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We know what it’s like to tune out, so now it’s time to TURN ON, because despite all the modern luxuries of life, more and more people are claiming to feel unfulfilled, uninspired or alone. Why, if we're so connected, do we feel farther apart? As a society, we’ve been entertained and shown a million ways we can tune out; social media, gaming, virtual reality, binge watching among a few. We’ve been lulled to sleep by things which are more artificial than actual.The side effect of this amazing technological advancement we’re living through is that, despite all the advancements, we’re still left wanting more; more connection, more relationship and more meaning, especially when it comes to The Big Four (Faith, Being, Relationships, and Business). Being turned on means more interaction, more tangible experiences and renewing the rediscovery of the gifts we’re given and knowing how to use them.Being TURNED ON is to see with different eyes. It means breaking the dullness and darkness with light. On this podcast you will hear from David and Angelike as they openly share their ideas about how to flip the switches that get us back to feeling human again. They will shine a light into things that MATTER and TURN ON everything that has been disconnected or tuned out.We believe the world is looking to be Turned On, even those who may be so sedated they don’t even know it. Indeed there’s a stirring in the soul to uncover more of what it means to reconnect with our senses. It’s not out of reach, in fact most of the time it’s a simple flip of the switch which allows us to incorporate the necessary changes that will get our pulse beating again and create real transformation that leaves a true, not temporary, sense of fulfillment.

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Ep. 039: - Do you have a Quid Pro Quo relationship with God?

Do you have a quid pro quo relationship with God?The instant gratification expectations of our culture in contrast with listening and patience. Have people who have cried out in desperation had their prayers answered? Yes, but it's a "trust transaction."Getting in line with the will of God, the difference between what we desire and what we need..Where can we look when things get really dark? How do we find hope?Our timeline vs God's timeline. How can we understand when things come into being?Who is your coach and are they giving you the right signals?Discernment is a gift that we can all use to our advantage. But how?Life shouldn't be tricky. God is talking to you in very straight forward languageThe promise is not there will not be hard times, the promise is He will always be there in hard times.Spiritual muscle is built in difficult circumstances.How to see the good and how we can grow, in extremely turbulent waters.


8 Jan 2020

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Ep. 040 - Eat Like A Woman - How eating for your hormones can lead you on a better path to health with Dr Beth Westie

Sometimes you have to be your own best health advocate. How one experience inspired her to take action and say "there must be other alternatives"The prescription drug culture vs. homeopathic options, when the patient loses patienceDo research on the research, you need to look beyond the initial Google search to find the real information.Information overload. Start with physiology and go from there. Finding the right nutrition plan that doesn't try to cheat the system.  Dr. Westie discusses how certain foods affect a woman's cycle and reproductive system.Infertility on the rise. What are the causes and where can we find solutions. How marketing can influence consumers when reading the label is what women really need to do. What to look for. The top three things we can do to aid the body to do what it was intended to do.What you need to know about the fat cell. Blowing up myths and revealing the truth. Hormones. What to track to get them to work for you and make your body healthierTake away before you add. A quick cleanup is a great way to start on the road to a healthier life.Seed cycling. The one thing you may have never heard of.Basal body temperature. How to properly regulate it for optimal health.Goal-setting. Finding the "WHY" behind training and exercise.Exposing the fitness industry, who's healthy and who just looks healthy. The difference is important.


14 Jan 2020

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Ep. 005 Your Body Knows Best with Will Armijo

The GOAT in the wellness industryOverall well being and internal healthTaking the shiny objects away and understanding true holistic healthWhat is intuitive eating? Teaching people how to customize things for themselves. Empowering people to do that for themselves. Most businesses create dependency! You have all the resources! Empower yourself. Turning on clarity by turning off the things that cloud it out.Will Armijo is an entrepreneur, speaker, and influencer. He is the Founder and CEO of Will-Powered Nutrition Consulting and Co-Founder of B13 Home Services. He is a former NCAA baseball player, 9 time NPC bodybuilding competitor, and holds an MBA along with a certification in nutrition and strength training. Will has 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He has been featured in multiple magazines, local news, global podcast, and speaks on both nutrition and business entrepreneurship. www.will-powered.com@i.am.willpoweredWill Armijo on FB, Will Powered, on FB

