypernoise and Dual Logic Who U R :- Twina vs Synsun vs Elik Breath :- Pop stream wake up :- Ovnimoon Metalizer :- Space Cat Ferbistein :-Ferbi Boys Legendary Lighting :- SpaceBuddha Pure Opium :- Opium for the masses Phaze Off :- Xerox and Illumination FollowMe :- Sesto Sento No dance :- Xteam Fly On :- Systemic Deep Space Logic :-Sine Die Fragile Mind :- Cyber Cartel Artist's Bio:   Hi My name is Nitin and I am originally from India currently residing in Edinburgh. The music I get drawn to has to have a melodic touch to it although I am not opposed to the idea of playing other stuff. This is well highlighted in almost all of my musical endeavours.  I have been Djing on and off for the past 6 years . I can dj any genre of music but psytrance is where the heart is. The sets I make speak loads and have a theme and purpose behind them. I like doing long outdoor sets...:-).....I am into music production as well and am currently working on innovative ideas to create new sounds.  Apart from that I am an Engineer and currently doing a MSc in Digital composition and performance at the University of Edinburgh. 

1hr 16mins

25 Jun 2010

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Back To Goa - Zen Detonator 2 (Aurora)

Time for a change of pace! Over the last few months Back To Goa has showcased some fantastic minimal and progressive artists with great bonus sets from New Age Hippies and Radioactive Cake. This month Back To Goa's AURORA would like to rebalance proceedings with an explosive full power dark psy mix! **Zen Detonator 2**Track Listings 1. Doing Wrong - Safi Connection 2. Fear of Spirals - Scorb and Deviant Species 3. Downturn - Penta 4. Morning Storm - Dragon 5. Chapora - Dark Elf 6. End of Machine Age - Far East Ghost 7. Life Extension - Enichkin 8. Ice Wind - Savage Scream 9. Hunted Heretic - Orestis10. Spiritual War - Polyphonia11. Sound Impact - Polyphonia12. Hard Task - Becoming Intense and Pharmacore13. Cruical Night - Fatal Discordmixed by Dj Aurora (Scotland) 11/10/2009peace and positive vibes

1hr 1min

11 Oct 2009

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Bonus Set - DJ Zhyin (Minimal Criminal)

An exclusive bonus set this month from one half of the duo known as MINIMAL CRIMINAL! Currently based in Malta, Valerio Zhyin presents a killer mix of druggy prog and dark & twisted psy. Full track listings: 1. Cause & Effect-stoflk stiflk2. Minimal Criminal- crimson executioner3. Onionbrain vs Zartrox- read and loaded4. Grouch- pyramid schemev5. Dopped- mundo estranho6. Opsy- commit charge(Minimal Criminal remix)7. Minimal Criminal- red mongolian deathworm8. Hedonix- sixth circuit semantics9. Product Placement- the distortionist10. Moses- trukket i lyden(Cujorius One remix)Minimal Criminal artist's Bio:Since 2007, Zhyin has been working on the material for the Minimal Criminal debut album,which will be called "Minimus Maleficarum". Sometime in 2009 this CD will be released by Cosmic Conspiracy records (New Zealand).Minimal Criminal make tracks in a variety of styles, borrowing elements from minimal techno/house, progressive trance and electro and incorporating them into the base Minimal Criminal sound. Most tracks have a dark vibe while some tracks display more light, though always deep and hypnotic. The bpms of the tunes also vary, ranging from 125 to 140.The Minimal Criminal story goes back to the year 2003 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, when Zhyin and Echoes decided to create a project inspired by their favorite artists at the time such as Sensient, Krumelur, Cujorius One, etc. Their first release was in 2005 with the track, "Reefer and Barbeque" on the "Intelligent Manipulation" compilation CD from Zenon records(Australia), which was a collaboration with Swedish sonic weirdo act, Krumelur.Since then,they've had tracks released by labels such as Cosmic Conspiracy records, Halu Beats (Hungary), and Pure Perception records (U.S.A).2009 will be a good year for Minimal Criminal for several reasons. Firstly, since the two members can operate the project simultaneously in two parts of the world, the Minimal Criminal sound can spread farther.Secondly, because more and more labels are interested in releasing their tunes, therefore there should be a good handful of releases that year. Eventhough Minimal Criminal has a more underground appeal due to their unconventional sound, there is more demand now more than ever for minimal and dark progressive music. Minimal styles from techno to trance are very popular now and Minimal Criminal fully embraces those sounds.Contact Details: www.minimal-criminal.com