1hr 1min

5 Jun 2019

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Ep: 034 - What Does Your Gut Say? - A simpler, holistic approach to health with Briana Owen

Briana's health journey - when she realized inflammation and toxicity affect our internal health more than ANYTHINGHer search for answers that lead her to find the root cause of her mysterious symptoms: skin rashes, acne, weight gain digestive upset, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatiguePrior to her journey she was a nutrition specialist but found herself on this journey with minimal answers. Two and half years of experimenting herself to heal and teach others they can heal as well when conventional medicine continues to overmedicate and treat symptoms instead of causeWhy anxiety doesn't always equal mental health - everything in out body effects the other Why now its so culturally common to see infertilityHow the Divine Order relates to the body and internal healthThe gut is the epicenter where health or illness is bornThe foundation of everything we do should always reside in our nutritional practicesWhat does a healthy gut look like? Feel like? How do we achieve it?What does inflammation look and feel like that you may be experiencing and think its "normal"Hormones, happiness and immune system and how they are related to the gutGood bacteria and bad bacteria Why our body is smarter than we areThe Precautionary Principle and how it doesn't apply to our society in terms of healthHow GMOs, pesticides, etc are destroying our internal healthGovernment and pharmaceutical funding that is hiding critical information from usClean 15 and the Dirty DozenThe truth isn't sexy but it will change your life when you are awakened to itHow to simplify what seems to be an overwhelming change to better your healthGenetics load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger Start paying attention to what your body is telling you and make these small changes which will change your lifehttp://www.will-powered.com


24 Nov 2019

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Ep. 032 - A Call to Action for Families and the Faithful - One of the most intense episodes we have ever done

Warning: This is a very intense episode and conversation between David and Angelike NorrieA mixed bag of emotions covering a variety of controversial topics. We cover everything from the intrusion of social media, Disney, the Church, and challenges in a politically correct society We chose not to do show notes so that we wouldn't second guess publishing it.Some parts may be challenging for some of you, some parts may bring you to tears, some parts may convict you, some parts may kick you in the pants. We pray you receive it well as it was intense for us, yet sincere and from a place of love. 


13 Nov 2019

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Ep 003: Releasing the Grip on YOUR "Plan" so You Can Begin to Profit in Love and Business

Surrender: what does it mean to you?A submission, a letting go, handing it overComes by way of YOU FIRST. Surrender as a sign of weakness? Hidden resentment for not doing things you really wanted to do- chasing after shiny objects insteadBe watchful? See with NEW eyes.Experience as the best teacher. The moment of surrender is not when life is over but when life begins. Your God shape exists uniquely to you


7 Jun 2019

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Ep. 015 The Gift of Desperation - Opening the Door to a New Beginning with Jeremiah Campbell

Realizing the first time that he was dependent on the drugsRaised in typical midwest home, but he always had the best of the bestAlways felt like he was less than and wanted to be someone else. Unworthy of love. Coping mechanism started as fantasy but then was introduced to drugsFear of allowing others to know who I really am in fear of rejectionAddiction=Obsession of mind that overpowers the bodyPower of God who intervened in my lifeFormless void that nothing can fill except GodA cucumber cannot go back to being a pickleDisease of addiction and when the desperation came inThe feeling of unworthiness and how it permeates through ALL of usThe addictions we all use to numb out- whether its relationships, food, social media, drugs, or anything elseHis family’s undeniable support and love. Never getting up on himHis reintroduction to Jesus and taking his mess and turning into a messageTrusting that God has a plan no matter what circumstanceSpirit of avoidance pain or not working through hard emotionsHow faith and patience are intertwinedPivotal moment in his career in construction4 million dollar construction company nowCore values to his business. Book TractionPositive Attitude, integrity, be ambitious, go the extra mile, accountability, teamworkHis best advice for people right nowAll or nothing mentality and if balance actually existsJeremiah Campbell is the founder & principle disrupter of Brickworks Property Restoration. As the leader in the masonry construction industry, Brickworks has always strived to make a personal impact on both team members inside the company and the thousands of customers that engage with the brand on a daily basis. It is this same impact which has allowed Brickworks to receive countless awards including the #1 rated masonry contractor in Michigan, making it the highest awarded in the industry. As a serial entrepreneur, Jeremiah has built and managed several 7-figure businesses. As a recovered addict/alcoholic, Jeremiah’s mission is centered around inspiring others to rebuild and achieve at the level of their true potential. His passion and inspiration is rooted in being a loving husband to his wife and a caring father to his two young sons. “Relationships over transactions.”


22 Jul 2019

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Ep. 018 - The Art of the Comeback with Tim Storey; 4 Things we need to pick ourselves up and get back on the right path.

 How a visit to Disneyland at age 7 changed the trajectory of his life. Turning dreams into reality, how fantasy becomes a blue print for real life Developing the fight to overcome opposition to the mission in order to fulfill and complete God’s assignment on your life. Understanding the most effective way to navigate the mountains we encounter on life’s path. Developing spiritual muscle in order to get “unstuck” The art of the comeback; possessing the right skills, tools, partners, and attitude to pick ourselves up and get back on the right path. Failing is part of the process of getting better. We are “unfinished”; we must enjoy where we are on the way to where we are going.God never wastes a hurt; finding meaning in the troubling points in life Where there is a will, there is a way. There is a comeback in all of us to do the things we were called to do Filling in the gaps, bridging the faith and the application in order to achieve success.www.TimStorey.comTim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker and life coach, well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment executives, celebrities and athletes to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the country. Tim has traveled to seventy-five countries and spoken to millions of people. He often meets privately to counsel high-profile leaders in various industries.Tim Storey helps people create the future they desire. His ability to listen and genuinely care for those he comes in contact with has led to unique favorability among some the most influential leaders in the world. He has inspired people from all walks of life, from entertainment legends to professional athletes... from executives to children in third world countries. Using seasoned foundational principles and humor to get honest with people so they can overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Along with a rigorous speaking calendar and private life coaching sessions, he also holds regular spiritually motivating intimate sessions across the world called The Study.  He hosted an exclusive Saturday morning series on SiriusXM Radio. Recently, Tim was interviewed for a full hour segment of Oprah Winfrey's OWN "Super Soul Sunday". The episode aired on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015. Since then, he was a speaker for "Super Soul Sessions" LIVE from UCLA and was a guest speaker at the ultra-exclusive PTTOW 2015 conference in Palos Altos, CA. He began a church in Yorba Linda, CA called The Congregation, which meets weekly and provides spiritual insight and direction for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and needs. 


6 Aug 2019

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EP: 021 - When Words Get in the Way; Mastering the language of success by knowing exactly what to say

Phil shares about:The gut punches in life that lead to your biggest opportunities The consequences of giving the the wrong job description to the wrong personHow to surround yourselves with the right people in all different areasAdvice vs. opinions especially from loved onesBuilding the bottom of the cupcake first before you get to the icingHow to deal with the noise around usThe importance in the ability to be curiousHow comparison is truly impossibleHow to reinvent yourself at scaleSuccess in communication has everything to do with what people hear, not the actual words that are saidEmpathy is allowing yourself to be in the other person’s shoesBeing the hero vs. the guideWhere the marketplace is headedOver-delivering in businessThe value you have yourself and how that impacts how others value your workWhat the marketplace is missing mostWhen is enough, enough?If you are so many things to 1000s of people but nothing to the people that matter then you have failed New ventures of parenthood and how it changes the way you view life and your prioritiesPhil M. Jones has made it his life’s work to demystifythe sales process, reframe what it means to “sell” and help his audiences to learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears and instantaneouslyimpact bottom line results. Author of five international best-selling books, and the youngest ever winner of the coveted “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award”, Phil is currently one of the most in-demand assetsto companies worldwide.www.philmjones.com

1hr 1min

19 Aug 2019

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Ep 002: Keep the Band Together - Avoiding the Distractions that Tear Families Apart

The petty things over a long period of time can ruin harmony in music and marriage.Perversion of the Divine Order. When good intensions can become an idol.If people are so successful in one area, but have no balance- it will crumble. Paying too much attention to one area and the rest suffers. How the wrong main thing can cause burnoutWhat God meant for good the enemy can use for bad. Chasing revenue vs. chasing purposeThe ripple effect that happens when you Turn On one thing at a timeEach area of the big 4 is like a long hallway. As you walk down each hallway, you must continue to flip those lights on. One modality in life doesn’t work. When it stopped working, it started hurting. Our relationships can’t be one modality. Can’t live the same year over and over, same business over and over. Intuitive walk in faith, business, body, etc. What happens when we decide to Turn off and turn to other thingsMarriage is not 50/50. Its 100/100. That does not mean we cannot be that person’s 100. 