1hr 7mins

15 Nov 2009

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Bonus Set - Equinox Festival 2009 (Labyrinth / Pangea)

This weeks show is a superb dark atmospheric set from Labyrinth, one part of the psychedelic collective known as Pangea Productions. Labyrinth formed Pagnea with co-founder Kameleon in 2000. As well as producing music ranging from psychedelic to techno and tech house, Pagnea have played out at events across North America and Europe. In 2007 they formed their own label Pure Perception Records. Watch out for a future set from Kameleon :) Track listing: dark melodic psy trance Touch Samadhi Equinox Festival - 2009 01. Aes Dana - Signs 02. Atriohm - Close to Nowhere 03. Hoodwink - Digital Rip 04. Ajja - Lingus Khan 05. Atriohm - Hybrid Synthesis 06. Becoming.Intense - Near Extinction 07. Scorb - Tundra 08. Dissociactive - Meteor Rain 09. Tranzlation - Shaman's Cry 10. Norwindia - Raggsokk 11. Overdream - Extraterrestrial Travellers 12. Aes Dana - Signs Labyrinth's bio: "Greetings, My name is Elliott Vaughn, dj/producer/bassist representing Pangea Productions / Pure Perception Records, The Malah. I have been a musician most of my life playing the piano and bass guitar at a young age. In the summer of 1999 I was blown away by my first outdoor psy trance experience in the appalachian mountains. Ever since, I have been djing and producing psychedelic, progressive, tribal, and minimal sounds. Giving much passion and energy into each mix, telling a story and using the power of music to lift the mind, body, and spirit. I feel very blessed to have the oportunity to create and perfrom music that I love. Through music and art we can lift each other up and help each other realise that we are all connected and live in harmony with God, our Father, the Great Spirit, the Universal Consciousness. Along with Kameleon, we formed the collective Pangea Productions in 2000, and our record label Pure Perception Records in 2007. We have been blessed to work with some of our favorite producers from around the world releasing various froms of underground dance music. We also create tribal psy progressive under the name 'Bioluminescense', And bouncy techno/tech house under the name 'Life N Limbo'. We have had the opportunity to play at many events across North America in Atlanta, Montreal, NYC, California, Asheville as well as playing the Arcadia Festival 2008 in France. We have also held a residency on internet radio site DI.fm for the progressive channel and the psy/goa channel. Be on the look out for future mixes, releases, and events. "A Labyrinth has only one path, which leads the seeker to the center and back out again." peace, light, praise, love .." http://www.pangeaproductions.org/

1hr 2mins

29 Jan 2010

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Back To Goa - Underground (Radioactive Cake)

This month sees Radioactive Cake (aka Robert Hundt) making his second appearance on the show with a stunning minimal psygressive mix 'Underground'.  Quirky and glitchy with bubbling psychedelic layers, this mix is a welcome contrast to the high-energy sets of late.   These days Robert's super busy playing live sets across Europe, all the while finding time for his excellent productions under the Glitchy.tonic label.  Enjoy the set!  #01 October Rust - It Came From Outer Space #02 Vaeya - Morpho Rhetenator #03 Substructure - I In Eye #04 Vaeya - Sideways #05 Kained & Able - Eyes And Ears #06 Specter - Song For ... #07 Steve J - Pure Deception #08 Onionbrain - Green Worm #09 Onionbrain & Bezoar - The Puppet #10 Midimiliz - Stalker (Alics liquid disco reconstruction) #11 Mantik - Lounge Deranger Artists's own bio:  About Radioactive.Cake Radioactive.Cake, real name Robert Hundt, is a Berlin based producer of intelligent psygressive trance music with a touch of wilderness, dark fx and a carrot...from outer space! He produces a more minimal and darker form of progressive psytrance. The Cake's intention is to surpass boundaries and establish a sound that is different from what is heard all too often.  His first musical steps were taken in 1999 when discovering the software "Audiomulch" and learning about structure and composition of electronic sounds, effects and track arrangements. But the Cake's knowledge and studio equipment took a continual advancement and will continue to do so. Robert is not only producing music, he also plays livesets and mixes music as dj, and has done so for over 8 years now.  http://www.myspace.com/radioactivecake http://www.myspace.com/glitchytonic