5 Jun 2019

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Ep: 033 - You Can Rap about Anything Except for ......

David and Angelike rap about a subject that has the whole word talking right now.Talking about Yeezy, isn't easy. 


18 Nov 2019

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Ep: 044 - The Game Changer; The Psychology of Performance Beyond the "Field" with Josiah Igono

Josiah's light bulb moment was when a mentor gave him some truth that hurt at the time but would end up changing the trajectory of his life.Allowing yourself to feel all of the emotions of a moment is good. It's how we can learn and apply whats needed to changeSometimes the first step is to work backward, if you don't have a mission or goal how are you going to know how to get there?There is no more one-size fits all method, the template model doesn't work anymore. We must sit back and listen before we act.Performance anxiety, how what we think is the problem is rarely ever the real issue, in sports, business and life. A different outlook when it comes to motivation. People are craving it but at the same time repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Inspiration over motivation. Feeling lost, an epidemic that is finding its way into all generations. There is a need to help people find purposeConfidence is one of the most fleeting traits that there is. Why we're looking for it in all the wrong places.Where does you identity lie? When a man or woman knows where she's going, everybody has to get out of the way.Three switches Josiah suggests to flip on each day in order to take their life or career to the pro level.Hope. As long as you have breath in your nostrils, there is hope.Clear the table. Are there too many things on your plate. Hicks LawReframe the way you speak. Your voice is the most powerful tool you have in your tool box.The Devil loves a mess and God is a god of order.Josiah Igono Director of Peak performance of the Texas Rangers


5 Feb 2020

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Ep: 023 - "Adjust" your life to "Align" with your God given gifts with Dr David Touhill

From Doctor to digital marketing entrepreneurHow Going through school was just the thing that you didPivotal moment of intense fear of what was going to come after school and graduatingWhat world/family tells you to do vs. what I want to do/God gifted you to do How studying to be a doctor has paid off in ways he never anticipated, even though he is not practicingDo not look back with regret. Experience is the greatest teacher.Disruption of divine order- hanging out with successful people in business but had issues in other areas of life (relationships, etc)Your actions everyday are a reflection of the vision you have for your life. Really taking time in the morning to meditate and pray about what God’s mission and vision is for your lifeVisualization in the morning & how that helped him gain clarityKnowing who you are & God’s ability to move things when you are in alignment with him. Understanding what your unique gifts areSeek wise counsel from people who have similar gifts. Find someone local to model afterManaging discernment with expanding your circle of influenceDr. David TouhillInfluencer Product and Marketing StrategistDr. David started out as a young marketing director in the greater New York City area, successfully acquiring wealth management clients with an average net worth of ten million dollars. His position there taught him the importance of having sound judgement and a robust business and marketing strategy when running a successful multi million-dollar business. While acquiring his doctorate degree, he built a private marketing firm that worked directly with CEO's of multi-million-dollar natural health and wellness centers to scale office systems, establish branding, and building effective Facebook and SEO marketing programs. During this time, Dr. David managed over $500,000 in marketing ad spend for over 40 separate businesses. He took this experience into the influencer marketing space in 2014, building health-based online educational programs, memberships and launch strategies specifically through website development, sales funnels, social media and digital marketing processes.He  is an innovative product and marketing strategist, bridging the gap between the vision and the strategic plan, designing specific products and processes that are scalable, providing long term revenue and growth.Specialties:Digital Marketing(Facebook Ads, SEO, Email, Product Launches)Executive LeadershipStrategic Planning and Decision MakingOperations DevelopmentBranding and Visual DesignsDr. David has worked with influencers including: Dr. Josh Axe, Jordan Rubin of Ancient Nutrition, Mckel Hill of Nutrition Stripped, Patrick Gentempo, Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson, Mr. Universe - Dr. Chris Zaino, Boston Celtics Surgeon Dr. Ethan Kellum, and many others. He is passionate about working with brands that have a powerful purpose to help others, and creates strategies that help them go from good to great.