6 Apr 2010

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Bonus set - Earth Escape mix (Aurora)

finally a new ambient/chill mix following from open spaces last year. this one's been a long time in the making so i hope you enjoy the journey.  peace.

1hr 6mins

23 Sep 2008

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Back To Goa 04

Back To Goa 04 - Full-on xmas specialThis month we bring you an uninterrupted full power mix with a Japanese flavour. Featuring tracks from two of Japan's best psy artsits, Savage Scream and Noise Gust. Full track listing:Message To Japan (intro edit) - Vous DeuxAccess Denied - Claw vs Paranioze (Aka Wicca)The Pupil - Savage ScreamA Little Night Music - Distorted GoblinHologram - Haunted CastleMystery School - DigitalxX - Dark ElfNight in Allo Prado - Gorump PeyyaBrain Hack - Acid GoblinsUnreal Reality - Noise GustX Mash Hard - Savage ScreamAnother Way - Zolarium RemixPlease send you own sets for inclusion in the bonus slots of the show to: backtogoa.contact@googlemail.com. ---------------------------Q. How do I subscribe to the show? A. Simply click the buttons below for RSS feed or iTunes music store options.

1hr 2mins

17 Dec 2008

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Back To Goa 03

This month we bring you some superb new releases (both progressive and full-on) and a new interruption free format for the show. Keep sending your feedback and DJ mixes...we'll be putting up some more bonus sets very soon.Back To Goa 03 track listing:1. Night Sight - Egorhythmia2. Shut Up - Symphonix3. Humlehaven - Genetic Spin4. Street Pilot - Human Blue5. Universe Inside - Safi Connection6. Methedrine Wave - Para Halu7. Kong - Psywalker8. Samaya - Horror Place9. We Are All Aliens - Ajja


3 Nov 2008

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Back To Goa - Para Halu (summer solstice mix)

His tracks featuring many times in early Back To Goa shows, this months guest mixer needs no introduction...Adam Hohmann from Hungary aka Para Halu!  Adam has kindly submitted his summer soltice mix to the show, previously recorded for di.fm radio and already getting massive props across cyberspace.  This mix is made entirely from Para Halu's own productions, re-edits and remixes......enjoy! Summer Solstice Mix  01. Richard Strauss - Einleitung  02. Penta - Fear (Para Halu remix)  03. Para Halu - Forgotten Futurist  04. Para Halu - Sudoku (Live edit)  05. Para Halu - Multiprocess  06. Para Halu - My Way On The Highway (Live edit)  07. Para Halu - Wasabi remix  08. Para Halu - Big Trees Talk, Old Trees Walk part 1 (Live edit)  09. Kindzadza - Spirit Of The Wind (Para Halu remix)  10. Para Halu - Soha Ne Mondd Artists own bio:   'Para Halu is Adam Hohmann from Hungary - a multi-talented musician and producer who, since his very young age has been always enchanted by music. As a child he learned to play the accordion, which later changed to piano and synthesizers however, he really enjoyed playing any instruments he ever met. After discovering computer based music production and trying himself in different compositions from beatless ambient music to dirty ass-kicking drum'n'bass, he began writing psychedelic tunes as Para Halu in the year 2002. The past years have seen Para Halu as part of many first class international lineups all over the world from Japan to Brazil, from huge crowded parties and festivals such as Universo Paralello, Ozora, Soulclipse or Fullmoon Festival to indoor clubs and underground outdoor gatherings.  Meanwhile Para Halu released countless tracks on various compilations as well as five succesful albums: self-distributed "No Para Full Halu" (2003) was followed by "The World Of Peace" (Parvati Records 2005), and two special conceptual albums "Space Rock" and "Wide Range" (Zaikadelic Records 2007 and 2008). The latest full-length Para Halu work called "The Future Sound Of Para Halu" was released recently on Adam's own label Psylife Music. Short after Psylife Music, a sub-label for progressive beats has also been started: Halu Beats Records released its first compilation in 2008 with Sensient, Kalumet, Minimal Criminal and remixes including the one made from the Ace Ventura gem "Rebirth" by Adam Hohmann himself.' http://www.parahalu.net http://www.myspace.com/parahalu http://www.soundcloud.com/para-halu

1hr 2mins

7 Aug 2010

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Back To Goa - Twisted Kala (Goa / France)

Another dark and twisted guest mix this month from French born psychedelic DJ 'Twisted Kala'.  Kala is currently based in Goa India and plays in psychedelic parties across the Indian subcontinent, as well as in her native country of France. Kala headlined at the pinnacle of the Goa party season this year, playing Shiva Valley on new years eve and blew away pretty much everyone in attendence, myself included :)  The old Goa spirit was definately awakened that night! Please enjoy her guest mix, produced exclusively for the show: Track list: 1-MENTAL ABSTRACTION and THE SPACEBAR 'the vise'. 2-SYNTAX ERROR 'the grapes of wrath'. 3-INNERSOUND 'jetlag'. 4-FLIPKNOT 'tritone'. 5-BRAIN WAVES 'sprectal paranoia'. 6-KINDZADZA 'sinim bomber'. 7-PARANOIZE 'in the lab'. 8-TWISTED KALA 'new generation'. 9-CLAW 'fantaze'. 10-STRANGERS 'storm troopers'. 11-PSYSHARK vs SILENT HORROR 'stares'. 12-JELLY vs ORESTIS 'el nino'. 13- SILENT HORROR 'distorted'. 14-ZIK 'qe pedo qe maniaco'. 15-POLYPHONIA 'distorted reality'. Artist's own bio:   'TWISTED KALA is karine petiau, born in france, live today in goa, india. Teneegers already she started to be addict of music and dancefloor.....She started to listen psycho and punk sounds, did some spiral tribes parties experiences..... She learned 10 years piano and classical theory at conservatory of Montpellier in France. She loves feel the waves sounds into her body..... Dancing, listening music....is active meditation...there you find awareness of your connexion with the univers, expande mind with better feeling and understanding of cosmic energy....cosmic flow..... Be a circle, which has no centre, but a circumference, without any limits!!!!! Then after some strongs experiences on transe music she decides to start her own composition....she worked 1 year on frutty loops, 4 years on cubase. Today she is dijing in India and in France.....Starts to play in her set some of hers own tracks........ She has a deep twisted night style..... For booking contact: pixiesvibes@hotmail.com'    http://www.myspace.com/kalatwisted

1hr 12mins

19 Feb 2010

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Bonus Set - Positive Trip mix (ambient/chillout)

a continuous chill mix to bring in a positive vibe for the new year! peace, Aurora


4 Jan 2009

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Back To Goa 06 - Extended set

We're back! Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy summer so far! To make up for it this month we have an extended 1 hour 20 min mix taking in some great new releases from progressive, full-on and dark psy labels. Enjoy:Back To Goa 06 track listing:Green Worm - OnionbrainRedundance - Megiddo/OnionbrainReasons - Plasma CorpInvaginati - HypogeoPleasure Addicted - PsychonautStepladder - Magus (Sensient remix)Disintegrating Serapis - Abyss OzzeNoise Complaint - PentaEvent Horizon - Pandora's Box/Will-o-wispI feel - Horror PlacePrimordial Darkness - Khaos SektorSaganaki - Dark Elf vs Sator Arepoif you're a DJ or run a night and would like some promotion please send us your bonus sets (between 40 and 120 mins please) for inclusion in the bonus slots.email to: backtogoa.contact@googlemail.commany thanks for listening, see you next time and keep your feedback coming:)peace, Dj Aurora (S Mackintosh), Scotland

1hr 18mins

7 Jul 2009

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