4 Sep 2019

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Ep. 050: Faith through the Fire - How being Turned On has Changed and Challenged Our Lives

Episode 50 - We truly desire to Turn You On in an entirely different way than the world sees itWhat happens when you give EVERYTHING over in faithHow, why, and where we began Turned OnWe are hard-wired for connection How being Turned On helps us navigate through some of life's most difficult decisionsWhy we stepped away from a very lucrative position and what being Turned On means for us in businessThe Turned On Lens and how is gives us perspective to push our limits into new territory even when it seems foolish or crazy to the world What became an idol in our life without us even knowing it How changing your atmosphere and environment will shift things dramatically in your favorHow being on cruise control (turned off) can destroy your health, marriage and career The fine line between loyalty and obligation and how to course correctStaying on assignment to get in favor Where are your agreements in the Big Four and when its time to pivot You have access to the Switch How technology can turn you off and inadvertently trip you up You are responsible for your happiness but not your joy What happens we get hyper-inspired by the outside worldThe difference between connectivity and connectionHow we can easily forget WHERE God is and how we can find Him in the Big Four How Marriage and Family is most susceptible to being Turned Off and how to Turn it back On  The 80/20 Rule in every area of our life When its time to pivot and how to recognize it What (Who) David and I chase relentlessly for a Turned On live How can success and favor evade you if you aren't willing to expose the dark spot and have hard conversations Where and How to find the FIRE at any time or area of your life 


9 Mar 2020

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009: How you can Position Yourself for Successful Marriage with Love, Respect, Power and Purpose

Pain point that led Chengi to where she is todayChengi shares the things that ended her marriage and emotions towards God and those around herDoing things to earn love and idolizing a person, i.e. worshipping themGiving and receiving love. Takes vulnerability and trust to receive it, even from GodWhy Chengi started her YouTube channel to share what she had been through, even if it saved one woman from going through what she had experiencedChengi shares how she had no intention of starting a business, ministry, or writing a book from it and how it becameUnderstanding your core needs and does your mate meet those core thingsSubmission vs. suppressionHow to give constructive criticism and feedback when communicating with your spouseChengi shares how women need to restore to their power, allowing men to pursue. The Power in being a woman, not man. The dangers of emasculating men like.Difference between sex and making love. Working within your passions and gifts 

1hr 1min

25 Jun 2019

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Ep: 030 - A Divine Directive; When the World Says "No", But God Says "Yes" with Natasha Nascimento

How she went from #1 in the finance industry and had the life that looked amazing but didn't feel amazing lead her to volunteering Her gross realization of the profound issue of child prostitution in the US was defined as illegal yet in the foreign country it was human trafficking. Her fire was lit knowing that just because a child is born and raised in the US they had a "choice" and it wasn't trafficking it was prostitution You don’t need to be an expert, you just have to be persistent and passionateWhen you’re dealing with very serious subjects like sex trafficking, sometimes you need to package it in a way the public can digest it in order to get things accomplished.History is full of incredible accomplishments that came from the will of just one person.When you are a believer, you work with the power of the entire universe inside of you.Forget what people say about you or tell you what you can or can’t do. What does God say?Sometimes a setback isn’t a setback at all, but its closing one door to open a bigger one you just can’t see yet.Listen to your heart. Be obedient because you must trust the Kingdom of heaven within you, not outside of you. 


21 Oct 2019

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Ep. 006: She Said Working and growing with your spouse - Are You Playing on the Same Team?

Angelike Unpacks a much asked about topic and shares her "She Said" side of the "argument"How to work with your spouse, grow with them, pursue dreams, or what to do when your spouse is not on boardThe learning curve is hard but when you know how to navigate the course, you can truly find favorWhich industry taught us about our marriage and our strengthsHow we learned to soar within our strengthsHow to stop the problem/solution cycle and get out of relationship rescue modeWhy marriage was not created for you to be constantly solving issues.Identifying Favor & spiritual giftings to open the channel of profitCross pollinating the talents and skills of your past to your desired projectsHow David and Angelike extracted their strengths to build their businesses.The importance of edification and celebrating together while delegating the weak spots.Understanding seasons of rest and allowing your spouse to be on mission even when you need to be in a season of restorationThe Favor Swap - swapping strengths to challenge your weak points for new growthWhy helping your spouse stay “Turned On” will strengthen your marriage


19 Jun 2019

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Ep: 020 - Taking Life by the Horns: Unearthing ways to be both a mother and entrepreneur

-She studies bugs and dead things!-When she was 23 years old, married and pregnant with her first child, she had a vision to do something more which led to her journey towards what she does now-The struggle with imposter syndrome.-Thinking outside the box to make significant financial contributions to your family-What happens when you undervalue yourself or your craft-Surrendering to the process and not losing the ability to hear. Turning your gift into an enterpriseCassie Everson-Martin is the creative visionary behind Wanderlust Skulls. A mid-western wife and mother, she finally gave into the god given talents of her artistry in fall of 2016. And, the  perfect canvas ended up being bone. Cassie's journey from feeling like a lost SAHM and ex-retail worker to global art entrepreneur happened quickly when she began to fully lean into her faith, and understand that God makes no mistakes when he gives you talents to bless the world with. After ignoring the same idea that ate away at her for well over two years, she began, and never turned back.Two years, 5 countries, and over 230 art pieces made with buffalo and longhorn skulls later,  Cassie is on a mission to create incredible legacy art pieces that will inspire and elevate any space in your home. But more than that, she has found the need to help other artists (especially mothers) break the "broken artist" mindset and set out to use their unique talents, and understand their worth. Cassie is dedicated to helping break the barriers of old belief that too often take place in the mind of artistic creatives. www.wanderlustskulls.com


12 Aug 2019

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Ep: 043 -How to Raise Strong Daughters for the Next Generation of Empowered Women

How a substitute teacher at a Title One Campus found inspiration to create a movement for young womenHow social media portrays women and the message we're sending to young girlsThe importance of helping young women figure out how to fit in during pivotal high school yearsThe best advice for parents to combat peer pressure is communication of this type.Technology can be both good and bad. How do we balance the two sides The importance of mental health in today's school system, it's the biggest issue facing our childrenDress: What is appropriate to wear and how to dress for body type. a young women's guideOur children are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We must get to know them and understand what they are thinkingCulture vs Nurture; are we winning or losing the hearts and minds of our children How to model the speech that influences our childrenPreparing our youth for the job market and how can we help the next generation of leaders succeedManners never go out of style; when the standards are lowered, how much lower can we go?The sexualization of young women, what do we need to be aware of?Are children are going to mimic us. Be aware of what signals we're sending them.When women without children (celebrities) are intent on influencing our daughters, there is a reason for concern.Desiree Rodriguez, B.S., M.A.CEO & Founder of Always a Lady Firstwww.alwaysaladyfirst.com


30 Jan 2020

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Ep. 011 - How to become "Famous at Home" so you can Thrive on your "Stage" with Dr. Josh & Christi Straub

Famous at Home & its beginningHow broken relationships affect all sidesPursuing careers in marriage & family to help heal dividesStruggling with roles and purpose in motherhoodGet married, stay married, and enjoy your marriage and family linked to emotional safetyYou cannot thrive outside the home if you are not thriving inside the homeWomen with hidden resentment. Championing sides of both spouses- both husband and wife. Team Straub.The importance of rest and Sabbath.Chasing idols to fill the void in which we desire connection at our core.Balance vs. OrderWhat to bring into your marriage and what to leave behind.Bringing humanness back into the forefront.Fighting for our marriages Josh and Christi Straub are speakers, authors, and marriage and leadership coaches. Together, they lead  Famous at Home, an organization equipping families and leaders to be famous at home, so they can thrive on their stage. Both Fellows of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling, together they host the weekly In This Together podcast and just launched their first children’s book What Am I Feeling? Josh and Christi have two fun and feisty kids, Landon and Kennedy.http://famousathome.comhttp://www.drjoshandchristi.com

1hr 3mins

8 Jul 2019

Rank #20